31 Mar 2017

Old favourites and new launches from YSL

For a long while now, YSL's Le Teint Touche Éclat has been one of my favourite foundations, and I always use it alongside the matching YSL Touche Éclat blur primer.  I thought it was about time I explained why I think this foundation is amazing for combination skin, as initially it wasn't one that I expected to work for me on both the dry and oily areas of my face.  There's also a lovely new mascara out which you need to try - it's even better than my beloved YSL false lash effect mascara!

Just as you might expect from a foundation inspired by YSL's famous Touch Eclat pen, this foundation gives a radiant, dewy finish.  As I'm generally a lover of matte, full coverage foundations, it seems like an odd one for me to get along with, but my skin is a combination nightmare these days, and the dry patches seem to be getting drier and the oily patches oilier!  I always used to think having oily skin was the worst and that if I had dry skin instead it would be fine and I'd just use lots of moisturiser - how clueless was I?!  Now that I have really dry areas, those to me are more of an issue than oil control, and applying a foundation that's drying onto my dry skin areas just ends up looking a hot mess with clingy and flakey bits, so I now find I'm much better off going with a more hydrating or dewy foundation, and tackling my oily t-zone with powder and setting spray where needed. 

The YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation has a gel formulation which applies really easily onto the skin and blends beautifully, but since I've also been using the matching primer underneath, it's worked even better for me, and it stays in place for longer.  The YSL Touche Éclat blur primer is one of those very silky feeling, fluid consistencies, and it really glides over the skin easily, leaving the perfect base for applying foundation on top.  I've used this primer with other foundations too, and it works wonders at creating a barrier between my foundation and the dry patches of skin.

I've apply the foundation with a dampened beauty blender, which is my favourite method at the moment, and it very quickly allows me to build coverage and blend everything in.  I use the shade B40, which I think is a really good colour match for me.  If I were matched at a counter they'd possibly recommend a shade or two lighter, but I always feel really self-conscious if my face looks too pale, and I don't think it suits me.  
The finish of the foundation is a light to medium coverage, which evens out my skin well, and I pair it with a heavy duty concealer for any blemishes or areas of redness.  It leaves a really natural, soft finish to my skin, and it works for me through the seasons and changing temperatures, which is a huge bonus.

YSL's The Shock Mascara is their latest mascara, and it's been launched alongside the new YSL Black Opium Floral Shock fragrance.  The Shock mascara is an updated version of the original YSL false lash effect mascara, which happens to be one of my favourites.  It's really different from the original in my opinion - obviously the packaging is a completely different style from the usual, classic YSL gold, but the brush and formula are very different too.  

The Shock mascara has a bigger brush with a kind of twisted shape to it, and the mascara itself seems to me to be a wetter and thicker formula which clings better to my lashes and instantly gives a very bold result.  It takes me longer and more coats of mascara to build the intensity I like with the original mascara, whereas with The Shock, I very quickly get a bolder lash look.  

I'm always baffled by what people mean when they say 'one coat' of mascara, as to me, how many waves of the wand is one coat?  In my head I liken this to how many times you go back and apply more mascara, so for example, if I apply mascara to one eye, stop, apply to the other eye and then go back over each eye again, then I consider that to be two coats.  On that basis, The Shock is a one coat mascara for me, as although it has this very wet formula, it bonds and dries really quickly, so going back in to apply more after leaving any sort of gap can cause some clumping.  I find a much better approach to be to keep layering on the one eye until I get the intensity I'm after and then to stop and move on to the other eye.  

I'm so impressed with this mascara in terms of the volume and length I can achieve really quickly, and the intense bold colour.  It lasts well during the day too - I've had no flaking or smudging issues, other than if I wear this on my bottom lashes, when I will get smudges, but for me that's the same with nearly every mascara.  I just have smudgey eyes!

I mentioned that a fragrance has been launched alongside The Shock mascara, and it's a new addition to the ever-popular Opium family.  The new fragrance is called YSL Black Opium Floral Shock and it's said to be a fresh and invigorating interpretation of the original Black Opium coffee fragrance.  The notes are bergamot, pear, freesia,  orange blossom, golden gardenia, solar-floral, coffee, sandalwood and vanilla.  It smells a lot more floral than the original scent to me, and I really like it as I'm always a fan of floral scents, and this puts a lighter spin on the original Opium fragrance which can sometimes be a little heavy for spring and summer.

All of the products mentioned are available now at YSLbeauty.co.uk

Do you have any YSL favourites?


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