13 Jun 2010

asos to the rescue (as usual)

With the weather hotting up over the past few weeks I've been starting to get into that dreaded 'I have rails full of clothes but nothing to wear' scenario when getting dressed for work.  You may have heard me ranting before about the stupid no leggings rule we have - it doesn't help curvy girls with summer office dressing!

So I went off late night shopping last Thursday and seeing as it was not long since pay day, I'd planned to go a little crazy and buy lots of lovely summer things.  Sadly, as is always the way when you want to drop some serious cash there's nothing to buy, but window shop the week before pay day and there'll be millions of lovely things you can't afford.  Alright slight exaggeration, but seriously, I couldn't even find a nice pair of cropped trousers.  I went home with a coat and some jewellery!  More about that later.

So where's a girl to turn when the high street has failed her?  asos of course!

And boy it didn't dissapoint.  As I filled my basket to the brim I got free next day delivery, even though I ordered on a Sunday it was possible for the order to come on Monday - could I be more impressed?  As there was nobody in on Monday, the order had to get re-delivered on Tuesday, but I'm not complaining.  This is the stuff I'm keeping.

Black linen cropped trousers - £12

Full length linen trousers (got these in black and navy) £25  Couldn't be happier with these - they are long on a shortie like me but are just right with my favourite platform wedges.

Cute puff sleeve dresses in pink and turquoise £18 each - haven't been arsed to try these on yet.  I'm sure they'll need to be worn with leggings, so not so great for work, but they were only £18.  This dress also comes in a really nice yellow, but I already have a fairly similar yellow dress from last year, so didn't get that.  The Turquoise colour is darker and imo nicer in real life than it looks here.

And following the greedy pattern of buying things in twos - simple cotton dresses in pale pink and grey.  These were only £22 and are only plain but will be very easy to wear and accessorise with belts, cardigans etc.  I've already worn the pink and have to say that they're super see-through.  I wore pale pink knickers with taupe colour polka-dots and then got abused by a friend a work who told me he could see my pants.  I didn't believe him and told him to p*** off until he pointed out they were polka-dots so I knew he was serious!  After checking it out in the mirror it wasn't too obvious, but you could see them so I'll take better care seleting my underwear next time I sport this dress.  These come in about 4 other colours too - I think black, red and possibly white and yellow.

This next dress is just so me I absolutely love it.  I got it in navy, which is great because I have a real navy obsession these days.  The other colours were red and a turquoise type green.  I didn't like the green and don't really wear a lot of red, so I'm hoping they bring this out in some other colours like a dark grey and purple - I hope you're listening asos!  £28

This is another item from this order which I completely love.  It's listed as a lace blouse, but I'm going to be wearing it like a cardigan as in the picture.  I think it's the perfect summer cover-up especially for any dresses which have less in the sleeve area than I'm comfortable with.  This is by Rare and it was £30

Onto accessories...  I got these too pretty floral belts for £6 each.  I think these are cute and summery and will be nice with lots of dresses.  I've already worn the pale one with the pink knicker flasher dress =)

Never being one to resist a butterfly or two, I also got these head bands.  The gold was reduced to £3 and the white to £3.60.  I'm not sure how often I'll be able to get away with wearing the white one, but it's so pretty I got suckered.  I'm also having serious fringe envy of the model.  It makes me sad that my fringe and I parted ways.  meh.

And finally I got these two simple and classic rings for £4 for the pair.  Lovely with the tanned skin I hope to acquire over the summer.
In case anyone's wondering, no I'm not paid by asos to endorse their stuff, I don't work for them etc (err but I wish I did!), I just always find myself spending all my money there, eeeek! 

I also have a dorothy perkins mini haul coming up for your viewing pleasure.



  1. yayayayay! ah I do love a good ASOS haul :) ... that little lace blouse looks just gorgeous - shall need to nip onto the site and have a peep :)

    ann x

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  2. Ooh think i'll be ordering some of those linen trousers and those cotton dresses are cute too x


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