23 Oct 2017

Too Faced melted latex liquified high shine lipstick review and swatches

Too Faced have done it again with their latest stunning range of lip colours in a fab new formula.  I own a fair few shades from their original melted lipstick range and really like the intense pigment and smooth texture.  Next came the melted matte lipsticks, which pack the same colour punch and also last practically all day - the shades I have are Child Star (gorgeous nude) and Queen B which I'd say is a dirty pink-mauve sort of colour - I count this one as one of my all time favourite lipsticks - it's certainly my most worn.  So my expectations were pretty high for the new collection which is the Melted Latex liquified high shine lipsticks.  

The colour range is fabulous - just look at all of these beauties!  I have ten of the shades here to show you, but there are sixteen in total including the slightly wild unicorn tears shade - if you've not seen that one check it out here!

Now the formula and finish of these lipsticks is a real talking point.  Are they a lipgloss?  Are they a lipstick?  I'm not even sure - they're somewhere in between and nothing quite like anything else in my collection.  The apply like a liquid lipstick, with a sponge tipped brush and a smooth consistency.  They're shiny like a lipgloss, but have the pigment you'd expect from a lipstick.  You can apply quite a thin coat, like a lipgloss, but they'll stick around for hours on the lips like a lipstick.  They have a slightly tacky feel to the finish, as you might expect from a lipgloss, but they're not sticky, and the shine is incredible!  So are they a lipgloss or a lipstick?  The answer is they're kind of a bit of both - personally I see them as the most pigmented lipglosses I've ever tried.  

These are some of the more neutral shade options, with dark through to nude shades.  I've not really found the opportunity to wear Bite me and Strange Love yet, but they're gorgeously chic, deep shades that are so perfect for winter.  Peekaboo is one of my favourites as it's such a perfect nude lip and the high shine makes for such a polished and classy look.  If you worry about concealer lips and looking washed out then the much warmer Hopeless Romantic might be the better option.  I also really love safe word - I can never resist a creamy pale pink and this one is beautiful and so opaque.

The second set of shades I have are some of the bolds and brights.  I'm Bossy is a beautiful classic red, but I did find with such a bright shade that I would easily smudge and would have to keep checking the mirror - I'm probably a little clumsier in red lipstick than most though!  Rated R is such a lovely sunny coral shade, and although it's not as pigmented as the rest, it looks beautiful on and I wore this one lots in the evening on holiday.  But First Lipstick and Love You Long Time are classic pink shades you can't go wrong with - the latter being my favourite as it's a more creamy, Barbie pink .  Lastly I have Twilight Zone which is probably my favourite to look at in the tube, but the most difficult to wear.  You need to carefully consider the rest of your makeup before you put on a lilac lip - I recommend a mid-brown smoky eye, and be sure to have been keeping up with the teeth-whitening toothpaste! 

Which shade is your favourite?


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