12 Jul 2009

You need this dress!

So, long time no post - my work life has been ridiculously hectic this week and that's continuing all weekend so I haven't yet been able to work on my planned posts as mentioned in 'coming soon'. The spare time I did have was used wisely by going to worship at the alter of the asos sale. I'll round up with everything that I got soon, but right now I just have to tell you about this dress.

It looked nice online but I nearly didn't buy it because I already have a navy dress which is similarish, and who needs more than one navy dress? Black yes but navy? I persuaded myself that the other navy dress wasn't as nice / was a bit old and ordered this one and wow I'm glad I did. It's just the most flattering dress - the perfect length (although I'll always wear it with leggings) and just enough sleeve. The material is light for summer, creases easily but irons well. But the main wow factor for me was when I put it on and saw how much of a waist cincher it is. I was concerned that the ruffly bit on the boobs might only be suitable for those with very little boobage in the first place and true it does accentuate that area, but in doing so it also hi-lights how much the dress goes back in at the waist. The dress has got a proper waist already, plus a tie back for any extra cinching you fancy (and it does do that - it's not one of those just-for-show ties).

So I am thoroughly delighted with the dress and urge all realfourteens to buy it!
It also comes in a tomato red. If it was darker I'd get it, but I already have a coral red and a tomato red - which I don't get much wear out of....
I need to break the buying it in every colour habit anyway, it's bad for the bank balance!

xoxo g

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  1. I love that dress I was considering getting it myself xx


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