2 Mar 2018

Silkskin silk pillowcase review and giveaway

I've heard in the past that sleeping on silk is really good for your skin and hair, but I thought maybe it was just one of those beauty "old wives tales".   When I was offered the opportunity to try out a silk pillowcase from Silkskin I was certainly keen to give it a try - if anything I thought it sounded pretty fancy and luxurious to sleep on silk!  

The Silkskin pillowcase is designed to help you wake up wrinkle and frizz-free - two things that I happen to notice I'm never free of when I wake in the mornings - no #iwokeuplikethis selfies here thank you very much.  I have the kind of hair that resembles a nest in the mornings whether I put it up or leave it down.  It's like there's been a war of static all night long between my barnet and the bed.  I naturally sleep on my side too, so I wake up with a pillow imprint across my face, and that combined with the crazy hair does not make for a good morning look!

Silkskin silk pillowcases are make from 100% silk and this offers immediate benefits for skin as it doesn't draw away moisture like cotton and man-made fibres can tend to do, leaving skin dry.  Most of us wear various expensive serums and creams on our faces to help the skin rejuvenate overnight, and by sleeping on silk, the product won't get so easily wiped away or wastefully absorbed by your pillow.  The Silkskin pillow case offers hair benefits too - hair can get caught on cotton pillow cases causing it to break while we sleep - especially if you toss and turn a lot in bed which I must do to achieve such impressive bed-head.  When sleeping on the Silkskin pillow case your hair can glide across the silk without getting snagged.  Also, the Silkskin pillow case won't draw any moisture so in turn it won't dry out your hair during the night.  If you suffer from any allergies or even eczema, the Silkskin pillowcase can really help too as they're hypoallergenic and maintain skin moisture levels.

I've really enjoyed using my Silkskin pillowcase so far.  It feels lovely and smooth against the skin, and like a little bedtime luxury.  I really do wake up without any of those pillow imprint lines on my face, which I would always find when sleeping on a cotton pillow case.  Of course these lines aren't permanent and disappear as you get on with the day, but they can't be good for your skin long term in the fight against ageing, so I'm happy not to have that problem anymore.  

The biggest difference I've noticed is in my hair - after sleeping on the Silkskin pillow case I no longer wake up looking like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards - my hair is smooth and pretty much looks the same as when I went to bed.  I generally have to wash my hair every day because of my oily roots, so there's not a huge benefit in this for me as I'll be washing my hair anyway, so I tried going to sleep with wet hair to see what happened.  As the silk doesn't draw away moisture I thought my hair might not dry, but actually it was only mildly damp when I woke up, and to my utter surprise it was straight and without frizz.  My hair never usually looks any good if I leave it to dry naturally, but overnight while sleeping on the silk pillowcase it became smooth and shiny and it only needed a brush through and some continued air drying while I was getting ready in the morning.  I'll definitely be washing my hair in the evening a lot more now - such a fab result!

I've been loving my pillowcase so much that I could have killed my boyfriend last weekend when I came home to find he'd changed the sheets on our bed and casually thrown my pillowcase in the wash!  The label recommends hand washing or washing on a low temperature in the washing machine with a special silk washing liquid.  Luckily (for my boyfriend) the pillowcase survived its 40 degree spin cycle, but I won't be risking that again!

The Silkskin silk pillowcase costs £55 and it available at silkskin.co.uk - I also have one to give away over on twitter, so pop over and find me (@fluttersparkle) if you'd like to enter.  


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