31 May 2017

Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Cream Gel and High Hydration Mask for dehydrated skin

My skin is so up and down between seasons it's untrue.  Generally it's severely combination anyway, but I get these periods a few times a year when it just really rebels and pretty much rejects all of my usual trusty products.  My skin was having a tantrum just like this earlier in spring, and as luck would have it, I received two products from Gatineau's Aquamemory range to try, and they turned out to be just the thing to give my badly behaved skin a time-out.

Gatineau is an innovative French skincare brand that I remember my Mum using when I was a teen - she would always watch the beauty shows on QVC and order the special value sets.  I'd not tried the brand myself before, but Mum is still a fan of their anti-ageing ranges. The Gatineau Aquamemory range is, as the name suggests, one that's designed to moisturise and hydrate the skin.  The tagline is "revive the memory of 'original' integral hydration' and I take this to mean that it's to put your skin back to where it should be naturally in terms of how hydrated and comfortable it should be.  This is just the sort of thing I'm looking for, as with my combination skin I have a very oily t-zone, so need to avoid products that are too rich, but at the same time have some horribly dry areas which are most likely caused by dehydration - such a tricky combo to deal with, especially as the weather warms up!

This moisturiser can be used day or night and it contains hyaluronic acid to provide immediate hydration to the skin plus other technologies which helps to lock in water and redress the balance.  I've been initially using this as a night cream to test out how my skin behaves with it, and I've really enjoyed the instantly comforting feeling as well as the gorgeous fresh scent.  It's a light and easily absorbed gel-cream consistency, but this doesn't mean that it won't pack a punch when it comes to delivering on the moisturisation front - it's like an instant pick me up when my skin is dehydrated, and such a pleasure to apply.  But, and there is one but, if I get this remotely near my eyes - and I'm not talking in my eye, just close to the general air my eyes are breathing - it stings quite uncomfortably.  I think unfortunately my eyes must be sensitive to one of the particular ingredients as generally I don't have an issue with most products.  I really like the effect this has on my skin, so I've found applying a generous layer of another eye cream before the moisturiser, and giving my eye area a really wide berth with the gel-cream does the trick.  This does rule out me using this one as a day cream, as sensitive eyes mean watery eyes and streaming mascara, but I'm happy enough with the results I've seen using this at night time.

I love the name of this one - high hydration - yes please!  This is a mask which the instructions suggest you use two to three times per week, leaving it on the skin for 15 minutes before removing with a tissue.  Okay, but I'm a big fan of overnight masks - I believe that your skin does its best regenerating over night, and also that with some products, the longer your skin has to absorb them the better.  So, I decided to try this as an overnight mask - basically just by applying it last thing at night and not tissuing the product off - I leave it all night and by the morning it's all sunk in and disappeared.  So far I've seen no downsides to this blatant disregard for the instructions - only positives such as waking up with plumped up, well hydrated, happy skin that looks relatively even and a lot less frightening upon that first encounter with the mirror.  Definitely use this for 15 minutes as a quick treatment or perhaps whilst relaxing in the bath (one of my favourites ways to mask) if you want to, but if you're dealing with some really dry areas that need serious TLC, I really recommend using this as an overnight treatment.  This has the same beautiful scent as the moisture replenish cream gel, but oddly is far less prone to causing my eyes to sting - although obviously I don't apply this too close to my eyes anyway as it's a mask.  

I've been enjoying using both the moisture gel-cream as my night time moisturiser every day, and applying the mask on top a few times a week whilst my skin's been in tantrum mode, and it really has helped balance my skin by battling the dehydration.  

The Gatineau Aquamemory range is available now at Gatineau.co.uk and Feelunique.

Have you tried any Gatineau products?


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