29 May 2018

Michael Bublé By Invitation Rose Gold fragrance review

Call me basic all you like, but I'm still such a sucker for anything rose gold.  It's been my favourite hue for my jewellery for years, and I just can't help being drawn like a magpie to anything with that molten pink glow.  I finally got the opportunity to have a new kitchen fitted at the end of last year, and it's full of the rose gold / copper touches which I love.  So as you can imagine, the launch of Michael Bublé's second fragrance - By Invitation Rose Gold - is right up my street.


25 May 2018

Festival hair with ghd

I’m so not a festival person - I pretty much have a phobia of camping and if I can’t wash my hair every day I freak out. Generally, festival hair, makeup and fashion are all things that pass me by - not relevant to me at all. I’ve never had the need to consider buying ankle length wellies, a clear PVC mac or any form of stick on jewels... until now. One of my friends talked me into going to a one day festival in June and suddenly I have all of the nothing-to-wear panic. I have no festival game going on at all, and I need to get myself some asap! ghd very kindly gifted me their gorgeous professional styler in pure gold, so today we’re practicing festival hair to get me going with creating my fest-friendly look! 

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