2 Jan 2011

A little bit of sparkle and bling

Whilst under the bad influence of my Mother on Boxing Day, I had a little browse of the QVC Diamonique jewellery sale.  I don't usually watch QVC or buy much from there, but my Mum is an addict!  I do however get very tempted by the diamonique jewellery as they have some really really pretty things sometimes.  My Mum usually gets me some diamonique for birthdays or Christmas but I pick out what I want.

So whilst the bf and the brother were playing some boring new football game on playstation, we raided the jewels!  I tried to take my own pics of the rings when they arrived, but my camera's just not good enough to pick up the detail and you just get a picture of a sparkly blob!

 This one's really nice and simple but big too, which I like.  It was only £10.82!

This is just my kind of bling.  I absolutely adore this and it's so wonderfully sparkly in real life.  I've told the bf that although I don't want to get married, if he proposed with the real version of this I'd say yes!  This one was £13.39, I'd have been happy to pay so much more!

I can't decide if this or the previous one is my favourite.  The stones are set in a similar way in a type of flower  or snowflake shape, which I like, but I also love this one because it's gold plated and will look nice next to my MJ watch =) This was the priciest of the bargains at £25.53.

And lastly, this isn't quite the right ring as the one I bought is sold out and the picture has been taken down, but it's really similar.  The one I got has five stones and they graduate in size from smallest to largest, but the setting is the same.  My one was £15.52.

All of the rings arrived really quickly, on new year's eve actually, which was really quick considering I ordered them on Boxing Day.  The one annoying thing about QVC though is the postage - you can't get combined shipping at all, so I had to pay about £3 p&p for all of the rings yet they all popped through the letter box in separate packaging, on the same day.  So frustrating but I guess that's how they make some of their profit.

This has inspired me to get out my jewellery cleaning machine and revive some of my older rings, so I may do a post on my collection if my camera can manage to take clear enough pictures.

If you're interested in this kind of jewellery I'd recommend you have a nosey on QVC.  Just go to the clearance section and then select silver diamonique.  There were lots of other pieces I had my eye on, but I had to restrain myself and just get these, so there might be something you like.  Also if you have small fingers like me (K / L) you often find those sizes as they're the smallest, together with the largest sizes, are easier to get hold of in a sale. Enjoy x

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  1. Love the 2nd one. Its so pretty, like a snowflake! Oooh gonna take a peek at the QVC site now. I'm a size L, so hopefully theres some good stuff :D x

  2. hey hun i've tagged you over at my blog =) x


  3. Sparkle and shine!

    I've tagged you over on my blog!



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