30 Jul 2010

Wedding hair and make-up trials

Just some quick photos of the trials.

I was really pleased with the make-up but we didn't get the hair style we asked for.  My hair just doesn't hold curls so we're decided to go for an up do on the day instead.

Lame hair

More lame hair

And with the make-up done

Here's a sneaky little look at the bride's hair - love this

Not sure we had the world's best hairdresser, but hey it's not my choice.  The make-up artist was lovely though, really knew her stuff and she had a wicked stash of mac and other amazing goodies.

And finally, a little cute ball of fur I met whilst waiting to have my face done

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  1. I guess that's the point of trials - finding out what works etc. Good job you had one!

    That ball of fluff is adorable!


  2. I think your hair looks lovely with the loose curls hun! Although i also love up do's, so win win all round! Also absolutely love the neutral make up sweetie! you look gorgeous!
    The brides hair also looks absolutely stunning!
    Great post chick

  3. Your makeup looks gorgeous, and love the brides hair. I think the trial is the hardest part once thats sorted you can all sit back and relax x

  4. You look pretty and I love bride's hair and cute little ball of fur is so lovely

  5. Your make up looks lovely!!

  6. Awww thanks girlies, you're all so lovely! I really liked the way my make-up was done. I'm really rubbish at wearing anything more than one eyeshafow colour at a time, so I really tried to watch what she did so that i can try to re-create!

  7. aw cute kitten :-) bride's hair is amazing, such a lovely style.
    You have lovely skin, jealous!


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