12 Oct 2016

My favourite face scrubs and masks for dehydrated skin

I think it's something about the autumn nights drawing in that have me gravitating towards hot baths and pamper sessions, and I find myself making a little more time to concentrate on taking care of my skin.  Autumn and winter weather, central heating and the like all do my skin no favours, so putting in a little prep work with some great scrubs and masks is well worth it in my opinion.  These are my current go-to favourites.

First a scrub that I always tend to use before a face mask.  I find this one gentle enough to not be over-doing it by using a scrub and mask in the one sitting, and also it gets any flakey bits out of the way and leaves my skin clean and ready for the treatment that's coming next.  My skin gets really dehydrated, so this helps nourish and replenish whilst it works on dead skin, and always seems to be a good preparatory step for a mask.  Superfacialist is on offer with a third off at Boots at the moment too, so it's a good time to try this out.

There are so many reasons that I love this face scrub.  Firstly it has the beautiful scent of neroli, which is pretty much my all time favourite scent.  Also, it gives a really good scrub without being too harsh on my skin - although it's the same brand (Super Facialist) as the rose scrub I just mentioned, I find them totally different!  I've bought plenty of much more expensive face scrubs in the past that are just too gentle.  I know some people look for that in a face scrub, but for me personally, my skin can start to feel a bit rough and look far too textured, and sometimes I want a scrub that really sorts me out.  This is my favourite as an every other day, quick wash and scrub whilst in the shower type product.  

This is a long-term favourite of mine and probably one of my most re-purchased products - definitely my most repurchased mask.  Technically this is a mask but I count it as a scrub too, and it works brilliantly as both.  You apply it as a mud mask and relax whist the product dries and hardens on the skin.  When you're ready to take it off, you add a little water to get things moving and then massage the product into your skin as you would a face scrub, as it has scrubby little particles within the mud mask.  It gives a seriously scrub, which combined with the mask treatment just before leaves my skin feeling extremely clean, bright and renewed.  I always use this the day before a big even when I want my skin to look its best.  

This is a newer mask in my arsenal, but one that really impressed me from the first use.  You don't have to be actually hungover to see the benefits of this mask, and I use it any time my skin's looking dull and generally blah.  It contains lots of anti-ageing ingredients and also fruit acids to help resurface the skin.  It's one the dries on the skin and you need to leave it on for at least five minutes, but I usually aim for about twenty.  It leaves me with instantly brighter and smoother looking skin.  

Now this is one mask that can challenge Glam Glow for the top spot as my favourite and most used face mask, but it's a totally different product which I'd use for different reasons.  This is the mask I go to when my skin is behaving badly and breaking out.  It has that menthal cooling type feel on the skin, which I always find slightly bizarre, but I consider it to mean that the mask is working!  I always see this as a bit of a re-set mask, to try to get my skin back to normal when it seems like nothing else is having any effect.  It's great for calming breakouts and oily patches and after I've used it my skin seems to respond better to my other skincare and makeup again.

This mask is a funny one because I really didn't get along with it when I first tried it - it just didn't seem to do much for my skin at all.  It sat on the shelf for months unloved until late summer when my skin became really dry and was giving me all sorts of issues.  I raided my products and was trying all sorts of things to re-hydrate my skin and get it out of its dull, dry, crepey funk and I happened to pull this mask out again.  I'm so pleased I gave this mask another try, because on dry and dull skin, this stuff makes a huge difference - it feels refreshing and it gives my drier skin a boost and a glow whilst calming down the redness I get mostly on my cheeks.  My skin has changed so much over the last few years that products I used to think weren't for me are probably now exactly what my skin currently needs!

This is the newest mask in my collection and I already know that I'll be repurchasing as soon as I run out.  Everyone's been into multi-masking lately, and I've seen the three new clay masks from L'Oreal everywhere.  I was tempted to buy all three but I was sensible and started with one to see how I got on.  I opted for the detox mask to start with as I do get clogged pores and congested skin, and I always find mud style masks the most effective for those issues.  Because the mask only costs £5 I felt able to apply a really generous amount to my skin, and relaxed in the bath while it dried.  It doesn't have the same scrubby particles as the Glam Glow mask, but I removed it from my skin with a muslin cloth to give it a little exfoliating boost!  This one leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh, even my pores look clearer and slightly refined - that gets a big tick!

What's your favourite face mask?


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