7 Jun 2017

The Pixi Glow skincare review and giveaway

My beloved little space on the internet disappeared for a bit and I can't tell you how relieved I am that it's back.  The blog went down on Saturday due to my debit card having expired, which meant the annual feel you have to pay for being a .com domain wasn't paid.  Oh my goodness the trouble I've had trying to get it back - so stressful!  Finally on Tuesday night my site was back and I was able eating my feelings and driving my boyfriend (and all of twitter) nuts with my panicking and moaning!  

Phew - I'm so pleased that's over and delighted to finally be able to share a new review, especially considering that today's post is about a beauty and skincare brand I've really fallen in love with.  Pixi are generally known for beautifully packaged makeup, in soft, pretty shades, but also their cult glow tonic, which a few years back you couldn't get your hands on for love nor money!  It's now much easier to track down, comes in lots of sizes and options, and Pixi have some other really amazing products in their skin care line up too.

Glow Tonic is one of Pixi's real hero products, and it's because it just works.  It's a toner containing glycolic acid to help chemically exfoliate the skin for a brighter, more even and glowing complexion.  It's something I use at night after cleansing and before adding other products such as a moisturiser.  I think it's the Glow Tonic that has inspired lots of other 'glow related products in the Pixi range.

As it's so popular Glow Tonic now comes in a range of sizes, including this smaller 100ml version.  Obviously it's travel friendly due to being 100ml, but it's also a good way to try Glow Tonic for the first time if you're unsure whether it's for you - it's only £10 for this size, so definitely worth a go if you've never had the Glow Tonic experience before.  Glow Tonic is pretty easy to use, you just squirt some onto a cotton pad and wipe / press all over the skin.  If that sounds like a teensy bit too much effort, Pixi have you covered!  Glow Tonic also comes in a pre-soaked pad form - you get 60 pads in the tub, and it's that same formula, just ready to grab and use.  Personally I'm saving my Glow Tonic To-Go tub for holidays and any other travelling I might be lucky enough to be doing.

Pixi's Glow Mud cleanser is a member of the Pixi Glow family that I've only just added to my routine recently, but we've been instantly getting along well.  It's good for skin that needs a deep clean, and is designed to really cleanse your pores.  The problems I have with the clarity of my skin are definitely caused by lazy cleansing to remove makeup - ie using makeup wipes or micellar water to just surface cleanse.  My skin needs more heavy duty cleansers or a double cleansing routine to keep it looking its best.  I've talked about the Pixi and Caroline Hirons Double cleanse before which I love, and I wasn't sure how the Glow Mud cleanser would compare, but I really like it.  It takes my makeup off in an absolute breeze without me needing to pre-cleanse, and it also contains glycolic acid just like Glow Tonic, so it gives me the brightening, glow enhancing benefits too.

And lastly in my latest venture into trying new Pixi skincare is the Pixi Peel & Polish.  My skin responds so well to exfoliation, and I think that's why I really rate products containing glycolic acid, as I can see the results in my skin.  However, you'll never get me away from also enjoying a bit of a manual face scrub.  I know you have to be careful with using scrubs that are too harsh and can irritate the skin (Caroline, I've been listening!), so gone are the days when I'd think I'd hit the jackpot if I found a facial scrub with the biggest, roughest grains!  More advanced products are the way forward, and Peel & Polish really fits the bill - it works with natural fruit enzymes and lactic acid along with a gentle sugar extract so it's the best of both worlds for me, combining chemical and gentle manual exfoliation.  It really does leave my skin looking fresh and glowing, although I have to remind myself not to scrub too hard, else I'll cause redness, and that really does spoil the glow!

I'm going to be giving away a full size tube of Pixi Peel & Polish over on twitter, so watch out for the giveaway tweet here - @fluttersparkle.  

To win you need to be following me @fluttersparkle on twitter, and you need to retweet the giveaway tweet.  The giveaway will be open until 11.59pm on Wednesday 14 June, the winner will be picked at random, announced on twitter and contacted via twitter DM,  Open internationally.  Good luck!

Have you tried Pixi skincare?


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