18 Oct 2016

By Invitation - the new fragrance by Michael Bublé


I adore Michael Bublé, I mean who doesn't?  He has such a beautiful voice and just comes across as such a charming, lovely guy.  I've been fond of his albums for years, and always whack on a Bublé Christmas album to get me in the festive mood, but I'd never really considered he'd bring out a fragrance....

It makes a whole lot of sense of course, bringing out a fragrance, as the Bublé has an army of female fans, but I think it would have been a shame if he'd just put his name to any old fragrance, even though die-hard fans would probably buy it regardless!  The good news is that there's nothing cheap, tacky or teen orientated about By Invitation - both the fragrance and the styling seem really fitting with the Bublé brand and with the target audience, which I assume is women around my age and older.  The bottle itself and the packaging are very elegant and combine a classic design with a modern twist.  The bottle and lid had the style of an old fashioned perfume atomiser bottle, but the bottle itself is suspended within the gold outer ring, making it look like the perfume is floating inside.  Very slick, very Bublé.  

I've read that Michael was really involved in creating his scent, starting off with his likes and dislikes of different notes and was also inspired by his wife and his mother when making his choices - it was important to him that they both loved the fragrance he had created.  What a sweetheart! 

The scent itself is quite an unusual one to me, as it's really very different from the type of perfumes I usually wear, which would be fresh, light and floral or zesty types of scents.  It's a grown-up, elegant and quite classic fragrance in my opinion, and one that I really don't think I would have liked when I was younger oddly enough.  It's quite a musky, woody, warm fragrance with real depth and complexity to it, and actually I'd liken it a little bit to an aftershave.  The fragrance is strong and incredibly long lasting on the skin, so not one of those that disappears within a few hours of spritzing.  It's actually probably the longest lasting of any fragrance I can remember trying - I can still smell it on my skin at the very end of the day even if I sprayed it first thing in the morning!  

For those of you who know your scents, the base notes of By Invitation are white amber, vanilla, praline, cedar wood and patchouli oil.  The heart notes are rose, peony, lily of the valley and jasmine and the top notes are bergamont, lemon and cassis. 

Michael Bublé By Invitation is available now in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes at michaelbubleperfume.com and The Perfume Shop.

Are you a Bublé fan too, and would you want to wear his fragrance?


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