9 Mar 2018

Trying the coverage and serum foundations from The Ordinary at QVC

I find it really annoying when a product is so hyped up that the brand just can't re-stock fast enough and I can't get my hands on it!  I'd pretty much given up checking for stock of the two foundations from The Ordinary when I heard that QVC were bringing out a four piece The Ordinary set including both foundations.  It didn't matter than I'd tried the other two products before - I just desperately wanted to try those foundations!

This is the foundation with a lighter coverage and a really liquid feel.  It has quite a thin consistency to the foundation and it's really easy to work with on the skin as it spreads easily and goes on well with a beauty blender type sponge.  I found it pretty good for my dry skin, as it wasn't clinging or looking drying and didn't look patchy on the skin.  However, unless you have pretty flawless skin, you might not find the coverage good enough with this foundation.  Certainly for me, although the foundation applies nicely and lasts well, it just can't cover up some of the secrets I have to hide on my face.  I find myself using a pretty generous amount of concealer with this foundation, and I still don't feel totally confident with the end result as I can still see imperfections.  For me this foundation alone isn't for me right now, but it might be in the summer months or for holiday when it's too hot to wear anything heavier and fingers crossed my skin will be looking better anyway once it's had a good dose of vitamin D! For the time being I've tried mixing this one with some of my heavier foundation that feel to thick and drying on me at the moment, and that's worked really well.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
Oddly enough, I had expected to like the serum foundation more than the coverage.  I've been finding that since my skin is drier (and older.. sob!) I can't get away with the heavy foundations I once loved as they just can make the dry patches look cakey and terrible.  But, although this is a higher coverage foundation, I've not been finding it heavy at all.  Although it is heavier than the serum foundation, it's still quite light and fluid - both foundations apply very much in the same way and are easily blended into the skin.  I'm much happier with the coverage I'm getting from the coverage foundation... silly as that sounds!  It's not a full coverage in my opinion, and I will still use a concealer with it and a bit of colour corrector if I have really bad redness on some days, but I do achieve a close to flawless  finish with this one and I've been using it a lot.  It lasts well throughout the day and I've tried it with a few different primers and have had no problems getting it to sit well over the top.  Full marks for this one!

The shade I have in both of the foundations formulas is 2.0P - light medium and it's not a bad match at all.  I have a warm undertone, but initially the shade seems a bit possibly a little too yellow compared to what I'm used to, although once blended the colour looks fine.  QVC didn't have the full range of shades that you can get when you buy direct from The Ordinary, but they had plenty of stock, so I considered myself quite lucky to find a good match!

If you're looking to try these products, QVC still have the set I bought with the two foundations, primer and hyaluronic acid available now in most colours here - The Ordinary 4 piece foundation collection.

Have you tried either of these foundations?


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