26 Jul 2010

Going places tag

The lovely Caz tagged me for one of these tag thingies (technical term).  I'm not usually tagged for these things as I probably don't know that many people very well in the blog world yet, so I was rather pleased!

Where do you think you'll be in 10 years time?

I don't know if I've really mentioned how old I am before...  I know I'm older than you're average blogger, well out of the blogs I follow I think I am anyway.  I'm 26... eeeek!

If I was 18 would I find this question any easier?  Possibly.  In 10 years I'll be 36, OMG!  I'd like to think that I'll be happy, healthy and rich!!!  As for where exactly I'll be, I love where I live right now (Kent / London border) and have no plans to be moving house.  I like where I work and my job too, so I might even possibly still be there but I'd hope I would have progressed quite a bit further in my career by then. 

Ideally I think maybe I'd be married to my current bf (in Vegas!), I'd have travelled a lot, I hope I'd be at a comfortable size 10-12 and I wouldn't have any kids.  I'll look back in 10 years and see if I'm right!

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