16 Nov 2017

Caudalie Christmas gifts - The Divine Body Collection and French Kiss Trio

Caudalie is a brand that I only started to become familiar with around this time last year, but I've already tried several products and have found some that I really love.  I'm currently trying out the Resveratrol Lift Eye balm and also have a tube each on the go of my favourite Instant Detox Mask and Deep Cleansing Exfoliator.  Christmas can be just the right time to try new products from a brand as usually you'll find gift sets which work out much cheaper than buying each product separately, and that's exactly the case with Caudalie's Christmas collection

Okay firstly, how cute is this set?  I love how this trio of lip balms is packaged - I was going to say you could split the set up and give the lip balms individually as stocking fillers, but it would be a shame to waste the pretty gift box!  I'm a lip balm addict and always have to have multiple options about my person, on my bedside table, at my desk... the list goes on.  I'm one of those people that can't cope with dry lips - if I go out and find I've forgotten to take a lip balm with me I have to buy one as soon as I can find a shop.  So essentially, this is an ideal Christmas gift set for me!

The set of French Kiss lip balms includes three different colours and scents.  The balms are each tinted with a different pinky hue, and they have subtle scents to match too.  The palest of the pinks is called Innocence and has a sweet vanilla and orange scent.  The more rosy pink is named Seduction and is vanilla scented - this one is my favourite as it's the perfect shade for my lips.  And lastly the raspberry red shade is called Addiction and has a distinctive and yummy berry scent. All of the balms have a smooth texture and feel instantly comforting on the lips while leaving a subtle wash of colour.  Compared to the usual price of each balm, you're getting a three for two deal with this set.  

Onto this beautiful hat box style package illustrated with all kinds of festive foliage - this is the Divine Body Collection.  The star of the show in this set is one of Caudalie's most well known and loved products - the Divine Oil.  It's a luxurious, do-it-all oil which moisturises and nourishes the driest skin and even hair.  It also smells amazing due to all of the oils in contains - these are grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan.  It's a wonderful product for this time of year when most of us will be feeling the effects of cold weather and central heating.  I love this for tackling the inevitable scaly winter leg situation!  

This gift set also includes the Divine Scrub which I've not tried before.  It contains the same oils and has the same wonderful scent - actually I think I like the scent even more in the scrub - the floral element seems stronger and it reminds me of one of the hotels I've stayed in in Vegas where the reception and lobby areas always smell divine.  The scrub is made with brown sugar which together with all of the oils will leave skin super soft and smooth.  

You get a great saving with this set too, and are getting the scrub free compared to the usual price of the individual products.  The Divine Body Collection is a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves to indulge in some serious pampering and wants to re-create that spa experience at home - I've already planned who's going to be receiving this gift from me, and I'm totally jealous that it's not a present from me, to me!

Caudalie have lots more options in their Christmas gifting range this year, including these sweet beauty crackers.  You can find the whole range at uk.caudalie.com


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