8 May 2017

Tying Temple Spa for the first time

One of my friends is a Temple Spa devotee - I think she goes to a salon that uses Temple Spa products for their facials, and she has raved to me about one of the masks she's tried.  Obviously this set my expectations pretty high for my first try of some products from their massive range!  I've been lucky enough to get to road test some of the skincare and makeup over the last few weeks, and these are my thoughts on everything I tried.  Stay tuned for the a particularly flattering photo of me trying out the face mask called The Contourist! 

We'll start off with the makeup bits that I've tried from Temple Spa, although I have to say that I think the real jewel in the crown is their skincare!

The Healthy Glow is one of Temple Spa's newest releases, just in time for spring and summer.  It's a bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one, as as you can see the product is split into three shades, with the bronzer being the biggest part.  You can use each colour separately if you want to and use a small enough brush, but the idea really is to swirl these together to get a peachy-bronzey glow, which is exactly what this delivers.  If you're afraid of bronzers or looking over-done, don't fear as this is pretty gentle and subtle, but you can also build up by picking up more colour if you need to.  I really like the shades and the sturdy outer packaging means this will last ages, even if I take it away with me, which I probably would as it has the three shades / products in one.  It does also comes with a flat brush in the bottom of the compact, although for me I prefer a big rounded fluffy brush to apply this.

Temple Spa Velvelutto velvet face base - £30 
The velvet face base is a powder foundation which is recommended to be used straight after moisturiser for a flawless finish.  Personally I've not really been able to get on with this, possibly as I'm not used to powder foundations, and also because I need a lot of products to get my skin looking and staying the way I want it!  Applying this on top of a primer, concealer and maybe even corrector considering how badly my skin is behaving, I've struggled to get an even finish whether using the sponge that this comes with or a brush.  The foundation is ph adjusting, and I actually found it could start to lean a little orange on me throughout the day, so maybe I needed a paler shade.  I tried shade 003, which was too dark for me, and 002 which looked right at the application stage, but seemed to adjust to be a little darker.  Personally, with my randomly oily and dehydrated fussy skin, I've found the best way to use this is as a finishing powder on top of my liquid foundations, that was I can get the level of coverage and an even finish, and then I use this on top to lock in an mattify.  

Now onto a product I've absolutely loved using!  Just look at this gorgeous golden beauty - it looks as luxurious as it feels on the skin.  This is a super hydrating anti-ageing masque which is perfect for reviving my forever dehydrated skin.  It comes with a brush which you use to apply the masque to cleansed skin - it makes application easier and less messy, and it stops you from using too much or wasting any of the product.  It contains black summer truffles, gold and silk peptides and fruit amino acids as well as diamond powder and gold photo-reflective particles to convert UV light to blue to give luminosity and radiance.  Super fancy!

After one use I was in love with this masque - it really hydrates and plumps my skin up leaving it looking glowy and rested.  Wrinkles go into soft focus from the plumping action, which is a temporary but very pleasing result!  As it's a masque that doesn't dry on the skin, the bonus is that you can use this one while relaxing in the bath too - my favourite way to mask! 

At £50 this one might seem a little pricier than other masks, but having done a quick comparison, you seem to get more product than average in this one at 75ml.  I just checked another mask I like to use which costs £39, and that actually only has 50ml in the tub.

Temple Spa Moisture Matte Mattifying Moisturiser - £36
I have combination skin with both oily and very dehydrated patches, so trying new moisturisers is always tricky.  The Moisture Matte from Temple Spa is geared towards oily skin and keeping the skin free of oil and shine, but it also aims to balance the levels of hydration in the skin.  I must admit I was a little nervous about trying this as I though the drier areas of my skin would hate it and would be left feeling tight and parched, but the formula really surprised me.  The gel texture feels so smooth on the skin, more like a serum or silicone primer type feel, so it applies really easily and leaves a perfect finish to prepare the skin for makeup.  I had also used a little facial oil on my super dry patches before the moisturiser, and that seems to work well to address the combination elements in my skin.  I noticed that my usual foundation seemed to last longer when I was using this mosturiser, so I'm really happy with that an will continue to use this one when the weather heats up.

Well I promised you a sheet mask selfie and here it is!  I love using sheet masks, not least of all because of the amusing serial killer impressions you can do whilst wearing them, so I was excited to give these a try.  I was wondering why these are named 'The Contourist' but as soon as I unfolded one of the masks and read the instructions it became clear.  Unlike a regular sheet mask which will just be an oval sort of shape to cover your face, this one is designed to hook onto your ears, not only to keep it in place, but to give a lifting action as part of the treatment.  

The sides of the mask have ear loops, so this makes the mask quite taught across the face, and then there's an extra section of mask which goes under your chin and also hooks onto the ears to lift that area too.  I found it a little unusual to put this on the first time, but once I knew what I was doing it was fine - there are full instructions on the back on the pack and they were simple to follow.  Having the ear loops is actually really handy aside from the lifting treatment - when I usually use a sheet mask they will often slip and slide while you're trying to relax with it on, especially around the mouth and chin and sometimes the forehead - the ear loops on this one solve those issues completely.  

The mask itself is drenched in a skin perfecting serum to leave the skin looking illuminated and brightened as well as tighter, firmer and contoured.  After removing the mask and massaging in any excess serum from the pack, my skin feels really great.  There's a really apparent tightening effect and my skin feels plumped up and smoother.  I think probably older skin types will notice more of a wow effect from this mask as it's mainly designed to target any sagging skin, but I can also definitely benefit from that lifting action.  This is a mask I'd reserve for using ahead of a special event, and with the six masks in the pack working out at just over £8 each, I think that's well worth it.  

All of the products I've tried out here are available at Temple Spa alongside their huge range, and delivery is free when you spend over £50. 

Have you tried Temple Spa before?


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