17 Dec 2016

Personalised Christmas gifts from ijustloveit.co.uk

Still struggling to fill those final gaps on your Christmas shopping list?  Don't worry, me too!  Especially when it comes to those annoying people that seem to have everything and say they don't 'need' anything for Christmas - it's just so tough to come up with new ideas every year.  Going for a personalised gift is sort of my secret weapon - it puts a new slant and angle on a gift to make it special with a name or a little in joke phrase and turns an ordinary gift into something really special.  I've found some great personalised items at I Just Love It again this year, and there's still time to order this weekend for Christmas delivery, so I hope these might inspire you with those tricky final gift selections.

One for the cheese lovers of course, and who doesn't love indulging in a good snack of brie, grapes and crackers?  Most people probably have a cheese board of some sort at home already, but do they have one with their name on it in this cute mouse design?!  I've personalised this one with the nickname 'weenie' and also the phrase 'cheese goes with everything'.  I can't wait for this one to be unwrapped on Christmas day - everyone's going to love it.

A personalised mug is a great stocking filler gift for anyone who loves their tea and coffee.  It's nice to have your own mug and not have to share, so I think a mug with your name on it is always going to be well received.  I've picked out this simple but pretty design for my Mum and I've had it personalised with her nickname.  It's not a cruel name implying she's overweight by the way - it's just a funny thing that's stuck since the days when we used to watch Telletubbies as kids! 

The 'keep calm and carry on' slogan in various guises is everywhere these days, and there's no more important time to be keeping calm when you're baking, especially if the stress in the Bake Off tent is anything to go by!  This personalised tea towel makes a lovely gift for a keen cake baker - you can change the name as well as the phrase to suit your gift recipient, and it also comes in other customisable designs too.

Lastly this is my favourite personalised gift that I've found this year as it just seems to special and meaningful.  My boyfriend's brother and sister in law have recently moved to a new house by the sea with their little boy, and this little sail boat keepsake is so perfect and is kind of a Christmas and house warming gift all in one.  With this one you can personalise the family name and the town name to suit the person you're gifting.

If these gifts aren't quite right for the person you're buying for, there's should to be something on the ijustloveit.co.uk site that will be, as they have an absolutely huge range.  


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