29 Sept 2010

Bridal shower how to part 3: reverse raffle

My final game at the bridal shower was what I call a reverse raffle.  I learnt this at an Ann Summers party and changed it up a bit to suit the bridal shower. 

I bought some books of pink raffle tickets and then got some of the bridesmaids to hand them out making sure all the guests had a few strips each (they didn't have to pay for them).

Then I put all of the strips in a hat, pulled them out one by one and yelled out the numbers.  When the first number was called, the person with that strip got the chance to choose from one of the following men which each represented a prize.

They were then given the prize to hold, but not to open.  I then pulled out the next number and so on until I had given out all of the prizes.  Now the reason why this is a reverse raffle is that these people were not the winners, I carried on pulling out numbers and the next winners got to steal the prizes from the other ladies!

This was a good laugh as people were stealing eachother's men - David Beckham and Wentworth Miller proved very popular and must have changed hands about 20 times! 

When I got down to the last few strips I let people know to build up a bit of suspense.  You could see some people trying to hide their prize so that it wouldn't be stolen from them!  When the last number was called I announced that anyone still holding a prize was a winner and that they could open them. 

I also did a little cheat and made sure one of the youngest bridesmaids one a prize by calling out a number I could see on her ticket.  I recommended that she stold David Beckham as it was a pair of fairy wings =)

Some of the guests had had a few drinks by the time we played this game, so there was a lot of banter and it was really good fun.  One word of warning, if you're going to let kids give out the raffle tickets, make sure they understand about strips of tickets - the bridesmaids tore the receipt tickets for my hat all into individual tickets, so it made the game a little more complicated as I had to tell people to throw their strip away once a number had been called.  Otherwise we'd have been there all night!

These are a selection of the prizes.  Again I went to good old Primark and I also threw in a few bits and bobs I had but have never used such as a photo frame and a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume set (I didn't like the fragrance for me).

All three games were such a laugh, but they took a lot of work to prepare, so I recommend you enlist some helpers!

28 Sept 2010

Time for some Autumn clothes...finally

I'm not sure whose blog I was reading today, but it inspired me to go and check out the clothes on Tesco.com.  I didn't quite realise you could now buy all of their range online, so I had a good browse.  None of the Tescos near me sell many of the clothes, even the superstores, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well I wasn't dissappointed, they had some excellent officewear and this is what I picked up.

They're all rather fab and were between £18 and £25 each.  I particularly like jacquard dress and the flocked print jumper dress.  I love these sort of patterns so I think I'll be seeing a lot of clothes that are right up my street this season.  Because I already liked that sort of thing I actually already have a few pieces in my wardrobe as well as a faux fur waistcoat / gillet, so I'm feeling rather smug and effortlessly on trend.

I'm really rather skint at the moment, which is why there haven't been any haul posts from me in ages.  I've had to pay for a lot of things to do with my friend's wedding and my boyfriend turns 30 in October so I've been buying presents and paying for his birthday holiday.  I bought him an ipad, so he's a truely lucky boy, but I'm one very poor lady!  There's tonnes of stuff I want from the Next Christmas directory, but I need to wait.  Anyway, I couldn't resist this stuff from Tesco as the prices were so good anyway plus there was free delivery on orders over £50 and 20% off all clothes.  Get in!

Gem x

27 Sept 2010

NOTD - my first autumn nails

Call me odd, but I just love Autumn and Winter.  I don't care for Summer all that much at all.  It gets me a little excited right at the beginnig, but I quickly get bored of it and find dressing for the heat an absolute hassle.  I much prefer the cosiness of winter, layering up, tights and boots, pretty coats and of course Christmas has a lot to do with it!

I'd been meaning to try out the nail polish I got in my swap, so as I was feeling autumnal I went for this deep purple.  It's called What a Broad and is from the Sephora by OPI collection.  It's a nice rich purple, a little warmer than my usual favourite deep purple which is Dover Street Market by Nails Inc

It was only after I was on my way out the door that I realised how closely it went withn this handbag!  It's not my usual work bag, but I had to go out to a meeting and give a presentation that day and this is the bag I take when I need to take an A4 folder as they don't fit in any of my other bags.  I got a comment from the receptionist that my nails matched my bag - not sure if she was impressed or thought I was a loser! =)

I'll definately be resurrecting some of my favourite dark shades this week.  I'm having a craving for some dark greige and green.

26 Sept 2010

Bridal shower how to part 2: pass the parcel

Now if like me you haven't played pass the parcel since you were knee high, you'll firstly remember how much fun it was, but secondly you might wonder how it can translate in a bridal shower-worthy game for adults!  Fear not, I've figured it out....

I went out a bought lots of lovely little trinkets and goodies to wrap within the layers and some gorgeous goodies to go in the middle as the main prize, then spent ages wrapping it all up in pretty wrap and tissue. 

My main sticking point was how to actually play the game.  When you do Pass the Parcel with kids, an adult stops the music and basically cheats to make sure all the kids have a go.  This seemed a bit dull for the bridal shower, so intead I decided to write instructions inside each layer. 

I managed to get lots of lovely costume jewellery in Primark and in the sales.  I got some absolutely lovely stuff from Dorothy Perkins which was all reduced to £1 or less online!  Of course I put in some make-up, candles, hair clips, badges etc.  I quickly realised that some of the prizes were going to be too bulky to wrap in the layers, so I made a lucky dip bag and wrote on some of the layers to "See Cheify B for your lucky dip prize".  There were a couple of boys at the bridal shower, so boy gifts were wrapped in blue!

Writing the instructions on the parcel proved to be a real laugh as I mixed in simple stuff like "pass the parcel 8 times to the right" with fun stuff like "pass the parcel to someone who looks hot today" and "pass the parcel to the person who you think will be drunk first tonight" (although not so funny when that one was passed to me by the bride!).  I also threw in a few complete set ups like "pass the parcel to the Bride" and "pass the parcel to the tallest person" - I knew who that would be so could plan something in-jokey for what they would unwrap in their layer...

Nipple tassels - don't ask!

The main prize in the middle was a pretty make-up bag filled with some Lush bombs, make-up and Jewellery and it was won by the Bride's auntie and then was promptly stolen by her daughters!

It went down so well, I was so pleased! I thoroughly recommend doing this for a bridal shower or a hen party - you could put dares inside the layers too. It was so much fun I'm trying to work out when could be another suitable occasion to play pass the parcel! Halloween?! =)


6 Sept 2010

How to throw a bridal shower part 1 - wedding dress game

Just to recap, I don't think I'm any sort of expert, but as I couldn't find a lot of inspiration online, I decided to share my experience with you all!  This could be a rather long post, so I think it will come in several installments!

I think the thing that really made my friend's bridal shower was the games, so I'll start there...

Wedding dress game

I'm sure you've heard of this one before, basically you put teams together and dress one of the team members as a bride using basic supplies like loo roll, bin bags, foil etc.  I bought some asda value white bin liners which were really cheap (possibly £1 for a roll of about 100) and value foil, plus some sticky tape from the £1 shop.  I asked the group who wanted to play and those who did got into teams and all went off to find a secret space to set about creating a beautiful bride!

I didn't give any particular time limit - they were all finished around the same time really.  Some of the teams got creative and started using props they found lying around such as used cake wrappers!  I also handed out a few extra pops half way through, a different one for each team. 

We played this game later into the bridal shower and it was the last game.  It seemed to be the right time for this game as people had got into the spirit of things, had a drink etc.  If we'd played this game first I don't think as many people would have joined in or they may not have been in such silly moods!

As you can see below, we had some really different takes on the game with one team taking things very seriously and going for a realistic and rather impressive dress.  The other two teams just had a real laugh with it!

Crazy mother nature bride

Bearded hussy bride

Pretty princess bride (bless!)

Lining up for the judges

By this time in the bridal shower I'd had enough of being in charge and running the games, so I nominated a few people who looked like they weren't enjoying themselves that much to be the judges.  It turned out to be quite a good idea as it got them involved and I didn't have the pressure of choosing the winner (which was the youngest contestant in the rather well made dress).

The prizes for this game were presents from my lucky dip bag... more about that in another post.

This game went really well, the teams even made a bouquet from random things they found (including one of my garden candles and marshmallows!) and then went ahead and acted out the throwing of the bouquet!  We never found one of them though and think it's up on my roof somewhere!

I hope this helps someone a little bit in the future, and I'll write about another element of the bridal shower soon xx
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