25 Jan 2011

Final Next and asos sale bits

It took a while for some of my online sale purchases to be delivered - especially because Next like to deliver piece by piece as things become available.

Some of these things don't look so great just hung on my wall - I'm looking to get a mannequin for my birthday so that I can play grown-up dress-up!

asos £17 - I love these dresses that look like a skirt and top - so easy to wear and accessorize and because it's designed like a skirt and top, they always have a defined fitted waist

asos £17 again, the same type of dress is pale pink and black with longer sleeves.  I wore this to work with dark green tights, grey shoes and a really bold necklace.

This dress is also from asos, but I'm sending it back.  It looked a lot nicer online that it does in real life.

Another asos dress - I think this was around £20.  I love jersey dresses for work and this one has lovely statement sleeves.  It doesn't look much on the wall, hence my excitement for getting a mannequin.

These two asos dresses are sadly going back.  I absolutely love the one on the left, but it's a bit too tight to zip up.  I have too many things in my wardrobe that I'm planning to diet my way into, so I'm being tough on myself!  I knew this might be too small when I ordered it, but the other sizes were already sold out =(  It's an a-wear dress, but it's not on their website.  This was £24 reduced from about £45.

The dress on the left was an asos bargain for £8, but as soon as I took it out of the packet I knew I'd send it back.  There's a trend with asos of them making dressing which are impossible to keep crease-free.  I've noticed that they seem to be the ones that look a little bit silky in the pictures online and are 100% polyester.  I've got a few dresses like this and they crease instantly leaving me looking like I'm wearing old rags by midday!  Does anyone know a solution to this??

Lastly, adding to my jacket obsession, two new jackets from Next.  I've been eyeing up the leopard one on the right since I first saw it in the catalogue so I was really pleased to get it in the sale.  I think it was £55 down to £25.  The jacket on the left hasn't photographed well, but it's a really lovely black waterfall jacket.  It's a really nice shape on.  I've been looking for the perfect black waterfall jacket for ages as I have one in grey but it wasn't made in black.  I have another one with scrunched sleeves, but it didn't look as smart as I wanted.  This one's perfect for me =)


  1. Excellent bargains! That leopard print jacket is gorgeous!
    Zoe x
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  2. I'd love a mannequin too - so much fun!

    Some lovely things there :)


  3. Thanks! My next asos fix is imminent, hooray for pay day!

  4. good http://www.robesdemariee2013.com/


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