16 Jan 2011

A look back at my week

Rather impressed with myself that I've kept this up for a second week!  Here's what I've been up to....

My favourite new flats from Primark

I finished wrapping up my giveaway prizes and posted them out

I went into Next for a refund and spied a lovely ruffley bag - a serious occasion would be required to rock this I think

I also noticed they'd brought out some leopard print innersoles.  I know they're not the first to come out with these, but when I've seen this sort of thing before they've been much more expensive.  I'll definitely get these next time i have a pair of shoes that are a bit too big.

Next also had summer maxi dresses out - I immediately started craving a holiday the moment I saw them!

I've looked at this dress in dotty P's three times now, so I think I'll add it to my birthday list

I also liked the look of this nice but simple Miss Selfridge dress 

And I tried on this dress - you can't see the print that well in the picture, but it has butterflies on it.  It only comes in petite, so it was quite short on me, a shame because other than that I really liked the shape.

I got the Nails Inc Diet Coke colours (post with swatches is here)

And while I was in Boots I also noticed a rather good French Connection offer.  If you spend over £4 on any of their range you get a mini box set for free (worth £8.43).  I was really tempted but realised I really didn't need the minis in the freebie set and that I had some french connection bath products at home that I've not even tried yet!

The Umberto Giannini range was on offer - two products for £7, so I got backcomb in a bottle.  I've heard lots of good and bad opinions on this, so I'm keen to try it out for myself.  If it's not for me, I'll put the second bottle in my next giveaway.

I haven't done a post on my hamsters yet as we've been having trouble settling them in, but they seem okay now so I'll probably do that soon.  This is Hammy having his first go in his runaround ball!

And lastly, I went to the gym for the first time in years!  My friend Zara knew her way around, which is just as well or I'd have been too scared to go in!  We had a little  nose around, had a quick go on some machines in the gym and then played Badminton.  We didn't play to any rules or anything like that, managing to return each other's serves was a challenge enough!  It was really good fun and I do feel like I want to join and that I'd enjoy going to some classes too if I always had a friend to go with me.  It was a David Lloyd gym though and it's pricey!  I've not found out exactly how much I'd have to pay yet, but it could be anything between £50 and £98 a month. Who seriously pays £98 a month for the gym? 

We'll see what happens - I'm hoping I can become a hard core gym bunny =)


  1. Those pumps look gorge! When did you buy them? I wonder if my Primark have them? How much where they if you dont mind me asking?
    I missed your giveaway :( following now though! Thanks for entering mine x

  2. Hi Sherrie, I'll send you a tweet about them now x

  3. Those pumps are sooo pretty :). Love the DP Dress too x

  4. Cute pumps! And your little hamster in his wheel is so sweet :o)
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  5. Wow those Primark shoes are SO nice! Gonna see if i can find them :D x

  6. Those flats from Primark are so gorgeous!


    xo, Jay


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