22 Jun 2010

Pretty and perfect pre-payday purchases - introducing Ribbon and Asher

I need to show you some of the lovely little bits I've picked up lately.  The kind of stuff I didn't need but absolutely couldn't live without ;p

Cute and kitsch primark necklace £2

I can't begin to explain how much I love this pretty coral rose necklace.  I have such a coral obsession.  I hope the gold doesn't tarnish too quickly on this.  Dorothy Perkins - £8 (but technically free as I was doing a refund...)

Next is some jewellery I got a little before payday when I was a bit flasher with the cash.  It's a brand that's new to me called Ribbon and Asher.  I've not seen anyone blogging about it yet, but I think it's super amazing.  It's sold in Dorothy Perkins, not sure if you can get t anywhere else.  It's pricey compared to the average DP jewellery but I think it's super pretty so worth the extra - hopefully it will last longer than cheaper costume jewellery too.

I limited myself to buying two things, but could easily have picked out more than 10 items I liked!  There was 20% off that day too, so I indulged.

I got this ring (which hasn't come up super well in the pics) in a chunky style with pave crystals and a white / black floral design.  I've worn this lots already.

I also got this rather extravagant bracelet!  It's so blinging and sparkley and it has butterfly dangly bits and is toppoed off with a bow - what's not to love?!  This was £12 and there's also a matching necklace, but I thought that was a little too much (plus it was £18!) and I liked the bracelet best.  It's crazy but I've decided to wear this for part of my bessie friend's hen do and I know I'll plan the outfit around the bracelet! 

I've had a lookie on the DP website to see if I can get any better pics to show off the pretty Ribbon and Asher stuff, so the site pics are now shown next to my own.  If you want to see what else is in the collection have a look here DP Ribbon and Asher but I have to say it looks nicer in real life and all hanging together in the shop for some reason!  Maybe I'm just a huge sucker for marketing magic.

And lastly, to finish how we began and complete this Pri / DP sandwich - a cute purple clutch and floral hair clip - not necessarily to be worn together!  When I was little I loved purple so much my mum called me the purple people eater.  Age hasn't changed me much =)

The bag was just £4 and the flower was £2 I think (maybe it was £1)

So what do you think of Ribbon and Asher?  New go to jewellery brand?

*I may have raved about the jewellery I got here, but it's only because I'm really chuffed with it.  I've not been paid to blog about this and I bought the jewellery with my own squiddilies*


  1. that braclet is beautiful! i must have it!

  2. First: i love your nails! Are they real? Cause they look pretty strong!!
    Second: great buys:)
    Love the kitchy nechlace with the coral red colour:)


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    Follow us if you like:)

  3. I LOVE your new bracelet!! Great haul girl =]

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies x

    Fashion Fabrice - yes they are, thanks for the compliment! They might look that was because I usually use 3 coats of nail varnish plus top and base coat!


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