29 Dec 2010

New lipstick love

Being me, I haven't gotten around to taking pics of my Crimbo prezzies yet, but to be fair I did have to go back to work today :(

One of my best presents has to be the new Mac make-up I got.  I haven't tried it all out yet other than for my Cut a Caper lipstick.  It looks like a really bright coral in the tube, but it's a much more sheer and forgiving shade when it's applied. 

I've taken a picture and a swatch and I've even taken a picture of it on my lips - 10 out of 10 for effort surely?!  I don't have a special whizzy bloggers camera as you can tell - just a regular pink Sony one :)

My eyeliner looks a bit wiggly here but in my mirror it looked nearly perfect.  I'm carefully perfecting my eyeliner technique by trying out wings every day.  I'm not a natural at this, but I'm starting to get it a bit.  I'm using Maybelline express liner pen.  I've given up on using Mac fluidline as it always transfers to my upper lid no matter what I do and that's so not a good look.  At least the Maybelline one stays where I put it.

I also got Faerie Glen lipstick, Coral Lassies lipgloss set and Zoom fast black lash mascara so I'm keen to try these out and snap some piccies.

I took these photos last night as I was wearing my new lipstick for an evening in with my two best friends.  We swapped our Christmas presents and stuffed lots of party food, chocolate gateau and a few cocktails made with my newish blender.  I've always found making your own cocktails at home a bit of a let-down before, but now I have the secret - smushed ice!  We made some strawberry margaritas and our own chocolate orange concoction - mmm!

I got lovely gifts from these two including a Lush gingerbread house, a massive yankee candle in "sparkling snow" fragrance and a cupcake stand - they know me so well.  I was particularly touched by the candle from James, seeing as he's a boy and all.  Much better than my bf could have picked without help!

I didn't get a pic of my outfit but I was wearing some head bling which looked like this...

I like to jazz up my head now that I have my short hair.

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  1. hey hun i've tagged you over at my blog =) xx


  2. That looks such a pretty colour, I think it's about time I bought some Mac lipsticks! xxx

  3. @starsglittermagic - thanks hon, I'll do that tonight :)

    @Tara - you definately should, they do live up to the hype. Buy one and you'll want more! x

  4. lvoe that lipstick shade! its greatt for everyday
    feel free to follow xxo

  5. I've seen so many posts about Cut A Caper lately, I think I need it in my life! Deary me, I'm becoming such a lipstick addict. And to think this time last year I barely bothered with it! I bought the Fairie Glen recently and love it too. Your chocolate orange cocktail sounds interesting! xxx


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