21 Feb 2017

My current beauty wish list

It's typical for me to make wish lists when I can't spend, go guess what? I'm on a ban!  What's funny about it is that I've not put myself on the ban - my best friends have imposed it because it's my birthday next month and they don't want me going out and buying things they might have already bought me!  Sounds sweet right?  It is, but their warning was rather venomous and they're not to be messed with, so window shopping only for me!

Firstly the Morphe 35F palette is something I'm lusting after because it has a lot of those pretty pinky-red and cranberry shimmer shades which remind me of the Huda Beauty palette.  I want the Huda Beauty palette but it's over £50 and I've read very mixed reviews on the quality of the glitzy shades (which are the main attraction for me) so I think I've decided to steer clear, at least until an opportunity to swatch it in real life comes up.  I have a few Morphe palettes already and I think the quality is fab for the price, so I think I'll be safe with this one.

Next and probably my most wanted on this list is the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette - the only problems is that I'm really not sure where you can buy it.  Anastasia BH now have a UK site but I don't see it on there, plus someone told me that you still get customs charges if you order from that site.  I'm hoping Cult Beauty will get this in.

I'm not sure that I can resist the Too Faced sweet peach lip oils much longer.  Originally when I bought the eye and highlight palettes I turned my nose up at the lips oils as being "£19 for just another lipgloss" but since then I'm seeing them everywhere and they look amazing!

I'm under very strict instructions not to buy the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury Valentine and Pillow Talk lipsticks which is annoying because I'm dying to get my hands on them, but I guess it's a pretty safe bet that I'll be unwrapping them soon!

This is a serious case of #bloggersmademedoit as I keep seeing both the Stila Heaven's Hue highlight in transcendence and the pretty Stila magnificent metal liquid glitter eyeshadows everywhere - the rose gold one looks so pretty.  I don't think I'd have held back on buying that one this weekend had it not been sold out!

I mentioned deciding against the Huda eye palette, but I'm still lusting after the Huda Beauty liquid matte minis - I just keep struggling to choose between the pink or nude set.

Another palette inspired by the whole shimmery cranberry eye everyone is loving lately is the MUA burning embers palette - I haven't bought any MUA palettes in a while and I love how they've revamped them.

And lastly another product that I would have bought pre-ban if it wasn't always out of stock, the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe lip kits.  Obviously Kylie Jenner inspired, but I never bought any of the originals as it seemed like too much effort to be staying up all night to try to order one and then paying a hefty customs charge for the pleasure.  I'm also interested in trying the Barry M matte me up lip kits which are just launching at the moment - I read someone say they're the best matte liquid lipsticks she's ever tried, so that's me sold!

What's on your wish list?  And do your friends bully you into a spending ban near your birthday?!


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