13 Jun 2017

The YSL brow wardrobe

Embarrassingly enough, it wasn’t all that many years ago that I didn’t own any brow makeup – I used to just pluck and go and my goodness the results were pretty horrendous when I look back!  I think all us nineties kids have been there though to be fair, tadpole brows went so well with those peddle pushers and Spice Girls t-shirts...

Nowadays I’m still not the most skilled when it comes to my brows, and I’m very much in middle of the growing back process to sort out some sparse areas caused by over-plucking in the past.  But, I know the sort of look I’m going for and like to experiment with different products and techniques to get the best result and to fake a full brow. YSL have added four new products to their range to create a ‘brow wardrobe’ which can address every brow need, and I’ve been giving them all a try.

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils / Eyebrow Pencil in  3 marron glacé
This is a lovely, soft brow pencil with the product at one end and a spoolie at the other.  I really like the texture of the pencil for soft strokes that are going to give you a more natural look if you use the pencil to create hairs in any sparse areas.  For me unfortunately this shade is too light and warm (so I’ll probably use this as an eye pencil instead!) but I really like the texture - the darkest shade this comes in is called ebony and that looks perfect for me because my brows are oddly much darker and cooler than my hair.  Also the spoolie end of this pencil is really thick and sturdy for giving your brows a proper brushing, and there are caps for both ends too which is fab, as spoolie brushes love to attract fluff!  

YSL Couture Brow Palette in 02 medium to dark
Brow powders are generally my comfort zone, so this palette appeals to me most from the whole brow wardrobe.  The palette comes in two colour choices, and I have the darker one, which is ideal.  Within the palette you then have three shades to choose from, so you really can customise for a great match.  You can also double them up as eyeshadows and liner if you like too.  The shades are housed within a luxurious little compact complete with mirror and mini tools, so it’s ideal for brows on the go if you’re travelling or perhaps if you’re one of those daredevils who attempts makeup on public transport.  The middle shade is just about perfect for my brows, and I like that I can add a little of the darker shade if I want to up the impact and definition, or I could also dial it down to a slightly more natural look by mixing in a little of the lighter shade.

YSL Couture Brow Marker in 2 Brun / Dark Brown
Onto the most intriguing product in the brow wardrobe, the brow marker.  Now this had me more than a little anxious when I first considered giving it a try, as of course we’ve all joked about sharpie brows, and that’s really not the look I’m going for!  No need to worry though, because although the brow marker looks like a big felt tip, the colour payoff you get is like a watercolour wash – nothing harsh at all, and it’s great for giving your whole brow a lovely background to help things look fuller and to disguise any patches.  Also it’s a good one to combine perhaps with the pencil for areas where you don’t want any harsh lines or edges.  It has an angled tip, so you can get both thick and thin lines depending on which part of the brow you’re filling, and also, the formula is like a long lasting stain, so perfect for brows that will last you all day and night.  Again because my brows are quite a cool, dark shade. this is a little too warm for me, so it’d be great if this one was available in a darker colour as the darkest is number 2.

YSL Couture Brow Mascara in 1 Brun Doré / Glazed Brown
Now this brow mascara takes be back to where my brow journey began – when I finally came to my senses and started looking into makeup for my brows, a brow mascara was one of the first products I tried, although back then I had such thin brows I don’t think it made much of a difference!  I’m still trying to grow my brows back in and although I still want them to be a little bit bushier, they’re doing quite well.  Using this brow mascara now, it really has something to grab onto, and the formula itself is very pigmented and quite wet too, so it very quickly gives a lot of colour and definition. The brush is nice and small which makes a precise application easy too. For a speedy brow day, I’d quite happily use this alone on my brows, or for a more dramatic look, I’d use it to add extra definition after filling my brows with the powder compact.  This one comes in two shades, this brown and a blonde, and the darker one is just right for me.

The full YSL brow wardrobe range is available now at yslbeauty.co.uk - my favourites are the brow palette and the brow mascara, but I'd also really recommend giving the brow marker a try if the shades match your brows.  

Have you tried anything from the YSL brow wardrobe?  What's your favourite brow product?

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