1 Nov 2016

New from Armani Beauty - lip magnet matte liquid lipsticks - review and swatches

Well would you look at these little beauties from Armani beauty - aren't they the gorgeous?  They're a new line of liquid lipsticks called Lip Magnets.  The name lip magnet of course implies that the product is going to be attracted to your lips and won't let go - a good choice of moniker because that's the exact premise of this new  lipstick collection.  Lip Magnets are a liquid matte formula that binds with the lip to give a long-lasting finish that won't budge and smudge.  I'm told that the Lip Magnets were inspired by the ultra-thin film of the Maestro Fusion Makeup (and using the same technology which helps the foundation to stay put)  and the colour intensity of Lip Maestro Velvet Lip Colours.  

Armani Lip Magnets come in a range of 18 different shades from nude to pink to deep wine shades and I have six of the colours to try out.  These liquid lipsticks are designed to last eight hours and have a super light-weight texture on the lips but intense pigmentation - exactly what us lipstick lovers have been waiting for!

Now we all know that matte liquid lipsticks can be very drying.  It's like 'no pain, no gain' - we want that super trendy matte lip look, but you know your lips are going to pay for it, well with certain products at least.  I've been rather obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks this year, and have tried the good and bad whilst working my way from brand to brand.  However the Lip Magnets somehow defy logic, delivering a matte finish that feels truly comfortable to wear.  The finish is smooth and velvety, and as long as you don't apply too much product or over layer the colour, you won't have to give a worry to that shrivelled prune appearance that some matte liquid lipsticks unfortunately result in!  With the Lip Magnet formula there's no tight feeling on my lips, and I genuinely forget I'm wearing them until I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Comfort is actually a more important factor to me than wear-time, as no matter how long a lipstick can claim to last, it's still going to need some form of attention and touching up once I've come into contact with my lunch, and that's fine by me.  The Lip Magnets offer 8 hour wear - on average I'll wear one from 8am and it'll be looking perfect until after lunch, which is around 5 - 6 hours and I'm really happy with that.  The staying power of the Lip Magnets is down to the pigmentation being somewhat stain-like and when swatching, I struggled to remove some of the shades, which speaks to their ability to be long-lasting.  The stain-like quality of these products also mean that you get a more even fade on the lips over the day as the product wears off - I still have a soft layer of colour even after lunch, but it's not a patchy mess, if you see what I mean.

The packaging of the Lip Magnets is sturdy and slightly weighty - the lids twist and click on, so I'm happy to put one in my handbag without worrying about it.  They're also a good size for taking on the go - unlike most liquid lipsticks which tend to come in a long, thin tube, these are more the size of a traditional lipstick.  

As you'd expect the product has an applicator, but it's a little more advanced than your standard brush or doe-foot sponge - it's a kind of diamond shape with a well in the centre to collect the product from the tube - it helps pick up just enough but not too much product, and the pointed tip helps you to get a precise finish.  It's the perfect size and shape for the contours of the lip and allows me to get a clean finish on my lip line and cupid's bow, even with the darker colours.  

On application the product itself doesn't dry down instantly, which makes application a lot easier as you have chance to perfect the finish and coverage.  When it does dry, you get a perfect matte finish and the colour intensifies.   This is a good point to note when choosing a shade - on me all of the colours appeared darker than in the tube once they'd dried down, so it's worth choosing your shades based on swatches on line or in store, rather than purely by the appearance of the colour in the packaging.

There are 18 shades in the full collection - the six I have here are -

301 heat - coral orange | 403 vibrato - plummy wine red | 503 glow - muted pinky-red

504 nuda - pinky-peachy nude | 505 second-skin - darker nude pink | 506 fusion - mauve toned dusky pink 

My swatches do seem to make the shades appear deeper / darker than some others I've seen, but I think this is because I allowed the shades to dry down (as I mentioned earlier, the colours do deepen naturally when dry) and used very natural light.  The first time I swatched these wet and under a light for a photo, they looked nothing like they do in real life on my lips, so I took them again and tried to get as close to what they really look like as possible, so I hope that helps!

At £27 each the Lip Magnets are a luxury purchase, but I can 100% vouch for the quality and I can safely say they're the best matte liquid lipsticks I've tried.

The Armani Lip Magnets were initially exclusive to Armani Beauty and Selfridges but will now be popping up  at all Armani Beauty stockists.


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