7 Aug 2017

The best lighting for applying makeup #ad

I'm not the biggest fan of summer - I'm much more of an autumn and winter kind of person - but one of the best things about this time of year is the long days and all the wonderful natural light.  It makes taking blog photos a whole lot easier, and putting my makeup on in natural daylight is a huge bonus too! 

When the darker nights are back I'll love cozying up with my cinnamon scented candles and wearing my thick tights and fluffy socks, but I'll dread the gloomy mornings.  As well as struggling to get out of bed, I know I'll be battling against badly blended contour and foundation tide marks on my neck all over again!   

Lighting Direct have done some research on how lighting impacts how you apply your makeup, and it confirms that the struggle is real with 75% of us applying makeup in poor lighting!


I apply my makeup in my bedroom and have my dressing table in front of a big window, so it's ideal for about half of the year, but the rest of the time when the mornings are dark, it's much more difficult and I find myself nipping back and forth to the bathroom as I have a large illuminated mirror on the wall in there, although it still doesn't confirm how my makeup efforts are going to stand up once I'm out and about in natural light.  

It looks like I need to up my game if I want to fake that natural lighting effect during the darker months.  Lighting Direct have come up with the following tips help us battle bad makeup lighting.

I'm certainly going to look into changing up my lightbulbs.  I just have normal ones in my bedroom at the moment, so switching them up to much brighter daylight bulbs could make a huge difference come autumn.  

Do you identify with the bad lighting makeup struggle?  Where do you apply your makeup?

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