11 Aug 2017

The palette EVERYBODY'S talking about - Urban Decay's Naked Heat

Having always been a fan of more nude and muted shades when it comes to eyeshadow, I've been a natural follower of Urban Decay's Naked collections, and I actually have all of the palettes.  There were the three original Naked palettes one to three, the two Naked Basics palettes filled with matte shades, and then the Naked Smoky palette, which was a bit of a leap into a new direction with some much moodier shades.  I think the next palette to come out was the Naked Ultimate Basics, and possibly I thought that was the end of the road for the original Naked style palettes, as this one was a new style square palette - bigger than the other Basics palettes, packed with neutral matte colours, but not the same shape or layout as the long Naked Palettes.  I guess I thought that we'd run out of ways to get Naked, so I was genuinely taken by surprise when Naked Heat came along.  I saw it on Instagram for the first time one day, and didn't connect it as being an Urban Decay Naked palette immediately - it looked kind of red - what sorcery was this?! It was the first time that I thought an eye palette from the Naked range wasn't for me, and I must admit I was a little bit sad about that!  

After swatches started to become available online, I began to understand a little more of what this palette is all about.  There are elements of the original Naked palette recipe, with some beautiful beige, brown and cream shades, but the other shades in the palette have really been spiced up.  It's like one of the original Naked palettes got set set on fire, and the result is beautiful!

I used to have a bit of a notion in my mind that warm eye shades don't suit me - especially red, orange or yellow toned colours.  Over the years I've come to realise that brown eyes are actually supposed to be able to wear any eye colour (not that this matters, and obviously do whatever the heck you want when it comes to makeup) and have ventured into dabbling with the pinky-red shades that have been so big over the last year or, and I've really liked the results.  Despite this I was still wobbly about whether this palette was for me after I saw some gorgeous blue-eyed bloggers rocking the shades.  It's a palette for anyone and everyone who wants to wear it, but I must say if you have blue eyes, the fiery shimmer colours are going to do amazing things to your face! Case in point - Sharon from Back To You Beauty.

Once I finally got up close and personal with the palette, it was much easier for me to see and understand how the shades would translate for me, and I instantly fell in love with Lumbre, which is like a bronzey rose gold type of shimmer shade, and I couldn't wait to create a look with it.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I've used this palette nearly every day, so I think it's safe to say that my fear of warmer-toned shadows has finally been overcome!

The palette itself is in a similar style to the Naked Smoky palette, and I love how there's a bit of an optical illusion going on with the lid and the heat rising kind of effect.  Inside the palette there are twelve shades which are made up of eight mattes and four metallics.  The shimmer shades are my favourites and are what I think makes this palette really special.  Lumbre is my hands down love at first sight favourite, but Dirty Talk and Scorched have been getting a lot of my attention too, with each being a deeper and more intense version of each other to some degree.  Dirty Talk leans more red and orange, and I'd perhaps call this a metallic terracotta, whereas Scorched is a deeper shade with a pinky-red vibe.  Ember is the last shimmer shade and it's a plummy sort of brown with a golden shimmer to it.  I've only been brave enough to try a little of this in the outer crease so far, and a little really goes a long way!

Of the matte shades I'm really happy with the selection I have to pair with the more jazzy metallic colours.  Ounce (a creamy white) is great for the brow bone and Chaser (light beige) and Sourced (darker beige) both make excellent crease or transition colours to start a look.  If I'm being a bit more daring and going for a bolder eye look, I'll switch up and use Cayenne and He Devil in the same way (both deeper, more reddish brown shades, one darker than the other).  I've found all of these to blend extremely easily, particularly Sauced and Low Blow which are my favourites of the matte colours.  

En Fuego and Ashes are more purple-toned matte shades, and as they're quite a bit more dramatic, I've not incorporated these into a look just yet, although I can see Ashes looking great under the lower lash line to define a warm look.  I've found these two shades to have a slightly different formula from the rest of the palette when swatching - they're not quite as soft and blendable as their friends for some reason - perhaps because they're that much darker in hue.

My favourite and most worn colour combination so far is Lumbe on the lid with Sauced in the crease - so quick and easy.  I'm also really loving wearing Scorched in a similar way with Cayenne blown out in the crease, and this gives a more intense warm eye.  

I'm so pleased I faced my warm shadow fears and tried this palette out - it's really changed up and refreshed how I do my makeup!

Have you tried Naked Heat?


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