2 Feb 2010

Lucky Chinese Tag

I just saw Whitney do this tag on her blog and I thought it was great so I wanted to have a go too!

8 TV shows I watch

Secret diary of a call girl
The Hills
The City
30 minute meals with Rachael ray
Four weddings

8 Favourite places to eat and drink

Thai elephant (local Thai)
Dos Amigos (local Mexican and cocktail bar)
Slug and lettuce

8 Things I look forward to

The weekend!
Going on holiday - hoping to go to Egypt and Dubai this year
My best friend's wedding
Valantine's day
My birthday
Going shopping
A good night out
Meeting up with my girlfriends

8 Things that happened yesterday

Struggling to remember yesterday...

I got up late (Monday morning disease)
Someone said something to me which made me blush
I made pancakes
I read two magazines (Heat and Reveal)
My accessories had a bow theme
I wore blue shoes
I left work on time for a change
My brother sent me a text that made me laugh

8 Things I love about Winter

Being able to cover up the bulges
Snuggling by the fire
Buying a pretty coat
Snow (when I don't have to get anywhere)
Wearing tights
Wearing knee-high boots

8 Things on my wish list

Holiday to Dubai
Christian Louboutin heels
Winning the lottery!
New windows and doors for my house (dull!)
An easier life at work
Lose a couple of stone
Marc Jacobs necklace and bracelet set

8 Words / phrases I use often

I always complain there's not enough time
and that I don't want to get out of bed
"I'm cold"
"What a C"
"Alright yeah?"

8 things I'm passionate about

Doing well at work
Looking after my team
My house
Enjoying life
Being successful and happy
My boyfriend (sorry I know that's a bit sickly)

8 Things I've learned from the past

To think before I speak
To be myself
That true friends are few and far between
You can never have too many pairs of shoes
Saving up and biding your time to leave home is sooo worth it in the end
To be patient (still working on that one)
That at work, everyone is just another nervous and insecure person trying to live up to their job title
That I'm really bad at giving up old habits / taking up new ones

8 Things I currently want / need

88 warm pallette from Costal Scents
Bow shoes from Miss Selfridge
H&M tan belt
GHD products
Pink slanket
Mac lipstick
A new mascara (a really black one)
A baby peach / pink open long cardigan

What a mix of deep and frivolous questions - some of them were really hard!


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