16 Nov 2016

New launches from Urban Decay - Naked Ultimate Basics palette, All Nighter foundation and Razor Sharp eyeliners

Ooooh all the exciting shiny new things from Urban Decay!  I have three great new launches to talk to you about, but those of you who've read my blog for a while will know it's the beautiful new Naked palette that I'm most excited about!  As much as I love colour and am wowed by all of the gorgeous rainbow palettes out there, nudes and neutrals are like my bread and butter, and the Urban Decay Naked range is totally in my comfort zone.  

I have all of the original Naked palettes and both of the smaller Naked Basics palettes (one of which I used to absolute death) so it stood to reason that I was going to go bat shit crazy for the Naked Ultimate Basics, right?!  It came out at one of those awkward times between paydays and I'm not even joking when I say I was counting down the days until I could lay my hands on it.  Once it finally arrived I spent a good amount of time staring at it - every shade is just so smooth, matte and perfect.  I love the new take on the packaging too - it's like the previous Naked Basics packaging had a party season makeover! 

Now what's funny, or should I say ironic, is that after being desperate to get my hands on this palette, I've actually not been able to swatch it.  My Mum goes on a bit of a mad one about Christmas presents at this time of year and swooped in and declared she was giving me this as a gift, so no swatchie swatchie for me.  Before I handed it over to her I had a good up close and personal peruse of the colours and of course took some snaps.  Even without swatching I know I love these shades - the format of the palette is just like the other Naked Basics but with updated shades, and I know the quality and blendability will be spot on as always.  I can already spot my favourite shades too - Nudie, Commando, Tempted and Faith and the kind of shades I'd start with as a base for most of the eye looks I go for, with the paler shades acting as a transition in the crease with the darker nudes giving definition on top. Instinct looks like a perfect dusky pink shade to pair with brown tones, and pre-game looks like the perfect colour to lift the brow-bone and blend those edges.  Depending on how dark Lockout comes out, or maybe if I use it with a little of Blackjack, I'm pretty sure I'll even be able to do my brows with this palette :) I'm slightly annoyed I have to wait until Christmas to get playing with this, but it'll be worth it!

Another Urban Decay launch that I was really excited about what the All Nighter foundation.  I've always been someone who's struggled to get my makeup to stay in place, so I'd been pondering giving this one a try and decided to add it to my basket with the Naked palette.  

I went for the shade 3.25 - I was buying online and didn't swatch in store so I went by the Urban Decay Naked foundation I have at home in shades 3 and 4.  One's a bit light and one a bit dark for me and I tend to mix them, so I opted for 3.25 in the All Nighter foundation - I thought I'd mention this as it turned out to be a bit of a mistake and I don't think the shade numbers are the same across the two ranges.  In my experience as least, 3.25 in the All Nighter foundation appears to be paler than shade 3 in the Naked foundation.  

Anyway, colour mismatches aside, this foundation really does last on the skin without budging, so I can't knock its 'all nighter' claim  I think back when I had really oily skin this would have been a saviour for me.  However, now that I have drier patches, it's in those areas that this foundation seems to struggle for me - where I have drier skin the foundation looked too heavy and textured and a bit mask-like, although to be fair I think that last issue is due to me picking the wrong shade!  I'm going to experiment with different primers and moisturisers underneath to see if I can strike the right balance to get this to look right for drier skin, but as I said, where I'm oily, this formula really works.  Possibly this isn't going to be a winter foundation for me but it could be good in the summer when my skin is naturally less dehydrated and the oil cranks up - although I'll need to pair it with a good dusting of bronzer or get a better shade match!  

Lastly I wanted to mention the new Razor Sharp liquid liners which Urban Decay have released in a full spectrum of 20 shades from light to dark and subtle to super bold!  Whilst I love the look of the purple and gold shades, I'm happy to have slightly more wearable, everyday colours!  

Street is a very dark green that almost looks black - good if you want something a little bit different without feeling too far out of your comfort zone.  It has a sheeny finish and I think this one is going to lean more or less green depending on which eyeshadow colours you pair it with.  

Deep End is a beautiful metallic turquoise green that has a shimmery finish to it.  Despite being a neutral eyeshadow lover, I've always had a bit of a thing for green and blue liners.  This would look great with a purple eye as a contrast, or equally to jazz up something more neutral.  

Revolver is also a sheeny, metallic shade, but this time in a deep gunmetal silver-grey.  Equally this one's quite subtle whilst being a real upgrade from the standard black liquid liner you might wear every day.  This one looks gorgeous with a grey smoky eye.  

These liners are really heavily pigmented and are water resistant so stay put really well too.  If you have oily lids like I do I'd recommend using Urban Decay primer potion underneath to give extra staying power.  I saw somebody say that these liners are watery and just have to add that they're not at all in my experience of these three - you just need to give them a little shake before you apply, and if the colour appears watery, it's just not dried down yet - I noticed when swatching that the colours deepen and even out as they dry into their sheeny or metallic finishes.  

I haven't worn coloured liners in ages but I'm really into these.  I now quite fancy getting the purple one to spice up the eye looks I'm going to do with my new Naked Ultimate Basics palette :) 

Have you tried any of the recent launches from Urban Decay?


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