5 Apr 2017

The pixi pretties blogger collaborations - full review on all the products!

Pixi have recently teamed up with some youtube and blogger heavy-weights to bring out some awesome collaborations, and I've been lucky enough to get to try them all out!  I know, Pixi are so generous, and because of that I wanted to give each and every product some proper on-my-face time so that I could really do this review justice.  I've spent time using all of the products and I've definitely found some firm favourites that I now reach for daily.  

I can't say that I knew of all of the ladies involved with the collabs before looking into these products, aside from Caroline of course, but I love the blogger collab concept and I think it's resulted in some really great products from Pixi which are quite different from some of their past ranges.  I hope that do some more collabs in the future.

This really needs no introduction does it?!  A cleanser from Lady Hirons herself, the skincare queen - I couldn't wait to get my hands on this.  I even went out and treated myself to eight fresh new white flannels to use with this stuff!  

So the product is exactly as it says - a double cleanse - the first cleanse is a semi-solid oil based product and the second is a rich, creamy wash.  I've used this by wetting my face and then going in with a smidge of the solid cleanser and massaging it in - even all around my eyes and without using anything else on my eye makeup first.  To be fair I don't use waterproof mascara, but I do wear lots of mascara, eyeshadow and the Kat Von D tatoo liner, and it's all light work for this cleanser. It quickly and easily breaks your makeup down.  I've been rinsing that all off using a flannel soaked in hot water, before moving on to the very creamy and comforting second cleanse.  This one feels really lovely on the skin and it picks up any residue that might be left over from cleanse number one.  I like to faff around massaging this around my face for a bit just because it feels good and makes me think I'm all fancy, and then I'll wipe it all away with my clean flannel and more hot water.  My skin's left feeling super clean, hydrated, and not at all tight or dry.  

This cleanser is everything I hoped it would be and it's genuinely changed my whole routine - I really look forward to taking my makeup off with this and I'm ordering back-up tubs asap!

I really like all three of the highlight powders in this collection, but that rose gold though - how amazing?  It's definitely my favourite!  The other shades are a pale champagne kind of highlight (London lustre) and a much more gold but equally pale shade (Santorini sunset).  I don't get on quite so well with really pale highlighters as I don't think they suit me, but used very lightly I've been wearing the gold just a touch with a fan brush for a barely there highlight for daytime, and the whiter shade as both a brow-bone highlight and to softly highlight the tip of my nose.  The rose gold shade (Rome rose) is crying out to be used as a blush, so I've been popping it over the top of a matte rosy blush to really take it to the next level and to shake my usual makeup up a little bit.  

The texture of these highlighters (or glow powders) really sets them apart.  Most highlighters I own have a very dry and hard consistency - there's nothing wrong with that and it's pretty standard for a highlight, but the glow-y powders have a buttery smoothness that I'd expect more from an eyeshadow, and it makes them really quite special to use and apply.

The eye kit for me is less of a winner in the collection for me unfortunately.  The brow gel is absolutely fine and does the job, but isn't anything new or different in my opinion.  The lower lash mascara is something I was really excited to try as I do struggle with using regular large mascara wands on those harder to reach lashes.  But, although I love the tiny, skinny brush which makes application really easy, the mascara very easily smudges throughout the day on me.  The brush is a win but the formula needs to have better staying power like the Clinique bottom lash mascara which never smudges under my eyes.

After the Double Cleanse these palettes were the things I was most excited about from the Pixi Pretties collection.  I love the colours, the way they're laid out - in the eye palette I love the mixture of shimmers and mattes and with the lip palette, well it's a lip palette and I'm really into those right now.  

The It's Eye Time palette has really impressed me and I've been using it loads since I got it.  There's a warm orangey brown shade (it's mommy life) which is a perfect transition colour, and I've really been liking the gold, bronze and cranberry shimmer shades (snowflake, bubbly and getaway).  The textures are lovely to work with and blend really beautifully and last well. I've found I get the best results with the shimmers by pressing them on with a fingertip for a really pigmented result. 

I've not experimented with the last three darkest shades in the palette as they're not really me and I make a mess when trying a deep smoky eye, but I love all the other colours.  The only thing missing from the palette for me is a pale cream / white matte shade, but it's not like I don't have a million of those laying around in other palettes for that to be an issue!  

My initial excitement for the It's Lip Time palette was met with slight disappointment as some of the shades weren't as pigmented as I was expecting.  I've been eyeing up the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip palette lately, and that's packed with super pigmented shades designed for mixing.  I think I had that in my head when I first started swatching this palette, and it kind of threw me off, as this palette isn't the same sort of concept at all.  Although you can mix these lip colours if you like, what you have is a selection of read to wear and easy to wear shades in a familiar creme lipstick formula.  They give a softer look on the lips than the heavy matte liquid lip formulas we're all using lately, and are more of a traditional, balmy lipstick formula, which actually, has been a nice change for me to go back to and I think my lips have thanked me for a break from more drying formulas! 

I really like the nude and peachy shades in this palette and have been wearing them loads as we transition into spring.  This is also the type of palette I'd take with me when travelling, as it's much more practical than carrying 12 lipstick tubes around!

Mariyam Maquillage's strobe palettes and brushMarriyam's strobe palettes are gorgeous.  They're are two of them - the strobe and bronze and the strobe and sculpt. As with Aspyn's highlighters, these have the same soft and almost buttery texture which makes them a real joy to apply.

Strobe and Bronze is possibly the one that's going to be better for fairer skintones, or those that like a more subtle contour or bronzer.  It contains three gorgeous highlight shades, two matte contour colours and one bronzer.  Used together these shades give a lovely warmth and golden glow to my skin and a contour that's very suitable for every day.  

The Strobe and Sculpt palette has a similar set up with three highlighters, two contour shades and one bronzer, but the hues are warmer and darker, so maybe one for more medium skintones, a stronger night-time look, or I think this would be really gorgeous on tanned skin in the summer.  Used carefully with my limited skills and the Strobe and Sculpt brush I've managed to get a really defined cheek contour with the darker shade in this palette and it looks really good next to the more peachy highlight shade (caviar dreams) on my cheeks.  The colours last well on the skin too, and don't tend to fade too much through the day.

The peach shade, caviar dreams, is my favourite out of both palettes - it's such a lovely warm colour and I've been using it non-stop for a gorgeous glow on my cheeks.  The brush is a great addition to the collection alongside these palettes - it's double-ended with a flatter end which is good for getting into the hollows of the cheeks and a pointier end which is better for using with the highlight / strobe colours.  

Phew that was a long one, but I hope it's given you a good walk through the entire collection!   I've really enjoyed trying all of the products out even if it took me a while - if you've seen me these past six weeks you can guarantee I had some Pixi makeup on my face!  

Everything is available now at pixibeauty.co.uk 

Which products would you be most interested to try?


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