8 Dec 2017

Five top tips for applying perfect party lashes

I absolutely love the look of false lashes on me.  Naturally I have very short and stumpy little lashes, so it makes a massive difference when I apply a pair of falsies.  Sadly I've not been blessed with a natural flair for lash application, and have had a fair few traumas with lashes in my time.  Tears before a night out have not been uncommon, as well as totally messing up my makeup and having to start again after poor attempts to apply lashes and getting glue everywhere!  I've learned a lot of lash lessons over the years, and finally have some tricks and techniques that work for me, so I thought what better time to share them than in the run up to all those Christmas parties!

Go for a style with a thin lash band 
A thin or invisible band string lash is always easier to apply in my experience.  The thicker bands can be harder to make stick, especially at the corners, and I find they have a tendency to pop off more easily.  If you've not been blessed with skills in the lash application department, stick to barely there lash bands like these Red Cherry lashes - they're light as a feather and still give you lots of lovely length.  Also don't go for the boldest, heaviest, thickest, longest lashes when you're first starting out - it can be tempting to go wild, but I find those styles are the hardest to stick on and keep on - move onto those once your skills are advanced!  The Ardell Demi Wispies are a great option for a Christmas party as they still tick the box of having a super light and thin lash band, whilst also being a beautifully full and bold pair of lashes.

Follow the glue instructions - properly!
All lash glues can be different, so it's important to check how the glue you're using works.  Generally you'll need to wait a bit for the glue to dry slightly and become tacky before you apply the lash.  Apply too early and the glue won't be sticky enough and it'll just go everywhere - wait too long and the lash won't stay in place securely.  It's also important not too apply to much - when you're frustrated that your lashes won't stick it can be tempting to throw lots more glue at the problem, but again, that usually turns out in a big mess!

Use tweezers to help you
When I started using tweezers to apply my lashes things became a whole lot easier.  Use the tweezers to grab the glued lash and place and position on the top of your lashes.  Then use the tweezers to grab the corner of the lash one side at a time to tuck in and stick the edges.  

Try a three quarter length or half lash
I find lashes too long for me most of the time and cutting them down adds another step to the process, so going for an already smaller pair makes life easier.  If you are going to trim a lash however, I recommend using nail clippers for that.  Three quarter or half lashes fit onto the outer part of the eye, so you avoid the often tricky step of getting the inner corner to stick or sticking it too tight and feeling uncomfortable all night - been there!  These Eylure Fleur De Force three quarter lashes are the perfect size for me, and are almost a full lash just without that inner corner section.  I've used these a few times before and I really love them.  I've also tried the Ardell Accent lashes which I'd say are more of a half lash - you apply these to the outer corner of your eye and they really add an amazing fluttery length that wings out.  Half lashes are the easiest to apply, so really worth trying out if you usually shy away in fear of lash application!

Take your time and have patience!  
This is probably the most important tip - rushing and being in a stress is the most part of the reason for so many of my failed lash attempts.  If you're not an expert, I recommend skipping lashes when you're pushed for time, and only giving them a go when you have time to play around and won't get stressed if it all goes wrong or you ruin your eye-makeup with excess glue!  Practice applying your lashes before a big event, and leave plenty of time in your getting ready plan for applying your lashes - I'd say half an hour is best just in case, until you feel fully qualified!

All of the lashes I've mentioned here are available at falseeyelashes.co.uk 

Do you have any top tips for applying lashes?  I'd love to hear them!


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