11 Dec 2010

What's on my Christmas list?

I can't wait to get my Christmas presents!  I know that sounds super selfish, but all my money's been blown on other people's gifts lately, so I'm having to wait until the big day to get all the things I've been wanting for ages!  Here's a selection of what I hope Santa will leave under my tree =)

MAC "A Tartan Tale" goodies - Coral capers lip gloss set and Cut a caper and The faerie glen lip sticks

Nigella and Jamie Oliver new cook books

Boss orange sunset perfume

Loadsa Lush Christmas bits

Loadsa Lush

Ferne Cotton make-up brushes
Ted Baker candles
Urban Decay book of shadows NYC

Wii dance 2

Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner

I also can't wait for sale shopping.  I'm trying to hold off buying anything for me from myself  until the sales start!

What's top of your Christmas list?  I'd love to know x

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  1. Urban decay book of shadows volume 3 NYC is also on my wishlist. HOPE it's under the tree :)
    merry christmas xoo


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