2 Jan 2010

New year ressies

1 - update blog more often

2 - stop wishing for something to happen - make things happen!  Spend more of my time having fun rather than lazing on the sofa

3 - go to the gym regularly, cook a healthy dinner every night for me and Dan, be a size 10-12 bridesmaid in August

4 - stop getting stressed at work - leave on time and forget about it

5 - waste less money and actually do some of the things we need for the house eg new windows and doors

That's a lot of resolutions, you can see why I needed to write them down.  I'll have as much trouble remembering them as I will keeping them!

Steps taken so far....

Set up direct debit for savings
Bought sports bra and jogging bottoms
Bought new wii fitness game
Bought new low fat cookbook
Update blog

Hmmm, seems easy so far!

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