14 Mar 2010

Next dresses

So I finally got around to ordering the dresses I liked from the Next catalogue.  I'm pretty sure that now I've done this they'll go straight into the sale.  Ah well, at least I'll have them.  There were a few bits I liked from the Winter collection which I thought I'd get in the sale and then the sale was pants and I missed out on all of them.  BF is going to be giving me some of this for my birthday anyway.

Black and white bow dress £38.  I haven't tried this on yet, but it's the same style as the one below, so should be fine.

Boat print dress £38.  I really like this dress, but the boat print is a little odd.  In real life they look even more obviously like boats than in the picture which is a quirky, but I still like the dress.  The sleeves are a little shorter than I usually go for, but overall it's a flattering look as it has a tie back which pulls in under the bust / at the waist and the length is just right on me as I'm a lot shorter than the model.

I don't really know why I was so attracted to this next dress - mid green is not a colour I usually wear much and I certainly don't make a habit of wearing sleeveless clothes, but I really couldn't resist this.  It's a lovely heavy linen type material and has a great layered pleat section peeking out at the bottom with a bow tie to the front to top it off.  Plus I have shoes just like the ones on the model, so I think it put a look in my head.  Not sure where I'll wear this or what I'll do about the arm situation.  Wearing a top underneath or a cardigan over the top could spoil the overall look but we'll see.  It was really quite flattering on, other than the arms.  £40

I bought a dress / tunic similar to this from asos but it was hideously clingey on.  This one's a nicer print and has more dramatic shoulders.  It hasn't arrived yet so I haven't tried it on but I've ordered it in a 16 so hopefully there will be no cling issues.  £22.

Finally I got this butterfly tea dress.  I thought it was really pretty and it plays up to my butterfly fetish, but when I tried on it was just too long on me and I felt a bit granny-ish and not in a cool vintage 1940s kind of way, so this is going back for a refund.

The new summer stuff is now online, and these are the bits I'm considering getting.

I really like the print on this dress and the layering too, but I'm worried about the length.  May need to see if it comes in petite.  £45.

This bow dress covers off my other fetish, but again it looks really long.  £35

And finally I think this dress is absolutely stunning.  I really like it with the belt too.  It's like a lacey black material overlayed on pink.  It's £59 but it is really pretty and not too long either.  I think I might try it on when I next go shopping to see if I think it's worth the money.


13 Mar 2010

Wedding dress shopping

As you know, my best friend is getting married and I'm going to be a bridesmaid.  We've been wedding dress shopping for the last two Saturdays and today we found her dress!  It was so stunning I burst into tears several times and felt like a bit of a loser!  It really was one of those 'that's the dress' moments when she came out.  The dress is ivory and is a beautiful big princess style, I'm very jealous!

Next up is bridesmaid shopping.  Call me stupid but it's really snuck up on me, for some reason I thought it would be ages away.  I'm actually rather terrified for a few reasons. 

Firstly I hope that I don't have to have a 'helper' in the changing rooms with me - when by friend was trying on the wedding dresses an assistant would always go into the changing room with her and help her in and out of the dresses - I really don't fancy having a stranger up close and personal with my wobbly bits. 

My second fear is that the sample dresses in the shops might be too small for me so either I won't be able to try them on or they'll squeeze me in with the back gaping open.  Hello mortificardo.  In one of the shops another bride was trying on dresses at the same time as my friend.  I'd say she was about a size 12 - 14 and none of the dresses were in her size and were always gaping open and looking really unflattering.  I also found out that apparantly wedding dresses are cut really small, so most people order one two sizes bigger than their usual dress size.  How crazy is that?  What bride wants to have to order her dress two sizes bigger?  Why don't they cut them generously and let people feel good?  My friend is a 10, sometimes 12 with her boobs and her dress has been ordered in a 16.  WTF?

I know I just have to grin and bear it.  I've known I was going to be a bridesmaid since before she knew she was getting married, so I really could have made a lot of effort to tone up before now.  I'm going to buy a good bra and wear skin colour tights on the fitting day which may make me feel a little less self concious in the fitting room.  Not much I can do about my bingo wings though.

I'm planning to get down to Next and try on this bra.

It's by wonderbra and is supposedly as good as holding them their yourself!  I know my bridesmaid dress is likely to be strapless or very lacking in straps.  Considering my chunky arms I always wear stuff with sleeves so another reason to be afraid - hopefully this bra will make me feel a bit better in the dresses.  When I looked at it before it just came in a plain version but now they have this lace style which I think is really pretty.  It's £32 so I hope it's as good as it claims.

So as I've deliberately not shown the wedding dress my friend chose (that wouldn't be fair) I'll show you some of the potential bridesmaid dresses and colours.

The first is a dress my friend has picked out as one she likes.  The second style is what I thought I was more likely to wear.  The three colours are the ones she's considering for the wedding.  The coffee colour was my favourite, but I'm starting to like dusky pink too. 

I'm not so sure now - the dress she has chosen would probably be rather forgiving.  I picked out the third one because I thought it would give shape and control, but I think I need to make sure to avoid any silky / satin type materials.  To be honest Bridezilla's dress was so stunning on her that nobody will notice that she has any bridesmaids, so maybe I don't need to worry :)

12 Mar 2010

Latest haulage & Alice in Wonderland inspired beauties

My life's been taken over by work lately, so no time for blogging, but there was a little time for shopping thank goodness.  It's my birthday soon so I've been able to do extra shopping and then give the stuff to my bf so he can buy it for me as presents :o)

This is what was delivered from asos yesterday....

I got this dress in green, then I went back for the blue and now I've finally been suckered by the black too.  It's a jersey material so really easy to wear and it skims lumps and bumps so I can see how I've managed to collect all of the colours.  I've been wearing them with different cardigans and jackets, coloured tights etc.  The only trouble is when I bought the blue one I got it in petite because it had £10 off and it's a bit too short for my liking.  Got the black in standard sizing so I'll be able to wear it without self conciously yanking it down every 6 seconds. £30.

I got this navy dress because I really like the shape.  I have something similar in grey but in a heavier material with longer sleeves and I thought it was a very forgiving cut.  I'm also really into navy these days.  This will go great with my new jacket fetish.  Need to take photos of my two new Hennes jackets.  This dress was £30.

As mentioned, I'm developing a bit of a jacket fetish.  I've been wearing some of my cuter suit jackets over dresses and now I've been buying nice jackets as seperates.  I know I'm quite slow to catch on to this but meh.  This jacket is the nicest thing I've bought in ages.  I really liked it when I saw it but ummed and ahhed for a bit because it was £55.  When it came out of the packaging all creased yesterday it still looked fabulous on (even tried on over the random non-matching outfit I was wearing) so I knew I'd made the right decision to go for it.  It's a waterfall type jacket - longer and pointy in the front and straight cut in the back.  Love love love this over a plain dress or with jeans etc. 

After coverting the tan belt the lovely Giselle of styleofafashionista has in lots of her photos I picked up these tan and nude belts for £12 and £6.
And finally I got this cute Alice in wonderland inspired charm necklace - it's got a wonky clock watch, a white rabbit and a little gold teapot.  Too cute and only £6, much cheaper than the official Disney Alice jewellery!
I'm a little bit Alice obsessesd right now and I haven't even seen the film yet!  My bf is taking me to see it in 3D at the O2 as part of my birthday weekend and we're going to have dinner there at the wicked Brazillian restaurant they have.  Here's a few other Alice bits I'm loving.

This Paul and Joe set is beyond cuteness but do I really need a lip conditioner and blotting paper for £25? 

I was immediately hooked when I first heard about the Alice book of shadows from Urban Decay.  Can't wait until my birthday to get my hands on this!  £28 / loadsa cash on ebay.

This charm necklace is from Swarovski. They have a whole Alice range, shame it's so darned pricey!  This is £97!

They've also got this crazy Cheshire Cat pendant which I'd love to get if it was costume jewellery for £20 or so but as it's Swarovski it's £99 :o(  I love so much of their kookier stuff like the Erika and Elvis pendants and they've recently brought out a crab that's really crazy, but they're all £100+

This is from the official Disney Coture collection and it's another pricey one at £105 but it is gold plated.
Must remember to take photos of my H+M jackets and get them on here. 

Bye for now x
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