20 Apr 2017

The Too Faced sweet peach collection

I'm beyond late to the party talking about these I know, but how could I not sing the praises of such a gorgeous collection?  You can always rely on Too Faced to bring it with unique and quirky packaging, and the products inside are darn good too!  A blogger I used to absolutely love put some of these in her ‘anti-haul’ and said she wouldn’t be buying them because the packaging is so childish… I’m a fair bit older than her but couldn’t disagree more, I think makeup should be fun!

I’d had my eye on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette since its first release last year, but I wasn’t quick enough to get my hands on it before it sold out due to being so popular!  I think I wanted it more because I couldn’t get hold of it, so when I heard that Too Faced were re-releasing the palette I started stalking Debenhams on twitter trying to find out the dates, and I ended up going into the Oxford Street branch to pick it up, as it was available there before online or anywhere else.  After you’ve hyped a product up so much and had it on your wish list for such a long time, it’s easy to end up disappointed once you finally get your hands on the item, but not with this one, I’m still as in love with the palette as the first time I saw it.  I love the range of colours in the palette – there’s a really good mix of safe neutral colours alongside the peaches (obviously) plus a few darker shades to add depth to a crease, and then some interesting extra which complement the other colours – purples and an olivey green.  There are both matte and shimmer shades in here too, and generally I’ll use the mattes all over the lid and in the crease, with one of the shimmer shades in the centre of the lid – kind of like a halo eye, but not so profresh! The peaches have been my favourite shades to play with and have really brought me out of my comfort zone.  I’d barely ever worn a peach before I had this palette, and the only one I can think of is a very tame peachy-toned creamy shade from a Body Shop palette that I have.  I have brown eyes and hair, and I think the peaches really quite suit me. 

The quality of the shadows feels just right to me – the mattes blend really easily and the shimmer shades are nicely pigmented and really show up on the lid.  If I’m applying one of the shimmers to the centre of my lid I’ll either pat the colour on with a finger tip before blending out with a brush, or if I want a really bold and long lasting look, I’ll use a flat brush sprayed with some MAC fix plus spray and that intensifies the colour.

I also had to have the Too Faced sweet peach glow palette, I mean look at this beauty, how could you resist?  I think I was mainly drawn in by the beautiful peachy blush in the centre, and compared to buying the Papa don’t peach blush separately, this one seemed a better deal as you also get highlight and bronzer shades.  I still think £39 is a lot for a palette like this, and I was probably just a bit swept up in the peach hype, but I’m still pleased that I got this one as I adore both the peachy blush and highlight shades.  The bronzer is quite light in my opinion, so more accessible to paler skin tones that you might expect.  On me it’s fine as an every day subtle bronzer, but I’d have to reach for something else if I wanted a more defined look.

Last but not least I have three of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Lips oils – these were kindly send to me to try out and I was so happy to receive them to add to my Sweet Peach collection.  There are eight shades available ranging from the palest baby pink peach to a full on redish-orange.  The paler shades are my favourites as I don’t tend to suit orange – an odd thing to say when I’m raving about a peach collection I know!  I love peach and pale or pinky corals, but I just have this mental block that proper orange shades don’t suit me – makeup, nails, clothes, the lot! 

Initially I’d written these lip oils off as ‘just another lip gloss’ until I had a little swatch in store.  The formula is really quite different from any lip gloss I’ve tried.  First of all it’s really hydrating and comfortable to wear, but also the formula isn’t sticky, which is my number one lip gloss bug bear!  The lip oils apply really easily and look smooth and creamy on the lips – they don’t last the longest time, maybe a couple of hours, before needing to re-apply, but I think that’s to be expected – they’re not matte liquid lippies!  The colours are all relatively sheer and can be worn alone or also look great layered on top of lipliner or lipstick. 

The shades I have are Peach Tease which I'd say is a true warm peach shade, Peach Please which is a paler and very pink peach and Tickle Me Peach which is a vivid coral and the most pigmented of the three.   Peach please is my favourite and I think I'll be wearing it non-stop all spring.

Everything in the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection is now a lot easier to get hold of since the initial hype has quietened down (#peachpanic lol) – everything I’ve mentioned is available at Debenhams.

I’m already eyeing up Too Faced’s next collection – have you seen the gorgeous Natural Love eyeshadow palette and the stunning love light highlighters?  They look amazing!  Apparently they're coming to Debenhams in May, and Selfridges possibly sooner.  It looks like they might have had a little bit of early stock but I think it sold our right away!

Have you picked up anything from the Sweet Peach collection? 


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