22 Jun 2017

Rose gold brush collection from Beau Belle

It's no secret that I love rose gold, I mean come on, don't we all?  There's just something so irresistible about things that are pink and shiny, and this new brush collection from Beau Belle is no exception - just look at them - aren't they amazing?  And they're super instagramable too of course! 


13 Jun 2017

The YSL brow wardrobe

Embarrassingly enough, it wasn’t all that many years ago that I didn’t own any brow makeup – I used to just pluck and go and my goodness the results were pretty horrendous when I look back!  I think all us nineties kids have been there though to be fair, tadpole brows went so well with those peddle pushers and Spice Girls t-shirts...


7 Jun 2017

The Pixi Glow skincare review and giveaway

My beloved little space on the internet disappeared for a bit and I can't tell you how relieved I am that it's back.  The blog went down on Saturday due to my debit card having expired, which meant the annual feel you have to pay for being a .com domain wasn't paid.  Oh my goodness the trouble I've had trying to get it back - so stressful!  Finally on Tuesday night my site was back and I was able eating my feelings and driving my boyfriend (and all of twitter) nuts with my panicking and moaning!  

Phew - I'm so pleased that's over and delighted to finally be able to share a new review, especially considering that today's post is about a beauty and skincare brand I've really fallen in love with.  Pixi are generally known for beautifully packaged makeup, in soft, pretty shades, but also their cult glow tonic, which a few years back you couldn't get your hands on for love nor money!  It's now much easier to track down, comes in lots of sizes and options, and Pixi have some other really amazing products in their skin care line up too.


2 Jun 2017

In my spring makeup bag

So yesterday an email popped wished me a happy first day of summer - I thought it was still spring until about 20 June, but hey I guess in the UK you have to take summer wherever you can get it!  Technically, weather wise it's spring from March to September, and summer occurs on a few random days here and there in between.  Anyway enough of me trying to convince you that it's not to late to talk about what's been in my spring makeup bag... let's look inside my spring makeup bag!
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