31 Jan 2010

Crazy asos 20% off haul

Okay so I went a little mad with the 20% off asos code.  I don't usually spend this much in one go and my order was originally bigger so I cut a few things out!  It's been a long time since last pay day and I seriously needed to inject some life into my wardrobe, so those are my excuses!

Some of the stuff is the same as the items I showed in the discount code post - I had put them in my 'save for later'.  This is a great ploy by asos - I would forgotten I'd ever even wanted some of the stuff had it not been saved to remind me next time I went on the site!

Here's what I got (some of it's bound to be returned).

Benefit Sugarbomb £23.50 (I used the 20% code but I think you only get a max of 10% off brands like this)

Darling sequin jacket.  I've been wanting a jacket like this to wear over dresses (especially ones lacking in sleeves) for a while.  I originally ordered this when it was £55 with a discount code, but I ordered L and it was tight on the arms and I decided it was a bit pricey.  Having another go with an XL now it's down to £28.  I nearly ordered the grey / silver too until I saw the total of my basket - managed to convince myself the silver was too spaceman.

This bracelet is just too cute. I've nearly bought it a couple of times. I'm quite short on bracelets, so it was time to get this. £5.

I got this casual dress to wear with leggings and one of my long open cardigans.  It's one of my favourite casual looks with the current floral numbers I have, but they're quite dark so this one has a Spring vibe. £16.

There have been some crazy and down-right gross floral tights and leggings around, but I think these ditsy print ones are subtle enough to be perfect. Not sure what kind of dress or tunic I'll pair them with yet, something fairly simple I think.  £18.

I guess I didn't need this dress, infact I know I didn't, it's obviously a look I could have created with a white t-shirt and a black skirt, but time is of the essence in the mornings for me and this will be really easy to wear.  I'll put some of my crazier jewelery with it (you know the kind that doesn't go with much?).  I got it in pink and grey too.  They were only £20 each and I got 20% off, so not too naughty to get both.

This is another easy to wear dress for work.  Simple but really smart and open to accessorizing.  This will replace my current grey work dress which is a bit old.  £24 down from £40.

I love this.  I'm actually going to do a whole post on the wonders of the 'skater' dress soon as I really think they're perfect for my shape.  I wouldn't normally go for something with an open back, but it's only a little bit open and it has the cutest bows on it, so I'll let it slide.  I'll save this for the spring.  £26. 

This was £28, which I thought was a bit much considering it was in the sale, but I decided it was the perfect cardigan for wearing open over dresses and tops and I really like the colour too.   

ETA - This was huge and too chunky when it arrived, so it went back for a refund.

This dress caught my eye a little while ago.  I went through a phase of beige / caramel type colours a long time ago, but currently don't have much of it in my wardrobe, so I think I'll have a revivial starting with this.  £28.  It'll be gorgeous with the cardigan above.

ETA - this has also gone back, it was a clingey, unforgiving material and looked hideous on!
This isn't my usual type of purchase, but as I've said, I'm on the look for cardigans at the moment and this one looked good worn open as well as done up on the model, so I thought I'd give it a go.  Not so sure what I'll pair this with, but I can certainly wear it as a statement piece on its own (not literally on its own, I'd get arrested).  £35

I already have this dress in the green version and got it for my friend, so now the blue is down to £20 I've gone for that too.  (The green is still full price at £30).

Finally, I also got a couple of pairs of coloured tights from the sale (cranberry, navy and chocolate) and this jewellery.  The butterfly necklace (I can never resist a butterfly) was £8, the ditsy print ring (to go with the leggings!) was £6 and the emerald cocktail ring was also only £6 (also in purple - I was tempted). 

Phew, that's it!  I'll let you know what it's all like when it arrives. xx

27 Jan 2010

ASOS 15% and 20% discount codes

Joy of joys, I came home today to find the new asos magazine had arrived with a flyer for a brand spanking new discount code which starts today and is valid until 27 Feb (they totally know when pay day is!). 

It's for 15% off and the code is SPRINGATASOS (and I've just found out there is one for 20% ASOSINSTYLE - let me know if it works!) - happy splurging!  I'll be back to let you know what I get, but in the meantime, here's a selection of beauties I may consider basket dancing with. 

If you came by via twitter or another blog just to get the code, please follow and I'd love to hear your comments.  What are you going to buy with the code?

ETA:  Want to win a £25 asos gift voucher?  Check out Pippa's blog Clashing Time for the giveaway!
asos January 2010

Recent shoe obsessions (because shoes always fit)

Somebody else (clearly a wise woman) once said that us shoe obsessed curvy girls love our footwear so much because unlike clothes, shoes always fit.  I never thought about it like that, but a lovely new pair of shiny shoes is definately my fave guilty pleasure. 

Latest beauties for your delectation.  Enjoy x

Miss Selfridge £35 (bought these and love them)

Miss Selfridge £35 (so obviously I need to go back for the other colour ;o) )

New Look £22 (considering a purchase of the black)

And here are some shoes from what my BF affectionately calls my 'shoe room'  (he has a fish room and a car room, so don't feel sorry for him).  These are recent buys and I will try to recall how much they were.

Taken with my laptop rather than a camera (if you think you're lazy you don't know me) so excuse the kak-handed shots / angles etc and view it as my artistic nature.

My favourites of the moment.  The studs are gold if that's not clear from the picture and I think these are h-o-t.  Does it matter that I can barely walk in them?  Nah.  Primark £19.

Hmmm, they're not looking great from this angle, but they are truely cute yellow shoes.  I don't know what I'lll wear them with yet, but one thing's for sure, I will not be paring them with my yellow Next duffle coat.  Heck, I'm a kook, but not a freak.  Primark again, I think £12ish.

If you follow the blog (hi to you and thanks!) you may recall a brief but joyus suede shoe fetish which saw me welcome three pairs at once in purple, blue and pink.  Well the saga continues with these orange beauties.  I know I'm not going to get a lot of wear out of them, but they'll dress up a black / grey outfit a treat on a dark day.  £13 and Primark again (go on Pri with your wonderous bargains!  Breaking a trend here I know, but one thing I rarely buy from asos is shoes.)

The picture makes these look two-tone.  I cross my heart they're not, they're an even dark navy all over.  These were my favourite shoes and I thought I'd love them forever, but since buying another few pairs, they've fallen from grace a little.  It's funny that, always favouring what's newest in my stash and then quickly kicking it to the curb when there's something new on the scene.  Shoe slut I guess (although I'm the same with most things, clothes, bags, whatever).  Primark £19 (maybe?)

These ones are from Peacocks and a little pricey compared to the Primark purchases at £20.  As you can see, these have been for a spin and someone saw it fit to take a photo of my foot.  They look nicer on than off though, so it was all worth it.  PS that is not my carpet (eeeurgh). 

Another Peacocks.  I thought these would be nice but slightly interesting office shoes and I liked the gold stud detail.  The first outing was a bit disaterous as they're a bit big and kept slipping (and they're a 4 so random) so I think they may need some heel grips before they leave the shoe room again.  I think these were in the sale for £11.

Primark baby pink / beige gold studded flats.  Couldn't resit getting these now for spring and also got a pair for the bezzie as one of her bday gifts.  £8 and they come in other colours (black, white, grey)

Last ones, these were from the MandS sale.  They're Autograph and were half price at £19.  The clustered embelishment on the front is made of little glass look buttons in different shapes.  I found out the Bridezilla Bezzie also bought these independently.  Often happens to us, we just need to try not to wear them on the same day.

Got a few more pairs of shoes in the MandS sale, but nothing really worth showing.  I think that's plenty for now anyway, the shoe room is a little full.  To be fair, it needed fattening - I sent around 70 pairs of shoes to the charity shop a few months ago, which proves I'm a senseless hoarder as some of them were sooo old and knackered!

Night night x

26 Jan 2010

Woooo hooo...oooo...ooooh crap

On the woo-hooing side of things, I'm going to be bridesmaid for my best friend, chief bridesmaid to be precise and I've named myself Chiefy B.  I thought it was pretty good, but when I wrote it in her birthday card I got a confused "who is this card from?" but anyway.

So expect posts on the various gorgeous dresses which may be considered for this and maybe one or two gratuitous wedding dress pics for good measure.  I've seen the one she currently likes and seriously, it's drop down and faint gorgeousness.  I'm so pleased for her and super excited to be involved... but I think it means some trips to the gym.  (cue sad but dramatic "dum duum duuuuum!" music)

My friend very kindly said I could pick my dress and that she knew it'd have to have sleeves (bless her, she really does suffer my moaning and clearly actually listens), but I don't want her to have to make that compromise.  Chiefy B ain't gonna be a size 8, but she can certainly have a damn good go at being a toned 12 and getting the arms out if required!

Some ugly gym pants and a sports bra have been purchased on asos (it's seriously like the only place I shop right now) but if this has to be done, it might as well be done cute and I haven't seen gym-wear cuter than this.
Isn't it sweeeet?  I love it!  It's from a brand called David and Goliath which I've known about for a few years.  I think it's a US brand but they have a shop in Covent Garden and I've also seen it sold on (you guessed it) ASOS.  This hoodie is £35.

They also sell PJs in this design which are also super cute and £35. 

I'd be desperate for these if I wasn't currently rocking the world's coolest pj's - Cookie Monster!  There's a bit of a story behind these.  I saw them in topshop whilst out shopping with the bff (we'll call her Bridezilla, because let's face it, it's only a matter of time) but they didn't have my size and I actually, no joke, stomped my foot because I wanted them so badly!  I went on line, no cookies, groucharama for me.  Anyway, the BF (that's BF not BFF, keep up) was in Dublin for work, which sucked, but after hearing about my foot stomping he went to topshop Dublin and found them.  I was amazed, he's really terrible at shopping so this was such a result.  The only downside was that because they were priced in Euro and the exchange rate is unfriendly, he paid about 30% more than the UK price, but it's okay because it was his money, not mine oh and because I love them and have now un-stomped my foot.

So I got given the pjs for Crimbo (I think I mentioned in my gifts post) and here's the best picture I could get as Toppers is a flash site and I'm not clever enough to know how to get those pics easily.  I noticed it went down to £10 in the sale so I won't be telling the BF that!  The picture's kind of small, so here's a quick laptop cam pic of my cookie ensconced leg.  (and yes those are furry slippers and cozy socks, it's how I roll)

C is for cookie ;o)


Oooooh I want it!

Well lookie here at what I happened across!  I thought my Benefit fetish was well and truely over having cheated on it with Too Faced before getting a huge crush on MAC but they've truely pulled it out the make-up bag with this.  It's £23.50, but I need it! 

I loved it the moment I saw it featured on the beauty section on ASOS, but I fell head over heels when I saw the swatches on google.  OMG look at that lilac!

The description says it has four unique shades of rose, pink, plum & peach which you can blend together for a "delicious 'sugar flush rush'" and they call the brush 'flush brush'!  How cute it that?!

According to the ASOS website it's an exclusive product, which seems odd to me, but maybe it won't be on the benefit counter at Boots.  At £23.50 it's pricey, but hey, my Birthday's coming up! It'll also more than likely be possible to pick it up from the US or Canada for less even with postage or with the next asos 10, 15 or even 20% (pretty please!) code.

Definate blush crush! xx

Will you be buyng this?  What's your favourite blush?


2 Jan 2010

Christmas pressies

Here's what I got for Christmas (that I can remember right now)

Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner set

Pink bootie slippers from Primark

Milk Tray chocs

Lauren Conrad book

Gok Wan book

Bow ring and matching earrings and lots of other funky jewellery

Girl lego

Starbucks Christmas mug

Pink cardy uggs

Garlic zoom

Fred Claus dvd

Blu Ray dvd player (joint gift with bf)

Paperchase photo frames

More chocolate


Butterfly silver ring

Mac mischief maker sets

Purple dress

Hot chocolate

Mario game for wii

Style boutique and professor Layton DS games

Soap and glory gift set

Come dine with me book

Light up make-up mirror

Lush products

Marc Jacobs Lola perfume

Butterfly dressing gown

Butterfly pjs

Cookie monster Pjs

Nails Inc set

2 Stitch soft toys

Various bath products


Cake stand

Sequin hat and scarf set

Other little bits I can't think of

Now to write my birthday list....!

January sales

Sale shopping this year has sucked as far as I can tell.  Very dissapointed and still have money in my bank account begging to be spent on some bargains!

Next sale 7am Boxing day

Very poor.  Usually get loads, but it was hardly worth getting up for!

Purchases -
  • Checked skirt - going back for a refund
  • Brown and lilac spotty cardigan
  • 2 pairs of slippers (I'm sure I didn't need these but was impulse grabbing as the clothes were rubbish)
  • Lots of jewellery - really did get loads, some really nice, some going back after closer inspection
Next online sale was also rubbish, didn't bother getting anything

Marks and Spencer Sale 11am 27th December

Usually get lots of shoes at the Next and M&S sales, after getting none at Next, I was determined to smash and grab my way through the rabble at M&S

Purchases -
  • Black and grey suede heels - nice but suede never lasts
  • Black and purple suede heels - different style from above but same suede issues
  • Black mary janes
  • Another pair of black mary janes with a lower heel only £9
  • Very high satin heels with crystal button type embellishments
  • Black ribbed bodycon type skirt - got it in a 16 as I didn't want to look like sausages
They had some really nice studded shoes in the sale, but couldn't find them in the store I went to.  Shame, I really want studded shoes and a bag but can't seem to find any nice ones.

ASOS sale

Again not great.  Well to be fair there was a lot of choice, just not much that I wanted.

Purchases -
  • Sports bra
  • Jogging bottoms x 2
  • T-shirt for gym
  • Hoodie for gym
  • Dress for friend's bday (not in sale)
  • Funny t-shirt formale friend's bday
  • Floral skater dress
  • Another floral skater dress in a different pattern
Missed the 10% discount code valid for 1st Jan only - very annoyed :o(


I don't usually shop at Topshop (I think it's too cool and kooky for me) but am becoming converted.  However most of what I bought wasn't even in the sale!  It is really nice stuff though, I'll make more of an effort to give it a go. 

Also had a browse of the La Senza sale but there weren't many nice bras in my size.  As my sale cash was going largely unspent, I ended up gorging on Mac holiday sets - no they were not in a sale! I got two for Christmas and became a weenie bit addicted and needed to collect them all.  Feeling a little guilty, but they're wicked.  I now need to master the art of applying eye make-up and am loving watching the youtube gurus show me how it's done. 


New year ressies

1 - update blog more often

2 - stop wishing for something to happen - make things happen!  Spend more of my time having fun rather than lazing on the sofa

3 - go to the gym regularly, cook a healthy dinner every night for me and Dan, be a size 10-12 bridesmaid in August

4 - stop getting stressed at work - leave on time and forget about it

5 - waste less money and actually do some of the things we need for the house eg new windows and doors

That's a lot of resolutions, you can see why I needed to write them down.  I'll have as much trouble remembering them as I will keeping them!

Steps taken so far....

Set up direct debit for savings
Bought sports bra and jogging bottoms
Bought new wii fitness game
Bought new low fat cookbook
Update blog

Hmmm, seems easy so far!
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