16 Jan 2011

A little bit of asos browsing

I was just having a look on asos for a few little bits to add to the presents I'm getting my friend for her birthday and came across what might be the cutest gift set ever.

It took me a while to work out what it is!  I'm tempted to get it just because it's so pretty!  It says on the website Lash and shadow set by Jelly Pong Pong. Featuring a liquid iridescent eye shadow, lash extension mascara for full, long lashes along with a set of false lashes.

There's no colour choice, which is a shame and the eyeshadows look a bit odd - clearly I'm just being suckered by the packaging!  It's only £7.85

They also have another jelly pong pong set which is not quite as cute, but the products do seem more useful - £6.30

It's a lip gloss and mascara but I'm not sure if it'll come in a cute bow =( 

There's some really nice stuff still in the asos sale - hurry up pay day!

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