7 Jul 2010

Swapsies and giveaway! *muchos excited*

I'm really excited because I'm doing a UK / USA swap with a lovely blogger from the US.  I'll have to check she's okay with me posting about her and if she is I'll do a post about the swap with photos when everything's ready to go and I'll also do a post showing what I get from across the pond! 

We've both given eachother a list of things we'd like, but I'm also picking up extra little things that I hope she will like and that I think she can't get in the US.  So far I'm definately going with Sleek and Gosh and she's already asked for some Barry M and Eyeko. 

Any other recs for the swap?

In other news, it's nearly time for my 50 followers giveaway!  I've been blogging for just over a year now (with a fair few quiet spells along the way!) so I've slowly earned some treasured followers and would like to thank you all by giving away a few nice bits and bobs.  I've been gathering up the stuff and have now taken photos and I'm all ready to go.  The other day I had 49 followers so I thought I'd better get my act together, but sadly, for some reason I've dropped one to 48 followers (not sure what I did wrong!) so I have a little time to add the finishing touches, but watch this space, hopefully I'll be at 50 really soon.

Getting things together for the swap and the giveaway has been so much fun and blogging in general is a lovely escape from my otherwise rather serious and often boring working life, so thanks for supporting me and my little creative outlet!

xoxo Gem

I'm never one to let a post go naked without a picture so.....

This is a dress I'm considering getting to wear for the daytime part of my best friend's hen do.  The daytime part will be a bridal shower in my garden - it'll be mid August so I'm hoping for really lovely sunny weather.  It's £50 from Lipsy.



  1. Beautiful dress! I wanttsss it
    Congrats on *almost* 50 followers!

  2. i'm totally fine with a post! i'll do a UK post too!

  3. Thanks Caz - I'll get there soon I'm sure!

    Hi Kaitlyn - that's great, can't wait!


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