30 Jan 2011

Pay day asos haul =)

It felt like the spending drought dragged for months, but finally the first pay-day after Christmas was here, and I celebrated in the traditional way but getting my asos shopping freak on.

Some of this is bound not to look right on and will need to go back, which is just as well, because I spent a lot more than I intended.  The excitement of having money in my account went a little to my head.

You'll notice that I have two dresses in a fox type colour.  I originally wanted the one with the collar but it was sold out, so I got the other one.  Then when I innocently went back on to fill up my "save for later" with £1,000 worth of items in case I win their competition, I spotted the fox with collar was back in stock, as was the mouse ring I've been trying to order for weeks, so a second mini order had to be placed.  The fox with the collar is my favourite, but it might be a bit short - hopefully one of them will look nice as I really like the colour.

Also the bow dress may look familiar - I bought this in the Christmas sale but it was too tight and this time round they had a bigger size, so I'm giving it another try.

I heart asos so much, can you tell?!

26 Jan 2011

Yummy French Connection body products

After going to Boots last week and nearly buying some French Connection body products because of the free gift special offer that was on, I remembered that I had some at home that I'd never even tried!

My Mum had a French Connection gift set which she bought purely for the handbag.  She didn't want the products inside which included a body wash and body butter.  I'd put these away without even opening and sniffing them - what a mistake!  Now I've tried them I'm totally in love.

I tried the bodywash soufflé which is the most indulgent shower product I've ever used, and the whipped bodycream both from the fcuk polished range.  They smell absolutely gorgeous.  They're both different, but fairly similar - I like the smell of the bodywash best, but they're both heavenly.

The bodywash is on the left - it looks like a luscious glistening body butter, not a shower product.  I used these two before I went to play Badminton on Saturday night and I couldn't stop sniffing my arm!  The bodywash has extracts of pink grapefruit, grapeseed oil and vitamin E - I don't think I can go back to plain old shower gel ever again!  The body cream is orange blossom, pomegranate, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

These products are not cheap at over £5 each as their regular price, but I'll definitely snap them up on a 3 for 2 offer as I also love the smell of one of the fcuk pure body spray, which I've been using for a while.

I highly recommend you have a sniff of these next time you're in Boots.

25 Jan 2011

Final Next and asos sale bits

It took a while for some of my online sale purchases to be delivered - especially because Next like to deliver piece by piece as things become available.

Some of these things don't look so great just hung on my wall - I'm looking to get a mannequin for my birthday so that I can play grown-up dress-up!

asos £17 - I love these dresses that look like a skirt and top - so easy to wear and accessorize and because it's designed like a skirt and top, they always have a defined fitted waist

asos £17 again, the same type of dress is pale pink and black with longer sleeves.  I wore this to work with dark green tights, grey shoes and a really bold necklace.

This dress is also from asos, but I'm sending it back.  It looked a lot nicer online that it does in real life.

Another asos dress - I think this was around £20.  I love jersey dresses for work and this one has lovely statement sleeves.  It doesn't look much on the wall, hence my excitement for getting a mannequin.

These two asos dresses are sadly going back.  I absolutely love the one on the left, but it's a bit too tight to zip up.  I have too many things in my wardrobe that I'm planning to diet my way into, so I'm being tough on myself!  I knew this might be too small when I ordered it, but the other sizes were already sold out =(  It's an a-wear dress, but it's not on their website.  This was £24 reduced from about £45.

The dress on the left was an asos bargain for £8, but as soon as I took it out of the packet I knew I'd send it back.  There's a trend with asos of them making dressing which are impossible to keep crease-free.  I've noticed that they seem to be the ones that look a little bit silky in the pictures online and are 100% polyester.  I've got a few dresses like this and they crease instantly leaving me looking like I'm wearing old rags by midday!  Does anyone know a solution to this??

Lastly, adding to my jacket obsession, two new jackets from Next.  I've been eyeing up the leopard one on the right since I first saw it in the catalogue so I was really pleased to get it in the sale.  I think it was £55 down to £25.  The jacket on the left hasn't photographed well, but it's a really lovely black waterfall jacket.  It's a really nice shape on.  I've been looking for the perfect black waterfall jacket for ages as I have one in grey but it wasn't made in black.  I have another one with scrunched sleeves, but it didn't look as smart as I wanted.  This one's perfect for me =)

24 Jan 2011

My first attempt at ombre nails using Nails Inc

After recently realising I have five beige type nail polishes, I decided to try an ombre manicure.  From what I've read on other blogs, the true way to do this is by taking two different hues of the same shade, one dark and one lighter and mixing them so that you have five graduating shades to paint each nail.  Instead, I used one each of the five colours.

Here are the colours I used.  In the bottles, it seemed like this would work.

L - R - Jermyn Street, Old Church Street, Mink, London, Caramel

However on my nails, it's clear that some are just too similar and you can't really tell they're different colours, and that (especially in day light) Jermyn Street on my thumb is too dark for the other colours.  It was also hard to decide the order to use them in as they're not just lighter or darker than each other, they're also warmer or cooler.

Ah well, it was a fun experiment!  Maybe I'll try this the proper way another time.

23 Jan 2011

A look back at my week

I kept forgetting to take photos this week, oops, typical me.  Because of that, I've had to get a few of the images online to help describe my week.

Baileys cheesecake birthday for my friend Clare on Thursday round at her flat with all my school chums - it looked sort of like this, but with candles in.  I laugh so much when I'm with that lot.

We had dinner for my best mate Heather's birthday on Friday in a Brazilian restaurant at the O2 called Rodizio Rico.

This is Heather and a waiter.  We've been there a few times and this particular waiter is our favourite because we think he looks like...

...Heimlich from A bug's life!

Huge cocktails in TGI's at the O2 - strawberry daiquiris

Checking out a boot sale on Sunday

I was going to take some photos inside, but it was too rammed and scary in there, so I posed with the sign outside instead!  I went with besties Heather and Zara - we were checking it out because we want to sell some stuff, but I don't think we'd be selling the right kind of things at that place.  The shoppers there weren't very into their make-up and fashion!  We're going to wait until Spring and do one of the big outdoor boot sales in a field instead.

I've been having a clear out in preparation for the boot sale - this is the collection cluttering the spare room so far

My blog was discovered by Zara a week or two ago.  I was dreading someone I know in real life finding my blog, but now it's happened I'm over it!  Here she is striking a pose outside the boot sale, the dirty blog stalker! Blurry action shot not intended.

I've been wearing my chubby owl earrings constantly since I got them.  I love them so much, I might need to buy a back-up pair!

I've tried out backcomb in a bottle twice this week, but so far without much success.  I'm probably just not doing it right, so I'm going to have some more tries before I decide it's rubbish.  I've also attempted ombre nails - I'll do a post on that soon.

Another thing I've pondered this week is my blog layout - I like the background and header etc, but I think I want a three column blog so that I can have two sidebars.  Let's hope I don't mess it all up whilst attempting that!

Finally I'd like to say hello to my new followers (and the old ones too) - I'm not sure where you're all coming from, but I'm pleased to have you along from the ride xx

Liz Earle shampoo review and my life as a grease ball =(

I'm always on a mission to find a good shampoo for my hair type.  Unfortunately, by virtue of the fact that I'm always on said mission, I've not yet found the holy grail shampoo that will give me the wondrous barnet I'm after.  To be fair, I'm not asking for Kardashian hair or anything like that - I'm not greedy - I just want hair that doesn't turn into a grease ball within 24 hours or less.  I truly believe I have the worst possible hair type - feel sorry for me...

ü greasy roots
ü dry mid lengths
ü dry ends
ü split ends
ü fly-aways
ü frizz
ü straight-ish
ü mousey brown
ü never holds curls
ü flat
ü dull

Do you have tears in your eyes?  It's a sad state of affairs isn't it?

So I thought I'd document my sorry little hair journey.  The latest challenger to step up and take on my greasy mop is Liz Earle botanical shine shampoo.

There's only one shampoo meant for all hair types and then a choice of conditioner - normal / dry or damaged / oily.  Of course I chose oily, although I've now realised that was probably a mistake.

The shampoo contains lots of lovely natural and botanical ingredients and no nasties such as sodium laurel sulphate.  I decided to try it out for a few reasons, mainly because it didn't contain SLS which I've often read is bad for the greasies (although I have tried other non-SLS shampoos before), and also because Liz Earle is a brand known for making products that deliver results.

When I first tried the shampoo, I wasn't too sure on the smell - I'm not overly keen on herbal smells and would rather have something sickly sweet any day, but it didn't smell bad, just not what I'm used to.  The main scent I picked up was orange, which I like.  I expected it to be difficult to lather up, and it was.  Most times I tried it I washed twice as the first shampoo hardly lathered at all.  I wasn't surprised by this, it's the SLS that helps most shampoos to lather easily and also, the grease in your hair prevents combats the lathering too.

The conditioner had an equally natural and fresh smell and was easy to apply from the squeezy tube.  It felt light and not like it was going to do much deep conditioning, but I had bought the version for oily hair, so that's to be expected.

After trying the shampoo out for the first time, I excitedly checked my hair the next morning to see if I looked like I'd been serving cod and chips the night before - sadly no change.  I gave the shampoo a good few weeks of daily use, as I do with all shampoos I try out, but there was still no affect on how greasy my hair became at the roots after 24 hours.  However, there were some other noticeable changes... My hair really didn't like these products.  I noticed that my mid lengths and ends were becoming rather dry and frizzy and on some occasions had a really bizarre texture, almost like I'd put too much of a product on my washed and dried hair, even though I hadn't.  My hair was becoming harder to de-tangle and dry, it was looking dull and out of control and was becoming tangled during the day.  I stopped using the products with probably more than half still left in the bottles.

How ridiculous that one half of my hair could become so dry but there was no change in the greasy roots department?  Ah well.  I think I probably should have bought the conditioner for dry / damaged hair as I would only be putting it on the mid lengths and ends and I might not have then experienced some of the unpleasant changes in my hair.  Still, the shampoo couldn't cure the greasies, so I won't bother trying it with the other conditioner.

This, and a conversation on twitter brought me round to thinking I should start a list of the shampoos that have failed to keep my hair clean for more than 24 hours, so here goes...

Liz Earle botanical shine
Lush Big
Lush jumping juniper bar
Aussie Mega
Pantene smooth and sleek
Pantene ice shine
Pantene clarifying shampoo
Herbal essences fresh balance
Herbal essences greasy roots / dry ends
Head and shoulders for greasy hair
Tresemme vitamin C deep cleansing shampoo
Tresemme thermal recovery shampoo
Elvive nutri-gloss light
Nutrogena t-gel greasy
Body shop nettle oil balance
Body shop ice blue
Klorane sebo-regulating shampoo with nettle
Kerastase bain clarifant
Wella SP regulate scalp treatment
Phytocedrat sebo-regulating shampoo
Sunsilk for hair that gets greasy quickly
Fructis oily roots dry ends
Tigi bed head superstar
Mop lemongrass shampoo

That's a long list and I know there will be more that I've tried but can't remember.  See, I'm not exaggerating when I say I can't find a good shampoo for my hair type!  I've tried all the usual brands, high end stuff, nettle concoctions and scary scientific potions.

Is anyone feeling my pain?  If you have any suggestions for good shampoos I can try, please comment and tell me about them!  Just to add, I have tried various dry shampoos, but I think they make my hair look dull and rough and I think people can tell when you've used dry shampoo - I can!  The other thing about dry shampoo is that it only masks the problem - when I use them I feel unclean!  No offence to anyone who loves a bit of dry shampoo between washes - for people with an average level of greasiness I'm sure they're a good trick.

Happy to try anything (as you can see from the list!) so I'd love to hear any tips you have =)

18 Jan 2011

Lacking in nail art insp

I spent ages waiting to get the Wah Nails / Models Own nail art pens.  I was supposed to get them for Christmas and didn't and then finally got them two weeks ago.

The first thing I tried was leopard print...

...but since then I've not really been sure what to do next.  I had a little play about with pinks and purples, but that didn't need the pens - I've not even tried the white pen yet.

So I'd like to try some more designs and have had a little look on weheartit.com for some inspiration and found these beauties.  Link me to any other photos or posts you know of, ta!

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