28 Aug 2009


Just to let you know, comments now work on the blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Celinna88 for letting me know this wasn't working!

Here's some fashion porn for today.

Miss Selfridge beauty I will never own :o(

Browsing Miss S I came across this lovely 'dress'. I checked out the tag, £38, yes it's very nice, can think of lots of occassions and ways to wear it, purchase made in mind, pick up 'dress' and take to changing ro.... aaargh! It's a playsuit!

Fashion daydream ruined. Playsuits are NOT made for me. I considered wearing it with the ever trusty leggings underneath but decided I just had to let this one go (believe it or not I did consider chopping the bit that joins the legs and turning it into a dress and then remembered all the other 'projects' still waiting for me to get out the needles and told myself not to be so silly!).

And here's a recent asos purchase that may be worn to a bbq on Sunday with leggings (what else?) and my tan leather wedges.

It also comes in cream and black, but this colour was my favourite. It's in the sale in some colours / lengths, £28 down to £18.

I have to add that it creases like hell. I haven't even worn it yet and it looks like it's been out in a typhoon. I think I may actually have to fill the iron up with some water to sort this one out!

In news of other things I've bought lately...

Far too much in the Next sale. Got a Lipsy dress there for half price too. The rest was mainly work clothes, some a bit boring. Did I mention that leggings have been banned at my work? It's actually ruined my life - I can't wear half of my wardrobe. There's been a lot of default top and black trousers going on since the sad day the leggings died. Obviously, on principle I have to wear them comstantly after work and at the weekend.

Back soon xoxox

25 Aug 2009

Miss S cutie

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Crazy things were happening at my work, so there was zero time for anything else. Things are still crazyish but I've recently booked a holiday to Florida so my spare time has been sucked up by planning overdrive! I'm very sad I know.
So here's a dress that I bought from Miss Selfridge on Saturday to wear on a night out with my bf at the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney. If you know what the Rainforest Cafe is, it's like that but with dinosaurs! The dress is sooo cute I just had to buy it. It's got a bubble hem and ends mid thigh so one to wear with the good old leggings.
My favourite leggings are currently ones from Uniqlo. They're £6.99 and I have 2 x black and 2 x grey. They're so much better than the Primark ones and the grey is lovely.
I will be back soon to recap on the purchases you've missed over the past month and to show you all of my planned holiday outfits once I've ironed them!
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