1 Jan 2011

2011 will be the year I do stuff

I've decided to write down my new year's resolutions as a blog post as I have quite a lot and I need to remember them all!  I always find it really hard to stick to my ressies so I've tried to make them more achieveable this year ie saying "I will start Slimming World again and stick to it" rather than "I need to lose 5 stone by the Summer" lol. 

1.  Stop being lazy - take control and overcome the "can't be arsed" voice in my head - actually do stuff!

2.  Join the gym with my friend Zara and actually go - try to make it a fun hobby...!

3.  Start eating the Slimming World way and stick to it

4.  Blog more - because I really enjoy it

5. Actually carry out some of the wonderful ideas I have in my head - make a list, work out which things are actually achieveable and start doing them

6. Waste less money on things I really don't need or already have - be bothered to take things back for refunds or sell things on eBay

7. Be more professional at work and put more effort in (like I used to)

8.  Be more social - be the one to suggest nights out, keep in touch with friends in far away places more often

9.  Be nicer and more loving to my bf, spend more time doing fun things with him like days out or playing with lego (we're very mature you know)

10. Stitck to at least half of these resolutions!

Some of these really aren't that hard so PMA - I can do it! 

Do you make new year's resolutions?

Happy new year everyone - make 2011 your year - be who you want to be and do what makes you happy

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