1 Dec 2016

Christmas gift guides 2016 - stocking fillers

Today's gift guide is stocking fillers, so mostly things that are under £15, with lots under £10 too.  I like to give people lots of unwrap - it always seems more fun than one large gift, and I love making up stockings, gift bags, gift baskets, the lot.  I just love Christmas really :)

Smart phone selfie light with wide angle lens
No, you take to many selfies!  I wouldn't say I'm a selfie addict as such - I do try to take selfies now and again, but hardly ever post them anywhere because they just don't come out very well!  Particularly if I'm trying to take a selfie to show the makeup I'm wearing, most of the time it's just not clear enough compared to how it looks in real life.  The problem is usually the lighting, or lack of, so a selfie light for your iphone feels like the invention we've all been waiting for!  I've seen those phone covers that have a built in selfie light, but they're a bit boring for my taste and I prefer wearing my Skinny Dip phone cases.  This light just clips on when you want to use it, also it has three different light settings depending on how much brightness you need.  If you position the light to the side of your camera lens then you'll just benefit from the lighting, but if you put it over your camera's lens, it becomes wide angle - perfect for those selfies where you also want to get some of your outfit or what's behind you in the photo!   

Gabriella meow cup from Primark
Primark always have some good bits and bobs for stocking fillers, and I couldn't resist this pretty cup from the latest Gabriella / velvetgh0st collaboration.  It was only £4, so it makes a great stocking filler or add on present.  

Hand cream is a standard stocking filler go-to gift for me - who doesn't want soft hands right? This set of three from Body Shop includes the Moringa, Shea and British Rose scents in the perfect sizes for keeping on a desk on in a handbag.

Burt's Bees seems to be having a real popular moment lately.  I'm seeing them everywhere, and with lots of gifts sets out for Christmas too.  This set of four hydrating lip balms is a great way to perhaps introduce someone to the brand, and it's also a bit more special than your usual standard high street lip balms.  There are four in the set in the original, vanilla bean, pomegranate and mango flavours and I feel like it's a unisex gift too as the packaging is all very neutral.   

SpongellĂ© sugar plum holiday ornament 
I love finding new and unusual little gifts for my stocking fillers, and this fits the bill completely.  If you've not heard of SpongellĂ© before, this snowflake shaped ornament is actually a body buffer for using in the bath or shower.  It's pre-loaded with moisturising body wash ingredients in a sugar plum scent.  You just need to wet the sponge in water to get the lather going, and there should be enough to last through five or more washes.      My Christmas decorations are all white, so I might just hang this on the tree and wait to see who works out first that this is more than just an ornament!

Dirty Works Beauty Stack
The Dirty Works Beauty stack makes a great stocking filler, because it looks like so much for the small price tag!  It's just £3 for this beautiful stack of boxes which contains bath caviar, a bath fizzer and body butter.  

I love a good jigsaw puzzle at Christmas.  Over the past few years it's become a bit of a thing that when we go to Dan's parents' house at Christmas, we do a new jigsaw.  It's the sort of thing that gets picked up and put down throughout the day, and sometimes we'll all be refusing to go to bed late at night because we're really into it and just want to get a few more pieces done!  Honestly jigsaws are addictive!  This year I'll be giving this funky Marmite jigsaw puzzle which I found at Qwerkity.com It's a 500 piece puzzle and it's double sided, so you get two for the price of one.  One side will recreate the marmite jar, whereas the other side is more difficult with a repeating marmite jar pattern. They'll either love it or they'll hate it...!

Bee Good lip balm trio
I have a second lip balm set in this gift guide, as a bit like hand cream, I feel it's a safe present because it's generally a product everyone needs and uses.  This set from Bee Good comes in a cute little bee inspired, honeycomb design box and you can even hand it from your tree!  Bee Good have some great flavours for their lip balms, and this set contains the lime blossom & honey, raspberry & white chocolate and vanilla and honey.  Unlike the other lip balm set I have in this gift guide, I think this one's a little more of a feminine version, and also it's great value, as you're essentially getting three lip balms for the price of two.

Charbonnel et Walker milk caramel praline sea salt truffles
Chocolates are of course the classic stocking filler, and everyone likes to indulge in their favourite chocolates at Christmas.  I've bought these milk caramel praline sea salt truffles for a couple of people this year - they sound absolutely amazing, and it's also the kind of slightly pricey, elevated brand that most people wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves, so it feels like a real treat.  

Pusheen A5 note book
I already have a post dedicated to some of the amazing Pusheen goodies that are out this Christmas, and most of those make good stocking fillers and little gifts too, so you may want to check that out if you've not seen it - Pusheen Christmas gifts.  I couldn't help sneaking a little more Pusheen in, as he's just so ridiculously cute and he understands all of my issues!  Take notes then take naps sounds like the perfect mantra for life, so this notebook will be my gift from me to me.

Ted Baker fragrance gems
Ted Baker have gone all out with the clever packaging this year for their cute little fragrance gem gifts.  Not only have they gone for rose gold, the box is a clever origami style affair which is folder into the shape of a big gemstone!  Very neat, and you kind of don't want to open them so as not to spoil it, but inside each there's a mini nail polish and perfume in either Lyla, Polly or Mia.  These are £10 each or you can get the set of all three for £25 (which you could break up and give as three gifts!).

Beauticology toy soldier stacking box gift set 
More very innovative packaging here on this next gift idea from Beautycology.  This bath and body gift set looks so Christmas ready with its toy soldier theme and red packaging with glitter and ribbon.  I'm not even sure if I'd wrap it as it looks so perfect already!  Inside the little boxes are six bathing treats in super sweet scents including strawberry candy cane body wash, white chocolate shower cream, toasted marshmallow body cream (OMG amazing), vanilla frosting body butter plus bath soak and a body polisher.  

L'Occitane cherry blossom festive bauble
Last but certainly not least, I have this stunning bauble gift from L'Occitane.  I'm a real sucker for the packaging at Christmas, and gifts that come inside an actual bauble that you can put on the tree are where it's at!  These come in three different colours and scents - cherry blossom, shea and verbena and each contain three products.  This is the cherry blossom bauble, and it includes the shower gel, body lotion and hand cream all in the matching fragrance.  These are all wrapped nicely in tissue and tucked inside the bauble which comes protected in a box to stop it from getting any dents or scratches.  If you need a £10 gift for a female this Christmas, I don't think you can go far wrong with this one, which is why I'm giving you a chance to win the bauble gift...

As with all of my gift guides this year, I'm giving one of the gifts away, and today it's the L'Occitane cherry blossom bauble.  To be in with a chance of winning, pop over to my Twitter to enter.  All entries for this giveaway will be via Twitter - to enter you need to follow me on Twitter (@fluttersparkle) and retweet the giveaway tweet.  This giveaway is open to the UK only and will end at 11.59pm on 11 December 2016.  The winner will be chosen at random and notified through twitter.  Good luck!


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