7 Mar 2018

Winter skincare heroes

Well this is a well timed post from me for a change!  I was already going to write about my winter skin favourites anyway, but oh my goodness what a way to put them to the test last week for #snowmageddon... Where I live on the border of South East London, we must have some kind of micro-climate of our own, because we didn't get much snow at all compared to most.  Even people only a mile or two away seemed to be getting snowed in.  Despite the lack of fluffy white inches where I live, we still had absolutely freezing temperatures to contend with, and spent the entire week moaning - natch.

I'm usually too lazy to apply body creams but in the winter they're an essential step for me as my skin gets dried out and scaly - attractive!  I've been regularly dipping in to this Whipped Body Velvet from Tropic.  The name makes the product sound super fancy, and actually it it.  The whipped texture which melts into the skin like an oil gives a luxurious feel to a slightly boring chore, and the exotic vanilla scent is lovely too.  I'd been keeping this in my gym bag for comforting my skin after a chlorine filled aqua-fit session, but now I'm using it almost daily, especially to keep dry feet, elbows and knees under control.

I love a mask that you can wear while you sleep.  To me that's really winning at multi-tasking!  My skin of course needs much more hydration during winter, but I can still get an oily t-zone during the day, so night time is when my skin needs to do its drinking.  This cream doesn't feel mask-like when you apply it - it's not all that thick or rich and it absorbs into the skin just like a moisturiser - so at first I wasn't all that convinced.  But, it works its magic over night with the help of avocado oils and vitamins A, E and B12, and I wake up with much better hydrated and happier skin.

You can tell this is a well loved product by the wear and tear on the tube!  I'm actually squeezing out the last of this one at the moment and need to get another asap because the Dr Paw Paw balm has been such a saviour for me this winter.  It's one of those do it all balms which can be applied on lips, cuticles, anywhere that needs some hydration.  You can even swipe a tiny amount over your hair to tame frizz and flyaways.  I've mostly used this as a lip balm throughout the cold days, but it's a great product to have in my bag on the go because of the multi-uses.  This is the original which is clear in colour -  have tried some of the coloured versions but I find they're only really good for lips and I do like being able to use this on my hands and nails too.

Tropic So Sleepy pillow mist 
Not necessarily just for winter, as you can use a sleep mist at any time of the year to help you drift off, but I happen to have really got into using this over the winter months.  Before Christmas I went through a miserable little period of being unwell - I think I had your standard cough and cold scenario, then I had all my wisdom teeth out and was recovering from that and then just after I came down with a horrible fluey-virus-thing.  All of which contributed to some far from restful nights of sleep.  I find it difficult to sleep whenever I'm uncomfortable, whether that's due to being unwell, in a unfamiliar environment or just too many lights or noises around.  I started using the pillow mist when I was recovering from having my teeth out and the scent really relaxed me and I found I did fall asleep a lot more easily and seemed more inclined to stay asleep all night when using this.  It contains lavender, eucalyptus and frankincense essential oils and I think I've used this for long enough now that my body associates the scent with rest and relaxation.  I thoroughly recommend trying this one if you need a little help with your sleeping routine.  Now I just need Tropic to make a wake-up, anti-sleep spray of some kind to get me out of bed in the mornings!

Onto some more products containing eucalyptus, and ones that also really saved me when I was poorly before Christmas.  These are the Cold Season bath oil and bath crystals from Kneipp.  These arrived right in the middle of me feeling really poorly with the virus and I literally could have cried when I saw what was in the package.  I immediately ran myself a bath and tried out the potent green oil - that bath felt so comforting and the eucalyptus scent cleared out my stuffy nose and head really well too.  The next day I tried the crystals, which made for a creamier bath but with the same feeling of warmth and comfort, and with the eucalyptus scent.  On the third day I threw both in for good measure as I was starting to feel on the mend and desperately wanted to be better for Christmas Eve!  This was my first time trying bath crystals and I was really impressed - they're excellent value for money as you can get lots of baths from this size tub.  The bath oil seems like really good value too, compared to some much pricier versions I've tried in the past.

We're getting through a ridiculous amount of hand cream in our house at the moment.  Hands that have been out in the cold and in and out of the washing up are not happy hands at all and slathering on hand cream has been an absolute necessity.  We've had to bring out the big guns now that we're in the serious depths of winter, and I've even been letting Dan share this beautiful Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn Hydrating hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn.  I usually pass him the cheap drugstore tubes but bless him his hands have been so chapped I felt bad not letting him in on the good stuff.  He tells me this one's been making a real difference, quickly comforting and soothing his sad winter hands, and he loves the scent too.  For a rose scent it's not all that rosy at all - as it's a rosewater and peppercorn blend it's actually quite a fresh scent and not at all heavy.  Thumbs up from me because I can find some rose scents too overpowering.

Lastly I wanted to mention cleansers, because in winter I really find an oil cleanser makes a difference to my drier skin.  I generally flit between lots of different types of cleansers through the year, but when my skin's dry it feels like I'm feeding and nourishing it with an oil cleanser, whilst not stripping away any precious hydration.  The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is perfect for this time of year - it leaves my skin clean but also nourished and hydrated.  

What's your winter skin hero?


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