23 Jun 2016

The Glamour Summer Edit box from Latest In Beauty

Well would you look at that - a subscription box I can really get excited about!  I stopped my beauty box subscriptions long ago as I just wasn't using all of the products and received too many things that I didn't like or would never use.  It's impossible for these companies to keep everyone happy, or to personalise the boxes to the extent we might like!  I much prefer the trend we're seeing in one-off boxes (like the lovely collab British Beauty Blogger did recentlywhere you get to see the contents of the box before you part with your cash.  

Latest in Beauty's collaboration boxes with Glamour Magazine are the same - they're seasonal boxes, so I think they can probably spend more time sourcing products and be a little more choosy than when a box has to be produced more frequently, and the eight products inside greatly outweigh the £20 cost of the box.  Most importantly, there are no surprises - you know exactly what's going to be in the box before you have to place your order - okay it takes away that fun surprise element I remember from when I first has a beauty box subscription, but at the same time it removes the regret I used to feel when I'd receive a box filled with products that weren't my colour, or wouldn't suit my skin!  Anyway, let's get on to what's inside the Glamour Summer Edit box - the contents are rather fabulous and would be worth £104 to buy individually! 

Grounded Chocolate Orange Body Scrub 
Okay so how many times have you seen some smoking hot individual scrubbing their perfect thighs in with one of these coffee scrubs on instagram?  Enough to make me eager to try this that's for sure!  Chocolate orange is a really appealing scent to me too.  Yummy.

St Tropez Bronzing Mist 
I imagine this little bronzing mist from St Tropez is a really popular item to put into a beauty box - I love a bit of faux glow but I hate putting the effort in - this mist seems like a really low maintenance way to get my legs summer ready.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion 
I've uhmmed and ahhhed about picking these Revlon lipcolors up for ages.  They're not the cheapest at £8.99 and every time I swatched in Boots or Superdrug I couldn't decide between several of the shades, so now I don't have to and can give the formula a go before buying more.  Devotion looks like a really pretty colour too, so good to see we didn't get the dud that doesn't sell in the box!

NUXE Prodigieux Precious Scented Shower Oil
There are quite a few NUXE products I really like, but I've never tried their shower oil before, so I'm really pleased to see this in the box - I might think a shower gel from a lesser brand would be a bit of a naff addition to the box, but with NUXE I think they're pitching at just the right level of luxury and uniqueness.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray 
Well hello bloggers' favourite!  I've long considered jumping on this bandwagon, but the Oribe Dry Texturising spray is not a cheap product, and my hair can be very temperamental, so I just wasn't willing to make the splurge on the off-chance this would work for me, so actually this is the product I'm most excited for in this box.  Also, this 75ml size is worth £19, so considering the box is £20, you're getting the rest of the products for a quid!

WOW Mask Luxury Facial Mask 
I've actually tried these WOW masks before and I was very impressed, so I'm happy to have another one to play with, especially as they cost a slightly eye-watering £14 each to buy!

Aurelia Miracle Cleanser 
It's nice to have a brand I've not tried before in a beauty box, as originally, discovering something new was kind of the whole point of the concept!  It's a 30ml cleanser, so a good size for taking on a weekend away, and it comes with a cute little cloth too.

Ladival Sun Protection Spray SPF30 
Lastly is another brand I've not really heard of or tried before, but one I'm very happy to see in the box as sun protection is so important, but also stupidly expensive sometimes!  I'd probably use this one on my face if I was trying it whilst in the UK sun.  The travel size makes it perfect for keeping in your handbag in case of any impromptu sunbathing opportunities - you have to catch the sun when you see it in London!

The  Latest In Beauty Glamour Summer Edit costs £20 and it's available now while stocks last.


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