23 Nov 2017

Paul & Joe's Cat Makeup Collection for Christmas 2017

Calling all cat loving ladies - this one is most definitely for you!  If there's one thing you can guarantee at Christmas, as sure as a speech from the Queen, dry as old boots turkey and wall to wall re-runs of Love Actually, it's a Cat themed Christmas collection from Paul & Joe.  I know so many people avidly collect all of the beautiful cat adorned makeup pieces because they're just so unique and intricate - I mean just look at that little cat face!

This year's collection comes in a festive red makeup pouch, covered in cats of course, plus a few birds.  Inside you'll find three gorgeous makeup pieces - two in the red cat design, and one in Paul & Joe's regular glamorous style.  

First there's a subtly sparkling creme eyeshadow in a champagne shade - it looks a little bit like a lip gloss in the way it's styled and confused me at first, but it's definitely an eye product!  You also have a floral embossed, shimmering face powder in its own mirror compact. This is a very subtle pink shade with a wonderful glow to it and it would make a lovely soft highlight.

And of course then there's the hero of the collection, the cat lipstick which is a Christmassy red with glitter.  As you can see there's an outer ring to the cat lipstick, which is sort of like a balm, and then the lipstick itself is in the centre.  When you apply or swatch you get the full cherry red shade whilst the outer ring of the lipstick adds a moisturising, balmy feel - you won't end up with any actual glitter on your lips!  Time for some close-ups of this stunning lipstick...

This is such a lovely Christmas gift for a beauty loving cat fiend, but the hardest decision they're going to have to make will be whether to use that beautiful lipstick or preserve its sweet kitty face forever!  

The Paul & Joe Cat Makeup Collection is available now at asos and it's £45.


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