19 Jul 2010

Please enter my 50 followers giveaway!

Wow, 50 followers! I can't quite believe it!

My blog is a little bit over a year old, but I can't say I've put constant effort in over all of the time, so thank you to anyone who stuck with me during the dry spells! Haha!
 I know there is some controversy about giveaways sometimes, but I have been looking forward to doing this for ages and genuinely see it as something fun for me to do and as a thank you to the lovely people who read my little ramblings and sometimes even leave me kind comments which make me smile =)

Here's what I'm giving away...

• 2 x Lancome mini juicy tubes
• Red Herring eye shadow quad
• Lush Space Girl Ballistic
• Lush Bubblegum lip scrub

• 2 x Rimmel nail polishes in bright orange and yellow

• 2 x cute cupcake lip balms

• Rimmel Glam Eyes black mascara

• Sleek Storm eyeshadow pallette

• Too Faced cosmic eyeshadow

• Too Faced glitter eyeliner

• Barry M mint nail polish

• Nails Inc St Tropez nail polish

• Red Herring make-up pallette

• plus anything else I forgot to put in the photo but remember by the time it comes to pack up the box!

Rules of the giveaway
I've tried to make this as inclusive as possible, no need to tweet or blog about the giveaway unless you want to. My one main rule is that you must tell me about your favourite blog (no not your own!). I hope this will open my eyes to lots of lovely new blogs to read, follow and appreciate, and it spreads the love a bit for everyone.

1 You must be a follower of my blog (open to followers worldwide).

2 Please comment below and tell me your favourite blog you like to read (any subject, inspire me!) Give the link and a reason you like it. You can also link your own blog too if you want to.

3 That's it!

If you'd like to tweet or re-tweet about the giveaway, do a blog post or put a link in your sidebar, that would be fab and I'll enter you twice so double the chance of winning, but this is by no means necessary. You will still be entered if you only comment below. If you want to tweet / retweet I'm @tweetiegem

The giveaway closes on Sunday 1st August and I will be using the random number picker.  I will announce the winner on the blog and on twitter on Monday 2nd August - so you have two weeks to enter.

Good luck!

Oh and if I've done anything daft or missed any blindingly obvious giveaway rule, please tell me!


  1. Heya :)
    Great contest!
    My favourite blog is Lily Loves Lola, I'm sure your already following her, I just love her blog :)



  2. My favorite blog to read is a pretty popular blog actually. I like www.Temptalia.com , because she's always putting up pictures to upcoming collections and swatches of new products. Awesome giveaway BTW!

  3. http://www.blogger.com/profile/17727630549392807909
    adventures of the cautionary tale is the blog I visit most. The chick is just really cool and her blog looks neat!
    I follow you. You seem sweet!!! Thanks and have a terrific week. Love your giveaway stuff.Yay!

  4. Hey, my favourite blog atm is Lollipop26's. The link's www.lollipop26writes.com. She's awesome to watch on youtube and to read on here =) xxx

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  6. Congrats!
    My fave blog is sprinkle of glitter-

    I love her style, and writing!

    My blog- pinkpompoms

    Anna x

  7. Well done on reaching 50!
    One of my favourite blogs to read is: http://darlinghearts.blogspot.com/
    Thanks for putting me in your sidebar as one of your favourite blogs! It means a lot :)

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  9. congratulations!

    for beauty tips I love kissonthechic.net and http://awildaheartsmakeup.blogspot.com/

    for just any other blog, I love http://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/

    I just love antiques!

    I was wondering if its an international contest.
    I live in the U.S

  10. OOh enter me please I love your blog.

    My favourite blog is Emma at http://passionforfashion1983.blogspot.com/
    the reason is that I love the fact that Emma is so sweet and down to earth and I love seeing her new buys.
    She also gives me a lot of inspiration for outfit ideas. I hope she carries on blogging after she has her baby.

  11. Aloha!

    Enter me enter me enter me!! Congrats on your 50 followers too :)

    My fav blog is http://www.saidosdaconcha.blogspot.com/ because she makes me want to live a perfect life and also BUBBLEGARM because she writes so nicely.


  12. Congrats! My fav blog is probably lipglossiping! She updates so often and its always interesting and fun

  13. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers! I find it so hard to pick one favourite blog as I follow loads, but I do love a bit of Lipglossiping too, always written in a really entertaining way, with great photos.

    Ellie x

  14. Hey, please enter me :)

    50 followers is pretty damn good!! I get so excited when i see i have a few new followers!!

    My favourite blogger is of course lolipop26. Her blogs never fail to inspire and make me giggle ;)


  15. I adore this blog
    It's not beauty related (I love beauty blogs though!) but a dating blog. The blogger, Sarah, writes really witty, clever and funny posts about the dating world. I'm never disappointed and always smile when I see she has a new post up. :)
    Congrats on your fifty!

  16. My fave blog is yours at the minuet :) I know that sounds sycophantic but its the truth! oh and my twin sisters


    she only has me as a follower tho! Everyone!! follow her!! >.<

    congrats on the big 50!! you deserve lots more!


  17. My favourite blog is lollipop26's blog.
    I love reading laura's blog.
    Here is her link -

    Congrats on 50 followers :)

    Goodluck Everybody XxO


  18. Hey I am a new follower. Well done on your 50 followers.

    My favourite blogger is Muhsine aka Bubblegarm.. http://bubblegarm.blogspot.com/
    Her blogposts are amazing and interesting and she always includes lots of fab photos and swatches etc!:)


    PS Please also check out my blog and if you like it follow mine :)

  19. Hi! (I think 50 followers is great!)

    I'm pretty new to the world of makeup blogging but I LOVE everything I've seen so far. I've been reading alot of Chloe's blog: http://makeuprincess84.blogspot.com/
    It's pink and girly and very different from my style but a new makeup/fashion perspective is awesome!

  20. Hello!

    1 I'm a follower (=

    2 I have 2 favorite blogs: http://karen-is-here.blogspot.com and forthefierce.blogspot.com. I love them both because they are not only about beauty, but they are super interesting (=

    3 I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted: http://twitter.com/GabyFauchon/status/19054854030

    Thank you!


  21. Hey!

    My favourite blog (it got me into many many more) is written by the fabulous Bitchcakes.

    She writes 3 different blogs but I LOVE her weightloss blog: http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com/.

    She's incredible and so inspiring.

  22. Hi!

    One of my favourite blogs lately is Tina at TheFancyFace. She does LOTD almost every day, product reviews, and fashion.

    Her blog is http://thefancyface.blogspot.com


  23. One of my favorite blogs is Survey Junkie. She does great product reviews and giveaways for a lot of the stuff I like to use.


  24. I am following your blog as "notbeforecoffee"



  25. you should check out the blog www.crazydaysandnights.net he is an entertainment lawyer and it's a gossip-y type blog. my favorite things are the blind items in which he tells of some incident that happened with a "star" or two and people try to guess who he is talking about... the best is twice a year he reveals who he was talking about!! it's fantastic and juicy!!


  26. Ohhh how awesome! Might i recommend www.shadesofu.com her makeup collection is massive and her tutorials are the best!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  27. Hi, my fave blog would be....... http://www.amyantoinette.com/ her reviews are awesome and honest!

    thanks for entering me :)


  28. My fav blog would have to be ....


    Thanks or the giveaway...Enter me xxxxx

  29. Thank you to everyone who has entered so far! Yes it is open internationally xx

  30. Congrataulations on 50 followers sweetie :) I absolutely love your blog!

    My favourite blog at the minute is Paulas - http://www.sweetcheeks1910.blogspot.com she does amazing OOTD, FOTD and really honest reviews! Love it lots!


  31. My favourite blog is Zoella! http://schoee.blogspot.com/

    congratulations! xx

  32. Great contest!! My favorite blog is "Bella Gets Real" at http://bellagetsreal.blogspot.com/

    You will love all the advice on fashion, food, etc. etc...

    I hope you'll check out mine too at

  33. Hey girlie
    Congrats on hitting 50 followers :)
    Lovely giveaway.
    I have so many fabulous blogs I follow, this is really tricky!
    Currently, my favourite blog is http://themface.blogspot.com
    This girlie is so inspirational and talented!

  34. I am a new follower of this blog. :3

    A blog I like quite a lot: http://www.gothincollege.blogspot.com/

    Why? Because it is a look into her life, fashion and a lot of cool stuff. :)


  35. My favourite blogs are...


    http://messycarla.blogspot.com/ - Carla is so lovely. ^_^

    http://afeitar.blogspot.com/ - Helen is my style inspiration of the moment.

    http://www.glitterdollz7beauty.blogspot.com/ - I just adore Carly's tutorials.

    Congrats on all the followers by the way!
    *thumbs up*

    - Mia. x

  36. Hi, I've just come across your blog & am now following you.
    Just to let you know, I would've followed you regardless of the giveaway or not, but seeing as you're having a giveaway - I'd like to be entered please - thanks a lot :)

    I have quite a few favourite blogs, but one of my very very favourites, one I know I'll never be disappointed by, is:


    She's seriously ace - definitely check her out :) She has a great mix of outfit posts, tips for her fellow bloggers, etc & is just generally great! She's also hilarious, which definitely helps.

    This is a brilliant giveaway - & congratulations on all your followers (I was going to say 50, then saw your current total!)


  37. Congratulations on 50 followers! I think I'll do a give away at 50 too!!
    My favourite blog at the moment is SuperficialGirls-
    I love her girly outfits and accessories.

    Zoe xx

  38. congrats on 50!!

    one of my fave blogs is www.imogenfoxylocks.blogspot.com, she does her own line of hair extensions and i find both her blog and youtube very very helpfull xx

  39. Hey, congrats on 50 followers hun,

    my fave blog would have to be lollipop26writes.com.

    Laura's blog is what got me interested in blogging she's a really down to earth girl and her ramblings are just so funny to read and will make you laugh out loud but also give you great advice and tips on all things beauty.

    My blog is http://imperfectbeautyxo.blogspot.com/ check it out:D

    Love your blog. Xo

  40. i really like http://alizarineclaws.blogspot.com/, but that's mostly because I have been a little nail polish obsessed of late.
    And everyone love Laura at http://www.lollipop26writes.com/.

  41. Im a follower google connect :)

    mmm one of my fav blogs is MakeupSavvy!! Fee's blog is just amazing!
    Great posts! She has wonderful reviews and creative notes "within" notes
    She is a UK blogger and I enjoy every post!


    Ive linked the giveaway in my sidebar :)

    I follow you on twitter @hunnylovins

    thankyou so much for the opportunity! This is very exciting great prizes x


  42. Hi hun please enter me .
    One of my favourite blogs is http://aliceinwonderland348.blogspot.com/
    My blog http://nicolettasbeautyspace.blogspot.com/

  43. Please enter me :D black.sonnet@gmail.com
    My favourite blog is Violet Le Beaux
    She has cute tutorials and how to adjust your items to make them prettier. Also has make up reviews :)
    my blog is http://saffihime.blogspot.com/ but i am a slacker XD

  44. Enter me please!

    I'm a follower.

    My fav blog is http://www.arrebatadora.com/, in spanish, it's a beauty blog.


  45. Congrats on your followers!
    My favorite blog is Temptalia (Temptalia.com) because she is always on top of all of the newest products, and gives great swatches and pictures which helps me decide what I want to buy!
    Thanks :)

  46. Congrats on all your followers! I am following as well :)
    My favourite blog has to be Karen's at makeupandbeautyblog.com. She has a great sense of humor and all her posts are fun to read. Not only that, but she's always on top of the latest makeup products and has great swatches, reviews and tutorials :)
    My blog is not even close to hers, but it is makeup and fashion related.. so if you want to check it out, heres the link :) Pinkbox Makeup (http://pinkboxmakeup.blogspot.com)
    i also posted your giveaway on my sidebar :)
    thanks for having this giveaway!

  47. Hiii :)

    My fave blog ever is http://bubblegarm.blogspot.com/

    It's literally my go-to blog for everything-make up, hair, food, wellbeing etc. Muhsine (the author) is just stunning and can pull off any product, but she does great reviews!

    My blog is: http://sophias-style.blogspot.com/ & my Twitter is: @smoir and I'll tweet about it when I've finished writing this. ha.


  48. congrats on your 50+ followers.

    my favorite blog would be http://fuzkittie.blogspot.com/
    blog about skincare,makeup,haircare,everything(gives genuine reviews)

    username- ks sn
    email- kssn31@gmail.com
    blog- skakidotcom.blogspot.com

  49. I have to many favorites! I really enjoy reading Tiffany's blog. http://willworkformakeup.blogspot.com/

    And here is my blog- http://www.glamorousgirl2014.blogspot.com/

    My email- Savannah.Perry.95@gmail.com

    And congrats on the 50 followers (and now well over that!)
    Thanks for the giveaway, too nice!



  50. Hi, nice giveaway!
    I cannot really decide on just one lovely blog to read so I will give you at least two of them:

    Funny Face Place

    and Confessions of a Makeupholic for fotd's!

    my own blog, you follow already and hope you like it :)

    my email is krucialsteez(at)hotmail(dot)com

  51. Hi,Congrats on 50 followers
    I have two favourite blogs :
    1) productrater.blogspot.com
    2) themakeupdrawer.blogspot.com
    I love their reviews they give detailed and honest reviews
    My email is alvira_rashk@yahoo.com

  52. Hi!

    My favourite blogs is:


    It's in spanish ;) I like the reviews :)

    My e-mail is: maquillaje-pasion@hotmail.com
    I wrote about your giveaway on my blog: http://maquillaje-pasion.blogspot.com/2010/07/sorteos-iv.html

    Thank you!

  53. heya =) congrats on your 50 followers!!

    my favourite blog at the moment is:

    i find the range of posts and things she includes really interesting to read and her advice a great help! hope you like it too xx

    My email is: starsglittermagic@gmail.com
    My blog is: http://starsglittermagic.blogspot.com/

  54. Enter me please!I'm a new follower via google, as fisiwoman. My favorite blog is:
    She's a spanish woman. I love her wardrobe. She's perfect!

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/fisiwoman/statuses/20005026312

    Ana Belén R.M

  55. Enter me please!
    I'm a follower via google, as The Allure House.
    My favorite blog is: http://www.popcultureafternoon.blogspot.com/
    She's a famous blogger, I love her wardrobe and sense of style.

    My email is: slovenska_gera@hotmail.com
    My blog is: http://theallurehouse.co.cc

  56. congratulations on the followers! Amazing prizes !

    My favourite blogger is Ric!! Love his blog. He writes interesting things and I just love reading it. if only he updates a bit more :P



  57. My first beauty blog was Karen at;


    She's funny, pretty and a great writer!

    mariagoddard at shaw dot ca


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