31 Jul 2017

Too Faced Natural Love Palette and Love Light Highlighters - review and swatches

I've long been a fan of Too Faced and I think I've mentioned before that I still have a collection of their 'quickie chronicals' palettes from way, way back in the day.  They're probably to old to use now, but I just like to hoard them anyway!  I own a lot of Too Faced eye shadow palettes, so when the new Natural Love palette was launched, much as I thought it was beautiful, I wasn't sure I needed it, as some of the colours are repeats of previous smaller palettes such as the Natural Eye and Natural at Night palettes which I have.  On a trip to Oxford Street I saw the palette in real life in Debenhams, and despite there being some dupes with my existing collection, some of the new colours were just too pretty to resist.  I bought the palette there and then and haven't regretted it one bit!  

The palette is made up of shades that are totally up my street - lots of neutrals and soft pink, peach and gold shades, and a great mix of textures too.  It's the kind of palette that I'd reach for every day and be able to create totally different looks as there are just so many shades (30) and a perfect one to travel with - although it's on the large side, it would be the only eye palette I'd need.  

One of the things that made this palette irresistible to me is the beautiful woodland packaging with velvet detailing, and that whimsical theme is continued throughout the palette too with really cute shade names such as kittens, bunny nose, poodle and cutie patootie! 

Some of my favourite shades in the palette include honeymoon, which is a peachy rose gold shade with metallic shimmer and also kittens which is a lilacy-pink with a golden shimmer.  Hot and bothered is also a very gorgeous shade - it's a red toned metallic bronze - the kind that's so popular everywhere right now.  Nudie and Heaven are also the perfect matte cream and brown shades for me to use as a crease and base for wearing those more fancy, shimmery shades on the lid and there are also plenty of deep and vampy shades for when I'm feeling more adventurous.  

It's very much an all rounder palette for me, and totally worth the money.  It also comes with a nice big mirror, which for me is always a winner.

Too Faced have also released three gorgeous new highlighters this summer, and I must admit I've had my eyes on them for a really, really long time.  I remember seeing a sneak peak of one of the shiny heart shaped beauties on instagram, probably up to a year ago, and I think I tweeted that even though I didn't know much about the product (literally I didn't know what was in the compact at all), I needed to own one!  I know, always a sucker for the packaging!  

Once I finally saw the Love Lights Highlights on launch I wasn't disappointed - that glossy metallic packaging reveals an an even more beautiful product within - three glowy powder highlights in super sheeny metallic shades.  The pinky rose gold 'ray of light', a warm, true gold in 'light up my life' and an icy champagne silver called 'blinded by the light'.  

The prismatic design and embossing is so pretty to look at on these and I'm a little bit sad that I've already worn it away on the rose gold version!  That's my favourite as I think it works really well on my skin tone and shows up beautifully.  

All three are the kind of highlight you wear to be seen and noticed!  They're really pigmented and it can be easy to apply too much (if you believe there's such a thing as too much highlight of course...) so I go in with a fan brush and a light dusting.  


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