14 Feb 2010

Wedding fair update

So as you know I'm going to be Chief Bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding and we have been going to wedding fairs each weekend.  I just though't I'd share pictures of a few pretty things I've spied while we were there.

There was a great photo booth thing that's like a real photo booth where you get your passport pics done.  They bring it to your wedding with props and the guests can all go in and take funny photos and then instantly get the prints to keep - plus the bride gets them all on a disc for facebook and future blackmail opportunities. 

Bridezilla and I thought this was great and had a laugh trying it out.  I'm the brunette, she's the blonde.

The bouquet bridezilla wouldn't give back

A stunning cake

Pretty cupcakes I'm going to try making myself

Chocolate fountain

Pretty flower arrangements

And we haven't even looked at dresses yet! xx

Valentine's cakes

Happy Valentine's day people!  I hope you're enjoying it if you love it, or happily avoiding it if you're anti!  I just thought I'd share these pictures of my baking efforts today.  I'm rather impressed by my skills!

These are for the lucky, lucky people at my work tomorrow.

Chocolate cupcakes with pale pink strawberry frosting and red heart sprinkles

Chocolate cupcakes with dark pink vanilla frosting and baby pink sugar sprinkles

Mini donuts with white icing and pink heart sprinkles


7 Feb 2010

Lush haul

Aren't the SAs lovely when you go to Lush?  I had a particularly friendly and sweet one when I went in there on Thursday and she managed to make me get lots of products I'd definately not gone in there for!

After reading so many reviews of Big shampoo, I decided I needed to try it.  Some bloggers had been dissapointed that it faded / lifted their hair colour and made their hair dry.  My hair has some left over 24 wash colour that I want rid of and it gets greasy quickly, so it sounds like it might be good for me.  I also really wanted to get the pink bubble gum lip scrub.  Here's what I got.

Mint julips sugar scrub.  They were out of the bubblegum *very sad face*

Space girl ballistic

The ex factor ballistic

Floating island bath melt

Melting marshamallow moment bath melt

Big shampoo

Curly wurly shampoo sample

So much more than I went in for!  I was so sad I couldn't get the bubble gum lip scrub.  They were also out of the sweet lips flavour.  The other SA told me how great mint julips was and I was thinking "well you would say that because that's the only one you have in stock" but lovely SA was less pushy and when I tried it I decided to get it. 

She recommended that you can mix Big shampoo with Curly Wurly so that's why she gave me the sample.  I guess it makes a big curly wurly (like the chocolate bar?).  Melting marshamallow moment is my fave Lush product so I got that and the others are new to me but smell nice so I'll give them a go. 

She did also wash my hand with some turkish delight stuff which was foul.  I guess it's nice if you like turkish delight but I don't and walked round the shopping centre wanting my hand to stop smelling of the stuff - it was really strong!

I've only had a couple of washes with Big so far, so too soon to make a decision, but when I do I will be doing my first proper product review.  Woo!

New Look haul

I went to a wedding fair in London yesterday with my friend and after we hit Oxford Street.  We usually expect to have more bags than we can carry, but for some reason we came home dissapointingly empty handed (almost). 

I think we were a bit tired from the wedding fair and it was getting late, but Primark was very dissapointing.  I only got a cardigan and a few accessories and it was like hell on earth in there.  They did have some really nice flips flops but not in our size.  I got some jewellery in Topshop and Miss Selfridge, nothing in Dorothy Perkins and New Look and we didn't have time to go anywhere else (and we were too tired). 

So today I went on to New Look and was pleased to see they had some better stuff online than in the store. 

Here's what I got. 

Bow jumper dress - £15.  This was reduced from £25 and I utterly love it.  I have an obsession with bows, but there are a lot of clothes out there now with dull and plain bow prints, so I try to make sure I'm not buying a bow item unless it actually is nice.  I think this is and I've been after some more weekend casual stuff that I can wear with leggings and Uggs.  This prompted the spree really.

I think I've gone on about skater dresses before, I just can't get enough of them.  They suit my shape so well and are super easy to wear.  I think I can dress these up or down and gets lots of different looks.  I already have a couple in different floral prints and had to stop myself buying more of them, but plain ones are different, so I'll allow myself these two.  They were only £16 each.

I saw this long hanky hem top in a New Look a while ago and I think it was £18.  Now it's reduced to £10 I was much more tempted.  I'll wear this with leggings and my long open cardigans.  I got the top in navy as it'll go with all my cardigans and I'm getting quite into my navy lately. 

ETA - this was hideous and went back for a refund!

I know what I said about buying stuff with bows on for the sake of it, but I do really like this and it's so cold at the moment that I do need another long, warm jumper.  £25
These are the shoes I mentioned recently.  As I decided to make an order I thought it was time to pick these up.  £22.

ETA - I don't know why but in my head I decided that although I buy a size 4 in nearly all shops, I needed to buy a 5 from new look.  I was wrong and these were too big and had to go back.  I've gone off them now so haven't re-ordered in a 4.

I spent last spring / summer looking for the perfect closed toe shoes in a pale colour to wear to work - I mainly wanted nude mary janes but had trouble finding some.  I got a pair of white courts with a wodden heel which I wore once and ended up hating.  I then bought some nude mary janes from Next, but they had a bow / button detail on the front which made them look a bit too formal and I felt they clashed a bit with some of my floaty floral tea dresses.  I ordered the Miss Selfridge pink / beige shoes with the chocolate bow that I showed before, but these are just nude and I think they're exactly what I wanted if not better (because of the bow obvs!). £25.
ETA - perhaps it's obvious when you look at the picture (not to me as I thought they looked cute) but IRL these were total stripper shoes and I had to get them out of my house sharpish.

I'm starting to feel a little ashamed now I'm looking over all these bow purchases, but yes, I also got a bow necklace.  Let me off, it was only £5.
I got a black and red ditsy print ring from asos and these earring look like they will be a good match.  I can't believe they were only £3! 

Finally a necklace adorned with my second love - butterflies.  When I saw this in the picture on the left I didn't really like it, but the picture with the model convinced me.  £5

ETA - This was gross when it arrived - a nasty dirty looking gold, so it went back to the shop.

I did get some bits and pieces last weekend and have taken pictures, so I will do another mini haul post soon - I'm a but lazy with loading my own pictures because I have to use the PC rather than my laptop. Took a couple of pictures at the wedding shows too, so may as well share those.  I've also received my asos order so need to let you know what's being kept and what's going back.
Bye for now xx

2 Feb 2010

Lucky Chinese Tag

I just saw Whitney do this tag on her blog and I thought it was great so I wanted to have a go too!

8 TV shows I watch

Secret diary of a call girl
The Hills
The City
30 minute meals with Rachael ray
Four weddings

8 Favourite places to eat and drink

Thai elephant (local Thai)
Dos Amigos (local Mexican and cocktail bar)
Slug and lettuce

8 Things I look forward to

The weekend!
Going on holiday - hoping to go to Egypt and Dubai this year
My best friend's wedding
Valantine's day
My birthday
Going shopping
A good night out
Meeting up with my girlfriends

8 Things that happened yesterday

Struggling to remember yesterday...

I got up late (Monday morning disease)
Someone said something to me which made me blush
I made pancakes
I read two magazines (Heat and Reveal)
My accessories had a bow theme
I wore blue shoes
I left work on time for a change
My brother sent me a text that made me laugh

8 Things I love about Winter

Being able to cover up the bulges
Snuggling by the fire
Buying a pretty coat
Snow (when I don't have to get anywhere)
Wearing tights
Wearing knee-high boots

8 Things on my wish list

Holiday to Dubai
Christian Louboutin heels
Winning the lottery!
New windows and doors for my house (dull!)
An easier life at work
Lose a couple of stone
Marc Jacobs necklace and bracelet set

8 Words / phrases I use often

I always complain there's not enough time
and that I don't want to get out of bed
"I'm cold"
"What a C"
"Alright yeah?"

8 things I'm passionate about

Doing well at work
Looking after my team
My house
Enjoying life
Being successful and happy
My boyfriend (sorry I know that's a bit sickly)

8 Things I've learned from the past

To think before I speak
To be myself
That true friends are few and far between
You can never have too many pairs of shoes
Saving up and biding your time to leave home is sooo worth it in the end
To be patient (still working on that one)
That at work, everyone is just another nervous and insecure person trying to live up to their job title
That I'm really bad at giving up old habits / taking up new ones

8 Things I currently want / need

88 warm pallette from Costal Scents
Bow shoes from Miss Selfridge
H&M tan belt
GHD products
Pink slanket
Mac lipstick
A new mascara (a really black one)
A baby peach / pink open long cardigan

What a mix of deep and frivolous questions - some of them were really hard!


Next or Topshop cuff flats?

I really like the idea of these flats with a detailed cuff around the ankle.  Next and Topshop both have a pair which I like, but they're quite different.  Not sure which ones to go for.

ETA:  Is it that i don't have many followers yet or was this just too dull a question to warrant anyone telling me which way to go?  lol!  Anyway, I've decided on the Next ones, so on the birthday list they go :o)

Topshop £30

Next £28

I'm wondering if I'm too old for the Topshop ones :o( Which do you prefer?
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