30 Jul 2010

Wedding hair and make-up trials

Just some quick photos of the trials.

I was really pleased with the make-up but we didn't get the hair style we asked for.  My hair just doesn't hold curls so we're decided to go for an up do on the day instead.

Lame hair

More lame hair

And with the make-up done

Here's a sneaky little look at the bride's hair - love this

Not sure we had the world's best hairdresser, but hey it's not my choice.  The make-up artist was lovely though, really knew her stuff and she had a wicked stash of mac and other amazing goodies.

And finally, a little cute ball of fur I met whilst waiting to have my face done

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28 Jul 2010

Nars swatches

A little while ago I mentioned I'd finally taken the plunge and parted with the cash to get me some Nars. I thought the best place to start would be with the rather infamous orgasam blush. I don't like my blush or bronzer too shimmery - I don't like it when I look like a have a layer of gold on my face that you can get with some shimmery powders, so I knew I wanted to get original orgasm and not super orgasm blush.

I'd also wanted to try the Nars glosh in Harlow for ages and I nearly bought it, but before I did I checked out another blogger's review and realised it doesn't come out at all how I imagine when it's on your lips. Thanks heavens for blog reviews eh? So instead I decided to have am little matching set and get the orgasm lip gloss.

I've been using them pretty much every day since I got them, well the blush more than the gloss.  I love the blush and think it really suits me. I don't have many blushes as I usually commit the crime of using bronzer all over my face plus extra on my cheeks as blush and this is just what I wanted from a blush - nice and pink, naturalish but still very noticeable (in a good way) when on. Also it's very pigmented - I only needed a little on my brush to get a nice bit of colour on my cheeks so I think this will last for ages. It has a mirror in the lid too which is a nice handy touch.

I was worried the blush might have too much glitter in it for my liking but actually I think it's just the right amount of shimmer, rather than obvious sparkle. I think it's a good shade for my colouring too. Anything paler wouldn't really show up on my skin tone. I do like quite obvious blush on me too, even if it is a crime against make-up! Also I think although it's pricey it will probably last for ages.

The gloss has grown on me - it has a little more gold to it than I would like. It is a nice colour though which I think quite suits me and I feel rather polished with it on. It's not sticky, it doesn't have any noticeable smell and it lasts a good few few hours so it is a good gloss in my book. I will also enjoy whipping it out in the ladies on a night out to look posh and fab - that's a bit sad isn't it but I always envy people I see using really good make-up!

The lip gloss is one of those suit everyone shades I think.  I have worn it alone and over lipsticks.  It looks really nice over a nude such as Gosh Darling and make other lipsticks a lot more wearable for me. 

So on to my attempts at photography....

And on my face - I don't think this comes across too well.  Any tips for taking close-ups of a made up face?  buy a better camera?!

I had another little go which wasn't much more of a success!  Excuse the randomness!

Hmmm, must try harder! haha

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27 Jul 2010

Something I learned today...

...is that I'm shite at taking photos.  I'm seriously bad. 

I got a new hat from Accessorize the other day, so I thought I'd show you.  It was £15 and I wanted to get it now for the holiday I'm going on in October. 

I fell in love when I first tried it on in the shop but at home I'm starting to think it might look a bit dodgy! 

Couldn't resist the second poser type pose.  It made me laugh anyway =)

Excuse the odd blurry background.  My camera had accidentally put itself onto a different setting - I only noticed after I'd taken all of my pictures.  I really need to get one of those cameras with the extra screen on the front to help with taking pictures of yourself!

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26 Jul 2010

Going places tag

The lovely Caz tagged me for one of these tag thingies (technical term).  I'm not usually tagged for these things as I probably don't know that many people very well in the blog world yet, so I was rather pleased!

Where do you think you'll be in 10 years time?

I don't know if I've really mentioned how old I am before...  I know I'm older than you're average blogger, well out of the blogs I follow I think I am anyway.  I'm 26... eeeek!

If I was 18 would I find this question any easier?  Possibly.  In 10 years I'll be 36, OMG!  I'd like to think that I'll be happy, healthy and rich!!!  As for where exactly I'll be, I love where I live right now (Kent / London border) and have no plans to be moving house.  I like where I work and my job too, so I might even possibly still be there but I'd hope I would have progressed quite a bit further in my career by then. 

Ideally I think maybe I'd be married to my current bf (in Vegas!), I'd have travelled a lot, I hope I'd be at a comfortable size 10-12 and I wouldn't have any kids.  I'll look back in 10 years and see if I'm right!

I tag...


20 Jul 2010

My swap package is here - woop woop!

It came faster than I expected, so much so that my camera battery was dead!  Cue over an hour of anxiously trying not to open the box before the camera was ready to capture the moment!

Kaitlyn I'm going to email you as soon as I finish this - you're such a sweetie.  I love the handmade card, the beautiful wrapping and everything you sent.  You got me everything I asked for and some absolutely fab surprises too, thank you so much! 

So here are the pictures of my goodies!  I'll have plenty to get reviewing over the coming weeks!

Pretty packaging awaits inside the mailing box!

The gorgeous handmade card and envelope

Two packages to unwrap - double excitement!

The lid's open... I'm in!

Some things I asked for - Tressemme waterless foam shampoo, Mint Julep masque, Lash blast mascara and Crest 3D whitestrips.  Also, chosen by Kaitlyn, a gorgeous smelling Sephora shower gel.

Sorry for the blurry pic, was too excited to focus properly! Bumpits - can't wait to try these!  I think I might have seen them in the UK now on those JML adverts but I thought they'd probably be cheaper and easier to get in the US.  Amy Winehouse hair here I come!  Also a Crest 3D white toothpaste Kaitlyn picked out to go with my whitening kit - it says it can remove 90% of stains in 14 days - cannot wait to try that!  Plus a really cute make-up bag chosen by the lovely Kaitlyn.

Onto the make-up!  Seche Vite top coat which I asked for.  There are so many mixed reviews on this but thought I needed to try it for myself as I'm a 24hr chipper!  Everything else here Kaitlyn picked out for me.  I really like purple so the nail varnish looks lovely - I love Sephora stuff and wish we had it here in the UK.  And as for the lipsticks, I could have picked those colour out for myself they are so me. I've already done a little swatching... well it would be rude not to!  I was a little unsure about the black and white NYX pencils, but Kaitlyn wrote me a lovely note explaining they're what she uses to create a smokey eye.  I'm rubbish at getting the smokey look (as opposed to the "I've been up all night rubbing my eyes" look) so these will be fab, just need a tutorial on using them!  I also got even more very kind extras, some cute earrings and mini nail files -  I always forget to keep a file in my bag for on the go chips, problem solved!

And finally... the real treasure!  It all looks so yummy!  I'm having a Twilight night in with the girls on Friday night, so these will definately be coming out after dinner!  They'll be so excited.  Peanut butter M&Ms are one of my fave US candies and I remember first having those nerds when I went to Florida when I was 11 =)

Aren't I a lucky girlie?  Kaitlyn you have been so completely fab to swap with, I really hope you love everything I've sent you too!  Must dash, I have lots of new toys to play with =)

19 Jul 2010

Please enter my 50 followers giveaway!

Wow, 50 followers! I can't quite believe it!

My blog is a little bit over a year old, but I can't say I've put constant effort in over all of the time, so thank you to anyone who stuck with me during the dry spells! Haha!
 I know there is some controversy about giveaways sometimes, but I have been looking forward to doing this for ages and genuinely see it as something fun for me to do and as a thank you to the lovely people who read my little ramblings and sometimes even leave me kind comments which make me smile =)

Here's what I'm giving away...

• 2 x Lancome mini juicy tubes
• Red Herring eye shadow quad
• Lush Space Girl Ballistic
• Lush Bubblegum lip scrub

• 2 x Rimmel nail polishes in bright orange and yellow

• 2 x cute cupcake lip balms

• Rimmel Glam Eyes black mascara

• Sleek Storm eyeshadow pallette

• Too Faced cosmic eyeshadow

• Too Faced glitter eyeliner

• Barry M mint nail polish

• Nails Inc St Tropez nail polish

• Red Herring make-up pallette

• plus anything else I forgot to put in the photo but remember by the time it comes to pack up the box!

Rules of the giveaway
I've tried to make this as inclusive as possible, no need to tweet or blog about the giveaway unless you want to. My one main rule is that you must tell me about your favourite blog (no not your own!). I hope this will open my eyes to lots of lovely new blogs to read, follow and appreciate, and it spreads the love a bit for everyone.

1 You must be a follower of my blog (open to followers worldwide).

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3 That's it!

If you'd like to tweet or re-tweet about the giveaway, do a blog post or put a link in your sidebar, that would be fab and I'll enter you twice so double the chance of winning, but this is by no means necessary. You will still be entered if you only comment below. If you want to tweet / retweet I'm @tweetiegem

The giveaway closes on Sunday 1st August and I will be using the random number picker.  I will announce the winner on the blog and on twitter on Monday 2nd August - so you have two weeks to enter.

Good luck!

Oh and if I've done anything daft or missed any blindingly obvious giveaway rule, please tell me!

Bourjois false nail effect 8 day polish - review

I'm really excited to review this nail varnish as I've not seen it reviewed by anyone else as yet... or maybe I just don't follow enough blogs?!

This is the new Bourjois false nail effect range.  It's supposed to last up to 8 days and fill in any imperfections in your nails.  I don't wear false nails and I don't have any ridges or bunps or anything, but I was sucked in by the 8 day claim!  I certainly wasn't drawn to the colours though, they're rather bland!

I decided to go for pink perfection which is this one below.  Looking at them again now I prefer the pale pink on the far left, but I'm always wary of pale colours in case they are too transparent. 

It's funny, they look completely different in the two web images.  Mine must be number 3 in the first picture but they look so different!  The colour looked different again in the bottle when it arrived and had a bit of a gold shimmer too it which I wasn't expecting and don't like at all, but luckily it's undetectable when applied.

So onto application - it's mega thick!  I needn't have worried about getting a pale shade, I'm sure they'd go on well.  It was so think I could possibly have applied just one coat, but I always do at least two with any polish.  The polish went on quickly and I liked the shaped brush which helped prevent mistakes and get even coverage.

I'm not crazy about the colour, but I didn't buy it for that, I got it to see if I could get anything like 8 day wear!

So here's what it looks like on my nails.

The colour in real life is somewhere in between the two online pictures, probably closer to the second which is the asos picture.

So not the most exciting colour, but nice enough and it applied well.  Now I thought I wouldn't be able to do this review for at least a few days as obviously I'd have to wait for the varnish to chip but oh no - it chipped on two nails within 12 hours of applying it!

I didn't apply any topcoat because I thought that might have an impact on how long the polish would last and I wanted to test it's claims fairly.  I would usually always wear top and base coat but I haven't for this test... it had better not stain my nails!  So yes, a touch up in less than a day was not what I was expecting from a nail varnish claiming to last 8 days.  I thought I'd get at least 3!

The nail varnish was £5.50 and as I said, the colours are uninspiring and it doesn't last any longer than regular nail varnish on me, so I wouldn't buy this again.  I'll try it out with a top and base coat and I'm sure it'll be just like any other polish I own.

Not sure why but it seems this range is exclusive to asos at the moment.  Two of the colours have already been reduced in the sale so it seems it's not doing so great.  I'd be interested to know how Bourjois can claim this will last 8 days or maybe they can tell me what I did wrong!

Hope you're liking the reviews, would love you to let me know in the comments.

Oh and PS... I just snuck over 50 followers, how did that happen?  I think we all know what this means - giveaway post coming up!  Woop!

18 Jul 2010

L'Oreal perfect clean review

I always review stuff in my head when I'm using it, intending to do a blog post at some point, but I never get around to it.  I'm going to start being more strict with myself as I've ordered a few things lately which I've not yet seen reviewed by anyone else, so I think it'll be really worth doing.

Having said that, the product I'm starting with has probably been reviewed a zillion times already as it's been out for a few months or more, but what the heck I need to start somewhere!

Mainly I wanted to review this because I really like it and want to let you know how fab it is.  I picked the version with exfoliating bits as it said it would clesan my pores deeply, which is what I was after. 

I get congested skin on my cheeks and have very visible pores on mt t-zone and have noticed a bit of an improvement since using this.  I wouldn't say it's changed the pore size or anything, but I am noticing smoother skin on my cheeks and on my face in general.  My face also feels super clean after using this.

I love the little scrublet which pops out of the product packaging.  It's like a flexible rubbery brush which fits nicely in your hand for a good old scrub.  I wet my face and the scrublet and then squirt on about a 50p sized amount of product which is enough for my whole face.  It smells nice and refreshing too and although you're not meant to get it in your eyes, I've got it a little too near before and it hasn't made them sting.

All in all I really like this as a face wash / gentle scrub and will definately buy it again when this one runs out.

7 Jul 2010

Swapsies and giveaway! *muchos excited*

I'm really excited because I'm doing a UK / USA swap with a lovely blogger from the US.  I'll have to check she's okay with me posting about her and if she is I'll do a post about the swap with photos when everything's ready to go and I'll also do a post showing what I get from across the pond! 

We've both given eachother a list of things we'd like, but I'm also picking up extra little things that I hope she will like and that I think she can't get in the US.  So far I'm definately going with Sleek and Gosh and she's already asked for some Barry M and Eyeko. 

Any other recs for the swap?

In other news, it's nearly time for my 50 followers giveaway!  I've been blogging for just over a year now (with a fair few quiet spells along the way!) so I've slowly earned some treasured followers and would like to thank you all by giving away a few nice bits and bobs.  I've been gathering up the stuff and have now taken photos and I'm all ready to go.  The other day I had 49 followers so I thought I'd better get my act together, but sadly, for some reason I've dropped one to 48 followers (not sure what I did wrong!) so I have a little time to add the finishing touches, but watch this space, hopefully I'll be at 50 really soon.

Getting things together for the swap and the giveaway has been so much fun and blogging in general is a lovely escape from my otherwise rather serious and often boring working life, so thanks for supporting me and my little creative outlet!

xoxo Gem

I'm never one to let a post go naked without a picture so.....

This is a dress I'm considering getting to wear for the daytime part of my best friend's hen do.  The daytime part will be a bridal shower in my garden - it'll be mid August so I'm hoping for really lovely sunny weather.  It's £50 from Lipsy.


Shoe lust of the month

Okay so I'm kidding myself that this will be a post I'll do every month, I'm far too disorganized, but here's some current shoe love.

My fave shoes that I just recently bought were in a recent post - I've worn these loads since I got them and get lots of comments.  They're so pretty in real life and I heart them lots. 
The next two pairs are shoes I'm considering buying.  Somehow I've managed to spend nearly all of my money already this month and it still about 3 weeks until pay day, so I'll have to consider carefully or fingers crossed they'll go into the sale.

Firstly these denim wedges which I've spied in an eBay shop for £40.  I was searching for high wedges as I've got two pairs of long linen trousers which I can only wear with really high shoes.  I'm currently wearing them with my tan wedges, but I want something else too.  These are nice and quirky, they have the demin trend and also ruffles which I love and are quite in at the moment too.  £40 is much more than I'd usually spend on something from eBay and to be honest they're probably a cheapie brand and not worth £40 so I'm going to keep looking to see if I can get them somewhere else for cheaper.
And the other pair on my shoe wish list are these vampy clogettes.  They're embracing clogs without being clogs I think, so I'm naming them clogettes.  I definately need these in my life so it would be great if the Dotty P gods popped them into the sale (size 4 please!) as they're £40 full price. 

Hmmm I luuuurve shoes =)
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